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Why your association needs a mobile marketing strategyHow many times a day do you use your smartphone? Think about frequently asked questions from your current members: are there ways you can facilitate those into a mobile app? Could you update the search functionality on your current site so that it’s mobile-friendly?
Is there a way to provide text updates during your association’s annual conference or check-in information and maps for those looking for more information? It’s not just large corporations and businesses that stand to benefit from mobile marketing.
You may understand the importance of mobile marketing, but there could be a disconnect with senior leaders or your C-suite.
My point is: You need to immerse yourself in the technology through which your association will grow. How Can We Help?If you think your organization or event could use a good dose of future-focused insight from XYZ University, please contact us and let us know how we can help. Join the 10,000+ people who receive our e-newsletter and receive the first chapter of Sarah Sladek’s latest book, Knowing Y: Engage the Next Generation Now! Youa€™ll be joining the 130,000 Smart Insights members from 80 countries who trust our advice to Plan, Manage and Optimize their marketing. To help you keep up-to-date with the rise in consumer and company adoption of mobile and its impact on mobile marketing, I will keep this post updated throughout 2016 as the new stats come through to support ourA 120 page Expert members Ebook explaining how to create a A mobile marketing strategy.
Our Mobile Marketing Strategy Briefing explains the key issues to plan for in mobile marketing. The latest data shows that we are now well past the tipping point mentioned at the top of this post.
The implications are clear - if you're not able to reach your audience through mobile search or display, or you're not providing a satisfactory mobile experience you will miss out compared to competitors who are. The trend in mobile device usage ('vertical screens') compared to all screen use again shows that we're well past the tipping point.
We've created a new summary showing the global popularity of using different digital devicesA using data from Global Web Index to include in for our State of Digital Marketing 2015 infographic. It clearly shows the popularity of smartphone ownership and emerging mobile devices like Smartwatches. Insight from comScore published in their February 2014 market review shows the picture that marketers need to build up.
However, we need to be careful with interpreting data on hours spent,A since we spend most of our time on smartphones checking email and using social media. So with so many site visits still on desktop, it's important when designing using a responsive web designA that the desktop experience isn't degraded and this has led to many larger businesses using an adaptive web design where layout and content are tailored for desktop, tablet and smartphone screen dimensions. We have a separate compilation of Ecommerce conversion stats if you're creating a business case for mobile optimised sites as explained in our mobile marketing strategy guide, this data is also valuable since it shows the variation in conversion rate by mobile type.
The data clearly shows that Smartphone add-to-cart and conversion rates are much lower than for desktop - important if you're making the business case for a mobile responsive site.
This source is useful since it's a regular survey showing the growth in use of mobile site visitors. Consumer preference for mobile apps vs mobile sites should also be thought through as part of mobile strategy. We reported comScore data in May 2012 that showed that on smartphonesA 82% of mobile media time is via apps. This 90% figure is a key insight as companies decide whether to develop mobile apps or restrict themselves to mobile optimised sites. This research sourced from a 2015 study by eMarketerA into mobile ad budgets shows a different view. This update to this post features some of the latest updates on mobile statistics from 2014 and highlight some of the best sources to make the business case for investment in mobile marketing in your presentations and business cases to colleagues or clients.
In addition to downloads for each country, you can also create your own charts focusing on KPIs of interest.
Comscore is one of theA key worldwide sources useful for marketers to help us find out about the changes in use of mobile media by consumers.
The report shows much lower levels of adoption in other European countries though - not even a fifth in most.
The report also has useful summary of dayparts of different device behaviour, similar to others published. We hope this compilation of statistics about mobile usage and effectiveness continues to be useful - please share if it is and we'll continue to update it in 2015. If you want a single source of the latest stats across the whole of digital marketing, for Expert members, we compile a regularly updated set of usage statistics to use in presentationsA - it's updated each quarter so all the latest stats are categorised in a single place for including in presentations. Our "one-stop" download includes the latest stats to include in presentations to make the case for digital investment. I need the exact answer for Future of Mobile applications when their usability is concerned. As per the market scenario, most of the companies realize that in order to survive in this cutthroat competition and capture market they have gone for something through which they interact with their consumers and make them brand loyal. Thus the best option is to make an app or make a website which is mobile friendly, therefore it is useful for both the sellers and the buyers or the consumers.
E-commerce should learn the data and see how their mobile marketing campaign can be improved. Cut through all the noise on the app stores by utilizing social media, which are for the most part free and open up the playing field to everyone, even those with minimal budgets and resources. Below, I discuss two things I recommend in preparation for your social media push to maximize your mobile app marketing.
In preparing your Social Media campaign to bring visibility to your app, first you must create good content. The core of making a video go viral is to keep it simple, and to have people say WOW and inspire them to just imagine, share with their contacts, who’ll share with their contacts and so on and so on.
