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High-end fitness chain Equinox is hoping to lure more sweaty bodies to its gyms with another fashion magazine photography-style campaign that provokes people to take a stand on issues ranging from sexuality and lifestyle choices to women’s rights. The new campaign, called “Commit to something,” is being rolled out across traditional, digital and social media – targeting the fitness crowd in Equinox’s key markets across North America and the United Kingdom. The launch comes at a time of year when many people buy gym memberships as part of a New Year’s resolution to get fit, and as Equinox expands its presence across Canada. The campaign, produced with global agency Wieden+Kennedy, includes seven provocative photographs taken by well-known fashion photographer Steven Klein that address “socially relevant topics,” according to Equinox chief marketing officer Carlos Becil. One picture features actress and model Lydia Hearst breastfeeding in public, while another features Mixed Martial Arts fighter Alan Jouban as a male-cheerleading champion “who wasn’t threatened by a stereotype and dedicated himself to winning in his own way,” Equinox says. Equinox says it chose Klein to shoot the campaign based on his reputation as a “fearless and defiant creative talent.” Klein has photographed such celebrities as Brad Pitt, Madonna and Kate Moss and his work has appeared in magazines such as Vogue, W and Interview.
The ads appear on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well as some billboards in cities where Equinox has clubs such as New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco, as well as its international locations in London and Toronto. The latest campaign follows a previous provoking ad blitz from the fitness chain called “Equinox made me do it,” which also featured models in bold postures positioned in various places nowhere near a workout machine. As one of the country’s largest quick service chains, the company was convinced there were certain myths and misconceptions surrounding its packaging, product launches, the quality of its food and the way in which that food was prepared. It was a courageous and savvy move that recognizes the importance of creating a kinship with consumers, says Alex Sevigny, director of the McMaster-Syracuse Master of Communications Management program. It was the open, honest kind of approach that can silence the harshest of critics, turn a fence-sitter into a fan or, if it backfires, risk alienating consumers unsatisfied with the answers. Remaining relevant is particularly important for fast food brands facing intense competition for market share and increased skepticism from consumers who are demonstrating their preferences for healthy food. It is becoming increasingly important for McDonald’s to focus on its food quality message and the other unique attributes that it believes set it apart from competitors, especially with the popularity of high-end burger shops on the rise, and the introduction of breakfast sandwiches from rival shops like Tim Hortons.
This past year, McDonald’s made several pushes to raise quality, such as with McCafe Premium Roast take home coffee (see “Bean there, doing that,” pg. The project was born from a conversation around QR codes, but the idea quickly evolved and became “a conversation engine,” says Andrew McCartney, managing director of Tribal DDB, the Toronto agency that developed “Our Food. One of the opportunities was to introduce a full-blown digital campaign that allowed McDonald’s to have interactive, one-to-one conversations with consumers to help resolve any misunderstanding surrounding the brand or its food practices, says Michelle Mcilmoyle, senior national marketing manager at McDonald’s.
Visitors to the site can look through other questions and use their own social channels to share questions and receive notifications once McDonald’s answers them. As a global food service retailer, McDonald’s had the advantage of drawing from campaigns and product launches that have been successful in other markets. The company also benefited from its marketing independence in going for something tailored to a Canadian audience. In August, McDonald’s promoted the digital project with a four-week “offline” advertising campaign that included a 30-second television commercial, wild postings, video projections on buildings and transit dominations in key markets across Canada. IDG’s CIO magazine recently announced Clarus Marketing as a recipient of the 2013 CIO 100.
Executives from the winning companies will be recognized at the CIO 100 Symposium & Awards Ceremony, to be held Tuesday evening, Aug.
American magazine, Prevention, has taken the radical step of eliminating print ads as it struggles to stay financially viable. Rodale has positioned the change as a cost-savings measure that will help it return to profitability following a substantial drop in subscribers and single-copy sales over the past 10 years. Rodale chief executive Maria Rodale told The Wall Street Journal the change will lead to a 50% reduction in operating expenses. While the decision to drop print ads may help Prevention‘s financials in the short term, Schulich School of Business assistant professor of marketing Ela Veresiu said she does not see the change as the quick route to profitability as Rodale has positioned it to be. Veresiu suggested the magazine may consider branded content as a potential revenue generator in lieu of traditional print ads.

