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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Marketing managers are needed to successfully push a company in the right direction in terms of targeting the business’ ideal customers and pricing its goods and services accordingly.
Marketing managers handle a client’s marketing strategy, looking for ways to push the organization’s brand name into the public arena for potential customers to see. Marketing managers should have at least a bachelor’s degree in business administration with an emphasis on marketing, though many employers now seek applicants who have completed a master’s degree. Enterprise Marketing Management is a new class of software applications that is emerging to address the urgent demand that marketing automate and integrate functions from acquisition, through to retention and loyalty. Investment firm Jordan Edmiston Group (JEGI) has recently released what they call a Sector Insight Brief into the developing EMM application stack, which can be described as a technology infrastructure that supports a synchronized approach to marketing strategy, development, delivery, and measurement, across the marketing mix. A strategic marketing executive with extensive experience delivering business results for Ansell Healthcare, Mercedes-Benz, consultancies and organisations in Australia, Asia and Europe.
Leading-edge skills built around the fundamental principle that, in an era of rapid product and service commoditization, the customer experience matters and is a key driver of competitive advantage. Fully cognizant of the need to synchronize processes, business technology and people to ensure that brand promises are mirrored by reinforcing brand actions. Thrives in “can do”, values-driven organisations which are committed to consumer-focused innovation and making a difference by thinking strategically but acting pragmatically. An accomplished, collaborative business leader and communicator with excellent interpersonal and public speaking capabilities.
Assets and transferable skills include leadership, strategy development, project management, technology utilization, business process improvement, performance metrics and public speaking. Bring every department vital to your marketing management together to stay ahead of the competition. Cooperation and collaboration – any CMO knows that to make their marketing services shine in the modern marketplace, they need to have all sides of their company working together as one.
Vanquishing such divisions can offer huge benefits to your marketing management and campaigns. The marketing department can discover what consumers don’t like about a product or service, enabling marketing messages to be adapted accordingly and criticisms countered directly.
Customer services are an ideal source of consumer-focused content ideas; their firsthand experiences mean they can spot consumer experience trends that the marketing department may not have considered before.

Customer services have a deep understanding of the personas that your marketing is trying to reach because they engage with them on a daily basis; they could shed new light on your existing profiles. If the worst does happen and negative feedback goes viral, marketing should work with customer services to create a joined-up response asap. The gulf between IT and marketing seems uncrossable, but an alliance is essential as marketing becomes ever more automated – in processes from customer relationship management to data warehouses. New technological innovations ideal for marketing campaigns can be identified and deployed more quickly and, if properly coordinated and managed in advance, could remove the need to outsource to an expensive external provider.
The backbone of marketing – the key customer database – needs to be properly maintained, scaleable and updated. IT departments are known for following strict procedures, sometimes over-thinking and over-planning the tools needed for a particular marketing campaign.
The use of personal iPads and other mobile platforms by sales and marketing can present a real threat to a company’s security. While marketers are able to create messaging that is clear, concise and often imaginative, sales know why people buy your company’s products or services in the first place. Holding regular meetings means that each side knows what the other is working on and can provide timely, constructive feedback so issues are dealt with then and there, and not left to fester.
Making IT an ally, not an enemy, is essential for ensuring the optimal running of your key customer database. 69% of the best-performing companies ensure that their sales and marketing teams meet on a more frequent basis than their competitors.
You may include the name of a personal contact in common, if someone has referred you or recommend that you get in touch with the person or company.
Employment opportunities for marketing managers are expected to increase 14 percent by 2016, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. They work with product development and market research managers to gauge the demand for certain goods and services to estimate what the ideal price point of the client’s offered goods and services should be, as well as the demographic of the client’s target audience. A bachelor’s degree takes four years to complete, and a master’s degree takes an additional two to three years to earn after first obtaining a bachelor’s. But the traditional divides between marketing and their potential allies – sales, customer services and IT – are well documented. But by being brought on-board earlier in a project and gaining an insight into the marketing process itself, IT can better assess why some projects won’t need to be so “engineered”, saving time and money.

The IT department can help negate the risks and offer key training to ensure that the threat of data leakage is kept to a minimum. Sales know what pains are blighting customers and can offer invaluable insights into what the customer really needs – and the marketing department can adapt its messaging accordingly. You can also include your college and current status and a short explanation on the reason you feel you are the ideal applicant for the Manager Marketing position.
Specify the names of contractors or corporations you’ve held positions within the industry and for what period of time did you hold each position. Follow up is usually 24-48 hours for an online application and it can expand to one week with the ones via mail.
Price points are especially important, as marketing managers must ensure that the selling price of the client’s goods and services is competitive with rival organizations, but also are on par with what most customers would be willing to pay.
With an IT department that’s kept in the loop by the marketing department, not treated as a necessary evil. Mention your level of ability in intellectual ability, analytical ability, communication skills, organization skills, ability to work in groups, perseverance, imaginative and creative potential. Tell some of your responsibilities and describe how it would be beneficial to the work you are applying for.
For example, if an organization sold its goods for too little, profit margins would shrink dramatically, prompting the business to perhaps go into debt. Although it is not required, prospective marketing managers may seek certification to increase their attractiveness to employers. However, if an organization sold its goods for too much, then customers may not be willing to pay for them when they could get them elsewhere for less, costing the organization valuable business. A marketing manager’s primary duty is to work with the client and employ market research to strike a middle ground. Include any internship experiences, coursework certifications,  volunteering, or co-curricular activities, etc.

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