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Enterprise Marketing Management is a new class of software applications that is emerging to address the urgent demand that marketing automate and integrate functions from acquisition, through to retention and loyalty. Investment firm Jordan Edmiston Group (JEGI) has recently released what they call a Sector Insight Brief into the developing EMM application stack, which can be described as a technology infrastructure that supports a synchronized approach to marketing strategy, development, delivery, and measurement, across the marketing mix. A strategic marketing executive with extensive experience delivering business results for Ansell Healthcare, Mercedes-Benz, consultancies and organisations in Australia, Asia and Europe.
Leading-edge skills built around the fundamental principle that, in an era of rapid product and service commoditization, the customer experience matters and is a key driver of competitive advantage.
Fully cognizant of the need to synchronize processes, business technology and people to ensure that brand promises are mirrored by reinforcing brand actions.
Thrives in “can do”, values-driven organisations which are committed to consumer-focused innovation and making a difference by thinking strategically but acting pragmatically.
An accomplished, collaborative business leader and communicator with excellent interpersonal and public speaking capabilities.
Assets and transferable skills include leadership, strategy development, project management, technology utilization, business process improvement, performance metrics and public speaking. Marketing projects come in many shapes and sizes from product launches to weekly blog posts.

Marketing Calendar and PlanningMarkodojo marketing project management helps create your marketing calendar and plan like a marketing manager instead of a task manager. Detailed comparison of the top 4 residential property management products for accounting, lease management, reporting and more. Our Toolkit will help you get organized, evaluate the leading systems and make the right purchase decision. Buildium Property Manager Edition is designed to handle the needs of residential property managers. We have reviewed Propertyware, a web-based system for residential and mixed-use property management.
We often recommend AppFolio to small to mid-sized property management companies that oversee more than 50 units. We've reviewed Buildium Landlord Edition, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution for residential landlords that are looking to keep better track of their properties without engaging a property management firm. Stay focused on strategic goals, balance marketing resources across channels and segments, and cultivate new marketing ideas to speed innovation. The software is used by more than 7,000 customers for financial accounting, tenant billing and marketing vacant property listings.

The system empowers property managers to manage tenants, leases and building maintenance among other capabilities.
The software helps property managers handle work order requests, collect rent online, manage utility billing and more. HOAs can use the system to track finances, maintenance, and community issues for the association.
Marketing Project ManagementFrom complex global campaigns to high-velocity agile workflows, Markodojo marketing project management provides the tools you need to work your plan, adapt to change, conquer your daily todos and deliver projects on time. The system is a fit for HOAs with ten units to those with thousands of association members. Marketing Team CollaborationCoordinate a virtual marketing team, run more efficient marketing team meetings, enable marketing team collaboration with agency partners, and keep marketing stakeholders informed. Markodojo marketing project management facilitates team collaboration inside and outside of marketing.

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