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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Vicky has over fifteen years working in client and operations management, domaining and online marketing.
One of the most common complaint (or excuse) I hear from potential new bloggers is they don’t know how to install WordPress.
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Where you as an individual can find the right business training to upgrade your skill-set and get that promotion you want. My name is Martha and I have worked for over 30 years in various aspects of business and in various countries, right around the world. The extended marketing mix (7Ps)The marketing mix is the combination of marketing activities that an organisation engages in so as to best meet theneeds of its targeted market. The marketing mix is the combination of marketing activities that an organisation engages in so as to best meet the needs of its targeted market. A post graduate in Retail Management, he has worked with retail companies like Shoppers Stop and Spar, before venturing out on his own, and now is a successful entrepreneur running a manufacturing business.

She has worked with many different online businesses, both large and small, plus put their online marketing strategies into practice. Terms like FTP and CPanel are like a foreign language and setting up a database might as well be setting up the space shuttle for a launch. Or where you, the business manager who needs to get staff trained effectively, can do so within very reasonable budgets. The newer concept does not have 4Ps, but it has 7Ps, providing a comprehensive categorization of Marketing decisions which a marketer would have to take. She has helped online businesses better their conversion rates quite significantly and raised their online revenue. Getting the mix of these elements right enables the organisation to meet its marketing objectives and to satisfy therequirements of customers. In addition to the traditional four Ps it is now customary to add some more Ps to the mix to give us Seven Ps.
The additional Ps have been added because today marketing is far more customer oriented than ever before, andbecause the service sector of the economy has come to dominate economic activity in this country. Physical layout - in the days when manufacturing dominated the UK economy the physical layout of production unitssuch as factories was not very important to the end consumer because they never went inside the factory. However,today consumers typically come into contact with products in retail units - and they expect a high level of presentation inmodern shops - e.g.

Not only do they need to easily find their way around the store, butthey also often expect a good standard or presentation.
The importance of quality physical layout is important in a range of service providers, including: * Students going to college or university have far higher expectations about the quality of their accommodation andlearning environment than in the past. As a result colleges and universities pay far more attention to creating attractivelearning environments, student accommodation, shops, bars and other facilities.
Provision of customer service - customer service lies at the heart of modern service industries. Customers arelikely to be loyal to organisations that serve them well - from the way in which a telephone query is handled, to directface-to-face interactions.
Although the 'have a nice day' approach is a bit corny, it is certainly better than a couldn't careless approach to customer relations. Call centre staff and customer interfacing personnel are the front line troops of anyorganisation and therefore need to be thoroughly familiar with good customer relation's practice.
Processes - associated with customer service are a number of processes involved in making marketing effective inan organisation e.g.

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