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The advances in technology and tills means that many retailers could set a different price for every store. The recent revelation that retailers request boarding cards in airports is not a matter of security but rather a way to reclaim tax, has brought into question the ability for a retailer to differentiate its prices and to deduct tax at airports for customers travelling outside the EU.
The short answer is yes, retailers can have different prices for the same item and could pass the tax saving back to the customer. This recent revelation could have a far reaching impact on price strategy for retailers and what impact it might have across the whole offer. The airport retailing debate will continue with probably little change to prices but possible change to in store process, following Boots’ lead. Location has always been critical to a retailer’s success, being where the customer is when they want your product, and this remains the case.
Note: you can also apply a SWOT analysis to competitors, often providing interesting new perspectives.
The SWOT-landscape grabs different managerial situations by visualizing and foreseeing the dynamic performance of comparable objects according to findings by Brendan Kitts, Leif Edvinsson and Tord Beding.  Changes in relative performance are continually identified.
Business frameworks like SWOT Analysis are invaluable to evaluating and analyzing various business problems. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Retail Marketing Case Study - The Body Shop and the Retail Marketing Mix Technology and globalisation are the two largest and most significant influences on the world's economic landscape.
Clothing retailers commonly use this format for store layout as it encourages consumers to look around; they feel relaxed and not compelled to walk around every area of the store as forced by the grid pattern layout.
This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Marketing and Markets section. 6.6 Customer Relationships Virgin Brand has a good reputation providing value to its customers it's the image of trains themselves, which is in need of serious repair.
Furthermore, because I will only be a small, newly opened business I wont have enough finance to compete with big, popular businesses. In this example more will have to be spent in factories to ensure they are up to standard which means less can be spent on marketing including promotional budget, the price the product must be sold for and the quality the product can be made to.
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Created by teachers, our study guides highlight the really important stuff you need to know. Higher prices have been charged in convenience locations, where a retailer ‘takes advantage’ of the fact that a customer in that location has less choice and will pay a higher price in order to purchase the item, thus boosting the retailer’s profits despite higher rents in premium locations. There is a longer answer though which considers the retailers ability to be competitive, the cost to operate in premium locations, and the knock on effect to other locations such as High Street convenience stores.
If prices are reduced in convenience locations, how will shareholders be guaranteed returns on investment when margins are therefore cut? The customer may understand the reason for price differentiation and be tolerant of it as long as there is transparency. For instance, Morrison’s has completed a trial of location marketing to promote its fresh produce, targeting customers within a 5 mile radius of a store using geo-location technology. Customers will not stop making last minute holiday purchases at airports because they now know the reason for showing boarding passes, they always knew the prices would be higher there than elsewhere, but they may have second thoughts for a short time. One of the team will be more than happy to chat with you about the various forms of retail consultancy we provide. They can include assets, skills, or resources that a company has at its disposal, compared to its competitors. Projects (or other units of measurements) that could be potential risk or opportunity objects are highlighted. In this discussion, we go through a 2-prong approach to growth and evaluate the merits of various growth drivers.
6.7 Competition Virgin Trains Operates in the Public sectors offering a service for travel. Overall, having many competitors comes as a threat to me simply because they can afford to do things I cannot. Pizza Hut offers several services, the main elements are food preparation is tangibly distinguished by the uniformity of environment, color, and style of graphics and apparel, and the consistency of delivery.
All Rights Reserved.Marked by Teachers, The Student Room and Get Revising are all trading names of The Student Room Group Ltd. Dixons and WHSmith have said the price at an airport is part of a pricing mix which enables the retailer to offer the best price it can to the customer across all locations.
Mobile use in retail gives the customer easy access to price comparisons between retailers and there is no reason that this shouldn’t be possible between locations using geo-location technology. The results are reported to be excellent and open the way for a more location based marketing strategy and a way for retailers to compete by location with a message unique to them and beyond that of price.

It involves specifying the objective of the business venture or project and identifying the internal and external factors that are favorable and unfavorable to achieving that objective.
