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The outcome of a marketing project can be driven as much by the project management approach as it is by the design and development.
The waterfall development model originates in the manufacturing and construction industries; highly structured physical environments in which after-the-fact changes are prohibitively costly, if not impossible. Cons: Project schedule and timeline isn’t flexible, and changes in scope or timeline require change orders to the original project scope.
AgileAgile project management is an iterative method of determining requirements for projects in a highly flexible and interactive manner. Agile techniques are best used in small-scale projects, on elements of a wider program of work, or on projects that are too complex for the customer to understand and specify before testing prototypes.
Pros: The project owner can adjust the approach based on key learning’s from the project, and teams have the flexibility to change tasks or priorities on the fly. Agile with SCRUM can be a perfect fit for projects that need to begin before you’ve developed a vision and strategy.
Cons: SCRUM is only effective when working with teams that are experienced with SCRUM that also have an experienced SCRUM master (team lead). The right project management approach is every bit as important as the strategic and creative approaches. Arras People have worked with media and marketing organisations across the UK - both large and small. Marketing and media based project management job requirements are really wide ranging and diverse - finding the right balance of structure and control that project management can bring with the creative and innovative projects on offer.
Arras People’s experiences with media and marketing organisations has been diverse and wide ranging. Datamonitor, the world leader in business information and intelligence, were looking to strengthen their project management capability by introducing a PMO.
Arras People works with Design Council, providing project and programme support staff; Project Co-ordinators, Project Administrators and Project Office Managers.
Projects should fit with business strategy, be clearly defined and bring specific benefits to your business. A well run project, achieved through strong project management involves planning, communications, handling budgets and keeping a balance between the key parameters of time, cost and quality. The project manager is often viewed as a balancing mechanism, being responsible for time, cost and quality.
We are able to provide highly capable project managers, available to handle part or full project lifecycle. Formal project management methodologies such as PRINCE2 are available providing robust, dependable frameworks which minimise risk and exposure on bigger projects. About This BlogWe've created this project management blog as a source point for the latest project management news, training tips and techniques.
Selling your project’s benefits—to internal users, external stakeholders, the media, or even the public—is sometimes best left to the experts in Marketing. Why you need them: Marketing will focus on evaluating your project and determining which aspects will be the most compelling to various groups.
DO consult with them on which types of champions or advocates may be interested in supporting your project. DO let end users and other stakeholders know which Marketing representative is the main contact for your project.
DON’T assume that Marketing utilizes—or even understands—your project management methodology.
PMAlliance uses a team of highly experienced and certified professionals to provide project management consulting, project management training and project office development services.

An ongoing challenge for small businesses is tackling projects that will help your business grow. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Almost without exception, every brand manager will be required to manage at least one project during his or her tenure with a brand.  Projects can be large or small, simple or complex, important or entirely below the corporate radar.
Strategic fit is absolutely essential in developing a fully integrated brand plan; individual elements must work together, presenting a seamless mesh of marketing activities that all reinforce the marketing messages.
Any projects must therefore be completely integrated with the rest of the brand team’s activities.  When all marketing activities support each other, the brand team begins to establish a sustainable competitive advantage through strategic fit that is very difficult for competitors to imitate.
Furthermore, it also follows that if a project does not fit with the other activities being planned, should you even be pursuing it? Scoping the project entails clearly stating the project dates, goals, deliverables and budget estimates.  The scoping document can also be used as the initial brief to internal stakeholders and should be the document that guides all future project decisions. The rather trite phrase of “plan your work and work your plan” was probably first written for project managers.  Planning your work is generally important in the daily life of the brand team but if you wish to deliver effective projects on time, to standard and within budget, planning becomes absolutely vital.
The reason for the importance of project planning stems from the fact that projects differ from the usual day-to-day business in that they, by definition, have fixed start and end dates.  These fixed dates mean that knowing what you need to do and by when is essential if the project is not going to over-run.
Once you have developed the project plan and are happy with it, you must review it critically with your project team.  This is will happen at your first project team meeting but is also an on-going process as the project progresses and ensures that you are able to take into account any changes that could affect the critical path of the project. In order to be effective, the core project team needs to include representatives of the main parties involved in delivering the project.  It must be chaired by the project lead and include key internal stakeholders as well as any relevant agencies. A key point to make here is that the team must be empowered to make decisions.  Requiring senior management approval for each decision takes up huge amounts of time and has a distinctly negative impact on team morale. We now reach the heart of project management.  There are plenty of excellent books out there that will give you an in-depth breakdown of exactly what to do and when to do it, so I’ll limit myself to some basic, practical guidelines based on my experience (Click to enlarge).
Projects can be very high profile events in the company and can consume a large proportion of the marketing budget.  It is therefore rather unsurprising that everyone wants to be kept updated on high profile projects, particularly in the weeks running up to launch or go-live.
The best way to ensure that you learn from your experience of delivering a project is to fully debrief the team and ensure that all of the action points are noted so that they can be shared with colleagues and stakeholders. For the debriefing and project evaluation to be fully effective, however, it needs to be conducted in a safe environment and approached in an open manner, with a minimum of defensive behaviour.  Not always easy, particularly if you work in an organisation with a blame culture, rather than a learning one. Projects are an inherent part of a brand manager’s role and, given the increasing complexity of our business environment, the demand for effective project management is only going to increase.
Thankfully, project management skills are easily learned and following the few simple rules above should help any brand manager to deliver projects to standard, within budget and on time.
Project Management: Do you have a project which you just can’t quite seem to get off the ground?
A client had been contemplating a new IT System instillation for over eighteen months as their current system was on it’s last legs.
My taking on the project meant that I was able to offer a fresh pair of eyes to the process.
Since no formal software development methodologies existed at the time, this hardware-oriented model was simply adapted for software development. It requires capable individuals from the relevant business, with supplier and customer input. The tenets of Scrum include a foundation of common sense, less documentation, early and frequent releases, high levels of communication, and an agile practice.
Scrum is rooted in daily meetings during sprints in which team members provide rapid updates.
Agile with SCRUM is well suited for projects in which the priorities and goals are expected to shift as new ideas emerge throughout the project.