Going further on developing content, People love to hear about apps from friends and family. Going back to Evernote, see here how an influencer in Hollywood uses the app to collaborate when producing films. A video of two Research Triangle, North Carolina school administrators letting students know class was canceled due to a snowstorm, first garnered 3 million views and it rose steadily. Get started on the social channels by first setting up a profile and post statuses that are neutral and interesting, as well as connecting with key influencers in your app’s niche. It might have taken some time with Facebook breaking the user barrier, but Google + is finally starting to come around. At first glance, utilizing hashtags on Google + is just like using them on Twitter or Instagram.
A great source for networking, Twitter allows you to reach influencers by mentioning them in your tweets. A new feature released just last year allows you to use content marketing and “Twitter Cards” to boost visibility of your app, thereby increasing downloads. With hundreds of millions of users, Facebook is the perfect social media channel to promote content. Bringing users back again and again is what the mission of your onboarding experience should be.

You can refine the user experience during the onboarding phase and thereafter by using a visual mobile analytics tool. Works well when you may search for the relevant questions equivalent to your Apps features.
Asking Smarter Questions is your go-to guide for the latest points of view, news, trends, insights, statistics and tools regarding data driven digital marketing. Local Mobile Search Marketing & Siri: Are Your Local Listings Optimized for Voice Recognition?
En Espana la penetracion de smartphones es la mas alta de Europa (63%), solo con echar un vistazo a nuestro alrededor lo podemos comprobar. Pero el dato realmente significativo es que a nivel global, es que en el primer trimestre de 2013 ha sido la primera vez que se han vendido mas smartphones (51,6%) que telefonos moviles comunes. Este crecimiento desmesurado ha supuesto que el ecosistema digital sea cada vez mas complicado, y que por supuesto, los usuarios seamos multi-dispositivo.
El marketing conectado, se trata de conectar con personas en el lugar, momento y con el contenido adecuados, a traves de la plataforma correcta. La clave esta en entender que ‘mobile’ esta presente en todas las etapas del purchase funnel.
En funcion de este analisis sobre el comportamiento de nuestro cliente, estaremos en disposicion de definir nuestra estrategia. El siguiente paso es pensar en la mejor estrategia para conseguirlos, el reto esta en aplicar la tactica adecuada para cada fase. Ademas soy cofundador de El Arte de Medir y socio y director del area de marketing online de la escuela de Internet Kschool, y doy clases y conferencias en diferentes centros (ESADE, CEU, ISIL y CESMA) y eventos (ecommerce day Chile (2013), Mobile Evolution (IAB Mexico - 2013), IAB Argentina y Peru), sobre marketing online, social media y analitica web. Por mucho que se hable de la importancia del mobile marketing, en la mayoria de empresas solamente sirve para justificar una version movile de la web o la creacion de una app (que luego nunca nadie usa). Cuando un usuario busca informacion sobre una empresa a traves del movil, es porque necesita algo en ese momento.
Lo cierto es, que muchas empresas estan pensando en el marketing mobile pero solo se quedan en la superficie, y adaptan su web o tienda online a los dispositivos moviles. Aunque muchos piensen que el marketing movil es innecesario pienso que esta creciendo, cambiando mucho y seguira creciendo.
Precisamente por esa tendencia alcista del uso de los Smarthphone debemos dar respuesta a los usuarios que nos busquen a traves de estos dispositivos optimizando las webs para ellos. Ademas, tambien podemos aprovechar nuevas formas Marketing y Publicidad, como la Geolocalizacion o la venta por impulso que dan resultados excelentes en algunos sectores. Interesante articulo, se habla mucho en general de estrategia cuando se refiere a marketing movil. Es mas, de modo constante, Facebook esta desarrollando nuevas soluciones para los anunciantes. Creo que las empresas todavia estan en las primeras etapas en cuanto al marketing mobile, pero se estan poniendo con ello rapidamente. Coincido contigo en que tener la web optimizada para mobile (smartphone, tablet), es el primer paso para posicionarte.
En Internet se suele decir que no es el pez grande quien se come al pequeno, sino el rapido al lento. En acuerdo contigo Tristan, esta claro que con mas de 750 millones de usuarios y las enormes posibilidades de segmentaciones , Facebook marketing tiene pinta de convertirse en el oasis para mobil marketing. Totalmente de acuerdo contigo Tritan y con gran parte de los comentarios que el post ha suscitado. Utilizamos cookies para asegurar que damos la mejor experiencia al usuario en nuestro sitio web. Not only is mobile marketing one of the hottest topics amongst marketing strategists, (some say mobile is going to be bigger than the TV, radio and computer–combined), it is a great way to facilitate engagement and convert more users to membership within your organization. This means you no longer determine when and where conversations happen about your association. Know the facts before going all out with your mobile plan and have the statistics to back up your theories.
He couldn’t survive free even for one particular second during the wedding ceremony time. Please use newer version of your browser or visit Internet Explorer 6 countdown page for more information.
Her deck is nearly 200 slides, so we have selected the statistics which best summarise the importance of mobile devices today.
Mobile digital media time in the US is now significantly higher at 51% compared to desktop (42%). This panel data shows that the majority of consumers are "multiscreening", accessing retail sites on mobile or desktop, so consistent experiences across device need to be deployed.
