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Anyone that happens to be looking for professional website design, is looking at about 30 to 40 hours worth of time for Jarvis Marketing to come up with the content for the 1st few pages. Our web design includes professional, premium WordPress themes that are valued anywhere from $47, up to $97 to purchase, which we include in our price. Our introductory price for this service will be $500 and this will include free advertising on this website for 1 year, ($100 Value)!.
If anyone happens to be looking for simple website setup, meaning we would upload WordPress, create your email address, add the appropriate WordPress plugins etc., the price would be $200.
Anyone choosing this option would choose their own website theme, and add content to their site, on their own. If all you need is the content changed on your website on a weekly or monthly basis, we will work by the hour. If someone is interested in having their website setup and having Jarvis Marketing add all of the content over a long period of time, we would work on a 6 month or 12 month contract. This is something that would take 10 to 20 hours weekly to accomplish so this service will not be something that everyone will be able to afford! Our SEO services, as in getting many people to come to a website for free will be priced on an individual basis.

Although SEO is one of our specialties, it also happens to be something that takes a lot of work to accomplish.
Depending on what the client wants, (as in a simple review of your website, or a compete overhaul and SEO services), pricing will vary. This is a service that we feel is needed in our area, and we will consider travelling outside of Central Frontenac in some cases. How to use Microsoft PowerPoint to create presentations, (or the free alternative, Open Office). Pricing for this service will be $40 per hour, plus $.30, (30 cents) per kilometre round trip, from the corner of the Crow Lake Road and Highway 38. It doesn’t matter if you’re 18 or 81, you can now learn how to use a computer to do anything online, or offline!
Whether you want us to design a company logo, or digitize and repair a photo from years gone by, we can handle it.
We have personally created all of our company logos up to this point in time, and also worked for companies from outside of our local area.
This is part 1 in a series on how to build a traffic getting website, which happens to be how to buy website hosting.

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Simply contact Jarvis Marketing and we will forward your information to the proper employee to take care of, and follow up with you. We strongly feel that Jarvis Marketing can save a lot of people, a lot of money when it comes to website hosting.

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