Magazines Canada CEO Matthew Holmes said the changes at Prevention are emblematic of the way publishers are experimenting with a variety of different pricing models, price points and revenue streams. However, Holmes said he doesn’t expect many others to follow suit in dropping print ads.
Going ad-free will only work for certain types of magazines, Holmes said, noting that some Magazines Canada members covering arts, literature and culture are currently ad-free.
This is the first iteration of the Canadian Club campaign to come to the Quebec market after it launched last winter in English Canada.
The winning lines will then be displayed on out-of-home and in radio spots, also produced by Astral. The radio spots mention the first name of the winners and their town when introducing the new lines, which is a great acknowledgement, Archambault added. The OOH comprises 30 digital street columns and 88 traditional street columns – all in Montreal. The Greater Toronto Airport Authority (GTAA), which operates Toronto’s Pearson International Airport, has launched the first elements of a broad rebranding effort aimed at making the airport North America’s largest international hub.
The initiative includes a new logo designed by Toronto agency Ove Design and Communications that includes the new tagline, “For You. Pamela Griffith-Jones, chief marketing and commercial officer for the GTAA, said these developments were part of a larger plan to add several new products and services to Pearson’s customer offering in the next several months.
The new look and upgraded service, said Griffith-Jones, reflects the GTAA’s goal of establishing Pearson as North America’s top international airport. Griffith-Jones said the airport would also tap into Toronto events and culture, including performances and artistic displays tied to festivals such as Caribana and North By Northeast. Along with Ove, GTAA agency of record Juniper Park has developed a plan entitled “Make the Invisible Visible” to highlight the changes at Pearson using its internal out-of-home media.
Teen Magazine Ad - PracticeMarketer has partnered with Invisalign to bring you the ads you need to increase the Invisalign portion of your practice. Mecca, one of the UK’s largest bingo club operators and a major brand in the mobile gaming space, is aiming to bring bingo up-to-date for the mobile age with a new real-money bingo game made entirely of emoji. The game, which launched this week, replaces the standard numbers on bingo balls with a selection of 50 emoji characters. Today is a bank holiday here in the UK, so Mobile Marketing Towers is currently devoid of life while we all dance around the traditional Maypole. At Mobile Marketing we're proud to help tech companies showcase their cutting-edge solutions, whether it's on our website, in our magazine or at our Mobile Marketing Summits. The chain, which has 77 locations across North America including one each in Toronto and London, is opening a second location in Toronto’s upscale Yorkville neighbourhood in a few weeks. This campaign addresses today’s issues and social commentaries, which is a powerful approach instead of portraying people as superficial objects with no narrative,” Klein stated in the release announcing the new Equinox campaign. Becil says there may be a print component to the campaign in future, but no final decisions have been made. One showed a man wearing a woman’s business suit without the blouse, while another showed a woman holding an electric razor surrounded by her hair after shaving her head.
If you are an existing print subscriber and you have not yet created an account and password for your digital access, please select “Create an Account”.
Research established that a lot of these myths were seeded and growing within the social space. Your Questions.” digital platform, consumers were encouraged to ask their toughest questions. The bigger challenge was getting that message through to consumers, especially to those who were spreading the wrong message in the social sphere.

McDonald’s had seen an opportunity to use QR codes on its packaging to drive consumers online to a series of FAQs on its food quality. Your Questions.” launched in the spring with a YouTube video directing visitors to a dedicated website where they could submit questions about the brand by logging in through their Twitter or Facebook account. Experiences to draw on included the 2006 pre-social era rudimentary McDonald’s UK website titled, “Make up your own mind,” which was part of an ambitious brand revitalization that invited consumers to ask any questions they may have about the brand. Your Questions.” through its Twitter and Facebook accounts, the company positioned the project as a responsive rather than proactive approach. The 26th annual award program recognizes organizations around the world that exemplify the highest level of operational and strategic excellence in information technology (IT). Come July, it will also introduce a new section on the website for ad-free magazine content that will only be available to subscribers. The company has let go of 13 salespeople, leaving a staff of just three to handle digital ad sales.
Not considering that route would be a lost opportunity, she said. Rodale said it has no such plans. Some examples of predominantly ad-free magazines in Canada include Room, The New Quarterly and Prism. Astral Media Mix and media agency Starcom worked together to adapt the creative, to which a contest was added.
There, many posts are linked to the contest being run by the NRJ radio network, where people are invited to listen to les Grandes Gueules show and participate in the charter by sending their own lines via the station’s web site or SMS. The grand prize is a golf trip in Pebble Beach, California with popular radio host and avid golfer Mario Tessier. The airport added free Wi-Fi in 2010 and plans to introduce additional restaurants, shops and car care options for travelers. Players have to match 10 emojis to win a cash prize, with an option of five different tickets presented when they begin a game. It is expected that this mobile-focused style of play will appeal not only to existing players, but to a younger audience who have never played bingo online before.
So that’s where McDonald’s decided to direct a bold campaign to face these misconceptions head on and use transparency to put any negative rumours to rest.
Your Questions.” digital platform was a way of staying relevant in a day and age where business practices are constantly called into question for all brands in all categories.
Not long after Tribal won digital agency of record, Joel Yashinsky, McDonald’s Canada SVP and chief marketing officer, sat down with the team and invited them to share any and all big ideas they felt the chain should take advantage of, explains McCartney.
One of the most memorable and talked about videos features Hope Bagozzi, creative and national marketing director at McDonald’s Canada, explaining why a hamburger looks different in advertising than it does when purchased from the restaurant. Because Prevention‘s readers are interested in health, an area in which transparency is important, he thinks the ad-free route could work. Everyday, a basket of Canadian Club gift is also given away during the Tessier’s show. And McDonald’s says visitors are spending an average of four and a half minutes and reading approximately 12 questions.

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