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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. I am MBA student and preparing for the exams looking for the Material Management Notes for MBA Students. Material management is a scientific technique, concerned with Planning, Organizing &Control of flow of materials, from their initial purchase to destination.
Materials management plans and designs for the delivery, distribution, storage, collection, and removal of occupant-generated streams of materials and services. The following errors occurred with your submission Okay Your Username: Click here to log in Message: Options Quote message in reply?
Marketing is a process of developing and implementing plans to identify and satisfy customer needs and wants with the objective of customer satisfaction and profits making.
Marketing Planning involves setting objectives and targets, and communicating these targets to people responsible to achieve them. Mission statement and corporate objectives are determined by the top level management (including Board of Directors) of the organisation. Marketing audit helps in analysing and evaluating the marketing strategies, activities, problems,  goals, and results. The information gathered through the marketing audit process is used in development of SWOT Analysis. Strengths and Weaknesses are factors inside the organisation that can be controlled by the organisation.
Opportunities and Threats are factors outside the organisation which are beyond the direct control of an organisation. A good marketing plan is based on deep customer understanding and knowledge, but it is not possible to know everything about the customer, so lot of different things are assumed about customer.
After identification of opportunities and challenges, the next step is to develop marketing objectives that indicate the end state to achieve. Forecasting Customer Response - Marketing managers have to forecast the response that the average customers will have to marketing efforts.
Forecasting Marketing cost - To make the marketing plan stronger, accurate forecast of marketing cost is required to be done. Forecasting the Market - To accurately forecast the market, marketing managers have to gain an intimate understanding of customers, their buying behaviour, and tendencies.
Forecasting the Competition - Forecast of competition like - what they market, how they market, what incentives they use in their marketing can help to counter what they are doing. A alternate marketing plan is created and kept ready to be implement at the place of primary marketing plan if the whole or some part of the primary marketing plan is dropped. The marketing budget is the process of documenting the expected costs of the proposed marketing plan. At this stage the marketing team is ready to actually start putting their plans into action. The strategic planning process in marketing and its benefits have longbeen in the eye of business academics and professionals who havetrumpeted its benefits and importance in the business environment(Carson, 2007). Using the strategic planning process diagram below (Ferrell and Hartline,2008), we can identify these levels of planning for each of the levels ofstrategy outlined. Nonetheless, a single-product company will plan at all three levels but willusually incorporate all three simultaneously into their planning process(Stevens, 2007).Taking the format from the previous diagram, we can see that functionalplanning flows from strategic business unit strategy which in turn flowsfrom the corporate strategy. No matter what level of planning occurs at, the steps of the process willremainrelatively similar; they are as follows(Guiltmn, 1997).
Diversified or conglomerate organisations will seek to use techniques ofportfolio analysis in order to determine how resources are to bedistributed (Wilson, 2005).

With regard to marketing planning at SBU level, the process will beginwith a detailed analysis of the market place, quite similar to thesituational analysis made at corporate level(Fifield, 2007). Once the SBU strategy has been defined, it is possible for the functionallevel of planning to go ahead. I think SCM, Operations & Production Management would be a really great addition to this website! Can you please provide me Material Management Notes which is helpful for MBA Students and tell me Sub disciplines and components of marketing? It also involves careful examination of all strategic issues, including the business environment, the market itself, the corporate mission statement, competitors, and organisational capabilities. Organisations can adapt their marketing plan to suit the circumstances and their requirements. Mission statement is a straightforward statement that shows why an organisation is in business, provides basic guidelines for further planning, and establishes broad parameters for the future. Corporate objectives are most important goals the organisation as a whole wishes to achieve within a specified period of time, say one or five years.
Marketing audit is done to check all the aspects of business directly related to marketing department.
It is a look at organisation's marketing efforts, and its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats related to marketing functions. USP of a product can be the example of strength, whereas lack of innovation can be the example of weakness.
Festive season can be an example of opportunity to make maximum sales, whereas increasing FDI in a nation can be the example of threat to domestic players of that nation.
This may involve spending money on advertising, launching new products, interacting with potential new customers, opening new retail outlets etc. Ansoff?s growth grid, and The BostonConsulting Group (BCG) matrix, or The directional policy (GE-McKinsey)matrix maybe useful tools for doing so (Johnson, 2008). This level of planning outlines the choices each singlebusiness should make to ensure that their selected strategy is going toprovide competitive advantage in the market place. Guide for assignment completed during your choice and other universities mba program mba marketing, and sold coal on all departments in the best! Marketing planning process involves both the development of objectives and specifications for how to achieve the objectives. It is done not only at the beginning of the marketing planning process but, also at a series of points during the implementation of plan.
Without proper forecasting, the marketing plan could have unrealistic goals or fall short on what is promised to deliver.
This isquite common for single-product companies who have no need to createstrategic business units.
Ansoff?s product matrix BCG?s Product Portfolio MatrixThis should provide information as to which product line to cultivate orharvest, guiding management as to which SBUs to keep. While corporate levelis based on five- ten- and twenty-year trends, depending on the industry,planning at the SBU level will only extends at farthest, 5 years (Smith,2002).
The marketing audit clarifies opportunities and threats, so that required alterations can be done to the plan if necessary.
Management will thereforeprioritise resources toward those that look to be a better investmentopportunities. Dissertation writing services india economics; case studies, distinguish between selling and manufacturing. Wiles(2007) on the other hand, suggests that there are five levels of planning,the top level of planning being the organisation?s vision, with the mission,goals, objectives and operations following consecutively.

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Perhaps mostcommonly, levels of planning will be defined by corporate, strategicbusiness unit and functional level planning (Stevens, 2007 Gilbert, 1990;Wilson, 2005). To build our team so we can create more valueAt the corporate level strategy decisions will be driven by which industrywill create the greatest return on investment and how much risk will beinvolved in all the options available (Wilson, 2005). And finance, marketing new heights in an academic research management, assignments or managers in the best cv writing an intensive one year mba assignments, human resource for mba home. Global competitive market charges you own for example, we real effort to do my mba students is based on topics is an mba pursuing.
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