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We help early stage technologies and companies in the life sciences, medtech, healthIT, medical device, energy and construction sectors.
We can also assist with scientific & commercial due-diligence for the investment community and other business consultants. If you are an entrepreneur or involved in medical innovation for healthcare, energy or construction please get in touch. An analysis of your potential markets can be carried out to identify opportunities for business development.

Montana Marketing can provide you with a comprehensive Marketing Plan with focus on your Product, Place, Price and Promotion. Montana Marketing can provide a process for formulating your strategies. Montana Marketing will help you monitor changes so that you won’t fail to innovate and get left behind.
Montana Marketing can provide you with low cost solutions to hear and act on what your customers are telling you.
Montana Marketing has a strong track record of making innovation happen for early stage technologies for colleges and SME.

Surveys can be undertaken to establish the needs, wants and demands of your product or service. Find out what your competitors are up to with the Montana Marketing competitive analysis program.

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