This can be done via Outside-in strategy formulation (market-driven strategy) or Inside-out strategy formulation (resource-driven). Also there is no way to take down numbers if you hear the advert in your car or while on the move. The technique is credited to Albert Humphrey, who led a convention at the Stanford Research Institute (now SRI International) in the 1960s and 1970s using data from Fortune 500 companies. The store layout encourages consumers to wonder around the shop without feeling pressured to look at every single product and range and gives the customer the feeling that they don't have to make up their mind then and there. This is incredibly cheap and the money will be brought back into the tuck shop if they work and attract a lot of custom. The degree to which the internal environment of the firm matches with the external environment is expressed by the concept of strategic fit.
A modification o the free-flow layout, the boutique layout, discussed by Rosenbloom (1981:67), is characterised by the fixtures being arranged according to speciality.
The customer should have distinct expectations from the store when he walks into it which should be different from the expectations that he has when he walks into another store. This illustrates that The Body Shop provides a comprehensive range of each of its seven main product categories in a variety of sizes, types, colours, scents and skin types. The atmosphere and mood of typical Body Shop stores is relaxed and friendly, inherent in the overall design of The Body Shop retail outlets.
For some products, his choice of brand may be very clear, and a salesperson’s attempt to help him would only irritate him.But for some other products, the same customer would solicit help of salespersons in making a choice among brands and would welcome a salesperson’s attempt to influence his purchase. SUMMARY The Body Shop produces and sells naturally-based cosmetics and toiletries products. For some purchases, the customer would like his favourite brand to be placed prominently on the shelf.But when he does not have a clear brand choice, he would not mind some clutter on the shelves because he wants all the brands to be available. The company offers an extensive range of products and varieties within each of the seven main product categories: aromatherapy, colourings (make-up), face, fragrance, body care and hair care in terms of size, types, colours, scents and skin types. Most customers would prefer to be allowed to pay their bills as early as possible but on some occasions they would be more tolerant of delays than on others.Customers would be finicky about delays in making payments when they are rushing home after office but they would be more relaxed during their weekend shopping trips. Exchange is when a person acquires something they need or want from someone by sacrificing something in return. Therefore, it can be said that exchange is at the very heart of marketing, Baker (1990:189). The customer service provided by The Body Shop stores includes make-overs, facials, colour charting and educating customers about the products and their origins. A store may be famous for being very prompt in stocking the latest or the most fashionable product.
Another may be known for stocking all possible variety in a category and yet another may be famous for stocking the most premium brands.A store would become too unwieldy if it tries to have too many different types of assortments.
The Body Shop outlets are not large enough to demand that facilities such as elevators and parking lots are required. A store which stocks the latest products in a category will also be able to stock the most premium brands of the category but the attention of the company will be divided and it will be difficult to handle relationships with diverse suppliers whose business philosophies are different. The Body Shop The Body Shop is a manufacturer and retailer of skin and hair care products based on natural ingredients.
Such a strategy will also send conflicting signals to customers as to what the store really stocks well.2.
Based in the United Kingdom (UK) it is now an international company operating in 47 countries, spanning 24 languages. The Body Shop once said to have a rebel image, has an image of ethical, social and environmental responsibility: profits with principles.
Location of the retail store: For some products like groceries, consumers do not like to go to a far away store. The new look is lighter, more contemporary and 'timeless.' The atmosphere and mood of the stores are relaxed and friendly. A retailer has to decide whether it will be a standalone store in a city, or will it open stores to cover a designated area like a city, state or country.
A retailer may decide to open one store in each city.The retailer has to buy from distributors to replenish its stocks. Or it decides to open as many stores as a city can sustain, and moves to another city and again opens as many stores as that city can sustain. It opens a distribution centre in each city.The distribution centre receives supplies for all the stores in the city in a single truck from each supplier. The retailer buys from the manufacturer directly, and does not have to buy from distributors.A retailer’s choice of a city depends upon factors like its congruence with its chosen target market, the level of disposable income, the availability of suitable sites and level of competition. A retailer’s choice of a particular site in a city depends on level of existing traffic passing the site, parking facilities, presence of competitors and possible opportunities to form new retailing centres with other outlets.

When two or more non-competing retailers agree to site outlets together, the retailing centre can draw more customers than what each individual store would have been able to do.More than proximity to customers, the location of a store is important in terms of how often the target customers are likely to visit the site as they live their lives.
The lifestyle of the target customers, and the goods and services that they buy will decide whether they will visit the site or not, and how often.Being in the place which the customer will visit in pursuance of his lifestyle will ensure that the customer will walk into the store.