There is no one-size-fits all project management approach, so you should always include a discussion about the approach that is best suited for your desired outcome.
We have experience of successful delivery of large, complex multi-stakeholder projects, although we will project manage any business development, change or IT project whatever the size, particularly where this is the result of consultancy services provided by Hunter Marketing Ltd. We hope you find this blog helpful and we encourage you to come back and check out our project management posts on a regular basis. Very large or complex projects, those that impact people outside your company, and undertakings that leverage government or public money often employ a Marketing team to help smooth the flow of information and help everyone understand what your project will accomplish. Understanding the needs and concerns of individuals and organizations is their specialty, along with then connecting those needs and concerns to the benefits and improvements that will result from your project. Efforts could include case studies and other in-depth marketing collateral, much of which will require gathering user feedback or on-the-ground perspectives. This eliminates duplicate requests for information, and will often squelch any reluctance on the part of other team members to discuss the project. Instead, let your marketing point person know that some data may be confidential, or that further analysis could alter the information prior to its release.
Providing an overview of your team’s infrastructure and approach might be a smart time investment, to be sure that incorrect assumptions aren’t incorporated into final marketing materials.
We’ve already covered why consensus doesn’t equal project success [“Why consensus […]Which project management skills should I be learning right now?
By updating the project plan, particularly if you are using a dedicated project-planning tool such as MS Project, any impact on delivery dates is immediately apparent. Has something been in the planning stages for a long time, but there is always something more important which pushes it to the bottom of your to do list?
As experienced project managers, we are able to take the lead on a project and devote time to it, ensuring that it starts happening and is in the pipeline alongside everything else you have going on.
However, they were so busy focusing on running their organisation, that they had no time to do all of the research needed to get their project off the ground and into the implementation stages. I was able to get the project up and running, research and collate all of the information needed to help them make a decision about a new system, and take the project into it’s final stages within just a few months.
Agile methodologies were developed as a reaction to various obstacles that developed in more traditional project management. The Scrum process flow is iteratrive and incremental in nature and often results in quality performance.
Arras can provide both specialists within project management, like the role of PMO Manager or if sector knowledge is more important; experienced professionals from the market intelligence sector. Is the daily admin of running a business  – the admin, the phone calls, the accounts, the meetings preventing you from getting a long overdue project up and running? We are also able to ensure that the project is carried out to it’s culmination, and will keep in touch throughout and communicate with you in a timely fashion. Projects that develop in iterations can constantly gather feedback to help refine those requirements.
Timelines, budgets, and priorities are set for each sprint immediately before the sprint begins in a planning session. Challenges […]WHEN TO LIMIT (OR AVOID) USING VOLUNTEERS Leveraging volunteers can be a great way to shore up your team […]ARE YOU FACING A LEADERLESS PROJECT?

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