This aspect is important because customers are combining purchases of different genre of goods and combining purchases of goods and pursuance of entertainment.3. Product assortment and services: A retailer has to decide on the breadth of its product assortment, and also its depth. A retailer may have a broad product assortment, but within each product line, it can stock a shallow product range. Or it can have a narrow product assortment, but within each product line, it can stock a deep product range.Therefore, a retailer’s choice of product assortment ranges from stocking one deep product line to stocking a broad range of products including toys, cosmetics, jewellery, clothes, electrical goods and household accessories.
A retailer begins with one or limited product lines and gradually broadens product assortment to be able to sell more products to customers who come to its store.Petrol stations start out as fuel providers, and expand by adding provision stores or food outlets to maximize the revenue that can be obtained from the customer. Some stations on the highway may also add a Cineplex to make their retail outlet a one-stop entertainment and utility centre for the customer.By expanding its product assortment, a retailer reduces price sensitivity of customers because a traveller stops at a petrol station as he can buy an assortment of products, and not because its fuel cost is low.
A retailer’s decision of the product assortment that he will stock will depend on its positioning strategy, the expectation that its customers have come to have of it, and also on the profitability of product lines that it carries.It may be prompted to drop slow moving unprofitable lines unless they are necessary to conform with the range of products expected by its customers.
A retailer also has to decide whether it will sell only manufacturer brands, or it will have its own label or store brands.
Most manufacturers may sell own label brands products to compliment manufacturer brands.Retailers need to consider the nature and degree of customer service. Degree of service can vary from customers being expected to search for their items to elaborate displays and suggestions from sales personnel.
For instance, a cosmetics store can employ its personnel as grooming advisors to help a customer choose relevant products from the store.4. Price:A retailer may choose to compete purely on price, but price can be a differential advantage only when a retailer has immense buying power, and has been able to control cost. A retailer may favour everyday low prices rather than higher prices supplemented by price discounts.Such a retailer is patronized by customers who prefer predictable low prices rather than occasional price discounts. A retailer may sell no-frill products, which are basic commodities such as bread and soft drinks that are sold in rudimentary packaging at low prices.
It appeals to the price conscious shopper who wants standard products at low prices.Some retail items may be priced very competitively to generate more demand for other items.
Such products may often be sold below cost and are called ‘loss leader’.The idea is that the customers get attracted to the low price of the ‘loss leader’ and walk in the store to buy the item but may end up buying many more items.
Promotion: Retail promotion includes advertising, public relations, publicity and sales promotion. Retailers design ads, stage special events and develop promotions aimed at their markets.A store’s opening is a carefully orchestrated blend of advertising, merchandising, goodwill and glitter. All the elements of an opening—press coverage, special events, media advertising and store displays—are carefully planned.Retail advertising is carried out at the local level, although retail chains can advertise nationally.
Local advertising by retailers provides specific information about their stores, such as location, merchandise, hours, prices and special sales. In contrast, national retail advertising generally focuses on image.A popular retail advertising practice is cooperative advertising. Under cooperative advertising, manufacturers pay retailers to feature their products in store mailers or the manufacturer develops a TV or print ad campaign and includes the name of the retailers carrying the product at the end.Many retailers are avoiding media advertising in favour of direct-mail or frequent shopper programmes. The frequent shopper programmes offer perks ranging from gift certificates to special sales for most frequent shoppers. Direct-mail and catalogue programmes may be a cost effective method of increasing store loyalty and spending by core customers.6. A retailer works on both exterior and interior designs to create an appropriate store atmosphere. The store atmosphere should prompt target customers to visit the store and stimulate them to buy once they are in the store.External designs include architectural design, signs, window display and use of colour that create identity for a retailer. For instance, a kids’ store is usually bright, vibrant (may be in the shape of Mickey Mouse) and colourful to attract the child and make him want to buy things in the store.Such a store should generally have lots of space for the child to move around and explore his world.
Interior design like store lighting, fixtures and fittings as well as layout, affect store atmosphere.If a store has narrow aisles, it appears congested and unclean, the customers may not like to spend too much time in such an environment. A poorly lit store is uninviting.Colour, sound and smell affect mood of customers, and customers stay longer in stores which are colourful, plays good music and smells good. People attribute different meanings to different colours, and a retailer uses colours to create the desired atmosphere in the store.

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