As Rob Thurner explained in his post on KPIs to review mcommerce effectiveness, it's important to keep track of the split between users of mobile and desktop devices visiting your site(s). This data from Nielsen on mobile media time shows the consumer preference for mobile apps which account for 89% of media time in mobile as might be expected from the use of the most popular social network, email and news apps. A Today, the latest data from Yahoo's Flurry analytics shows that 90 percent of consumer's mobile time is spent in apps. A You do have to be careful about interpreting this since, as the chart below shows, Facebook, messaging, games and utility apps will naturally have the greatest time spent and browser use is still significant by volume if not proportion. In 2015 mobile ad spending accounts for 49% of digital ad spending, which is only slightly behind the trends of how people are using their devices. It may be useful for pushing back against over-enthusiastic colleagues or understanding consumer barriers. This graph shows the pattern across Europe - follow the link above for US and other country breakdowns. So extrapolating UK behaviour to other countries would seem to be a mistake with the mobile figure still key. Audience growth rate is 80% + on mobile in these UK sites, but lower on grocer sites for obvious reasons. Ofcom Internet usage report.A Ofcoma€™s Eighth International Communications Market Report was published in December 2014, this examines take-up, availability, price and use of broadband, landlines, mobiles, TV, radio and post across 17 major countries.
May be this can be the other aspect through which many eCommerce companies are switching towards mobile app development.
By knowing what they are targeting and how mobile marketing works, they can allocate their marketing budget better and also reach more potential audience. Mobile marketing is becoming a vital component of a well-rounded digital marketing strategy. If you are promoting your cooking app, then perhaps you can write posts on some of the best recipes out of Europe, tips by the best chefs, an announcement of a contest inviting the best organic pizza recipes.
This very popular note-taking app created a bunch of videos that shows how Evernote can bring value into the lives of users in a slew of real life situations. Make it funny, quirky.  The idea is to get people excited about your app without pushing it so hard, and then with the right call to action, get them to download. However, getting a review of your app on a prominent YouTube channel like the Daily App Show or on top app review sites will also bring your app huge visibility.
Google doesn’t appreciate overstuffing keywords in content and the same goes for hashtags.
It does take some work and there is a limited number of characters in your messages, but if you have influencers retweeting you, it is a great driver for downloads.

This was a huge trend in 2013 with such sites as Pinterest and it is something that is sure to continue. Show appreciation to your followers:  This can be done by sharing their photos on your social media channels, embed them on your website, tweet their photos, mention them.
With well over 2.5 Million followers on Instagram for example, I suggest you check out their profile here. Schedule your posts: Utilize a social media tool such as Hootsuite to schedule your posts and measure engagement across the Social Media spectrum.
You can compare the onboarding experience to an entry ramp on a highway for your first time users. He is experienced with the app optimization process for delivering increased engagement, conversions and in-app monetization. Social media helps you reach a much wider, sharply targeted audience, who are bound to be interested in what you have to offer to them.
Y lo mas importante, entender como usa nuestra audiencia el movil en cada una de esas etapas para comprar nuestros productos. Y creo que aprovechando un poquito mas la segmentacion de usuarios de smatphones, se podrian hacer cosas mucho mejores. Segun ha comunicado Google en el ano 2015 las ventas desde dispositivos moviles superaran a los dispositivos tradicionales, esto me lleva a la siguiente pregunta, ?por que no sacarle el maximo partido a una estrategia de marketing mobile? Ofreces una informacion muy completa para comprender el tema y la verdad es que esta muy bien.
Asi, no solo nos aseguramos de aparecer en los resultados de busqueda de Google, si no que ademas segun un informe desarrollado por Google recientemente, el 61% de los usuarios abandona el site, una vez visitado, si la pagina no esta optimizada para su Smartphone, por tanto tambien estariamos evitando esas fugas. En funcion de las pruebas que estamos haciendo, vemos que Facebook y el poder de segmentacion, hace esta plataforma muy viable, teniendo campanas con ROI positivas. Justo hoy ha salido el dato del numero de usuarios moviles activos de Facebook (750 millones). It's now a question of using the statistics to understand how consumers behaveA when using different types of mobile devices and what their preferences are. Although mobile is growing in importance, this data from Adobe's latest Digital IndexA shows that in all industries the majority of visits are still on desktop. But this has implications for advertising on mobile to reach consumers using apps like Facebook and Gmail.
These stats also show projections for future growth, which is important as it shows where the market is going. As might be expected search was the most common starting point, but it's lower than desktop showing the importance of branded apps and mobile sites. A regular survey for different countries starting in 2011, this enabled you to prepare your own reports.A Now this has been replaced by Google's Consumer barometer which enables you to create similar reports. For example, less than a third of Australians have ever bought on a smartphone and you can see there are barriers of security and preference for desktop purchases.
The International Telecoms Union data reports mobile usage including mobile broadband subscriptions to show growth in use of mobile.
This is a great source for showing the overall level of app usage across the four major mobile app platforms by country and drilling down into the popularity of individual apps for different sectors like retail, banking and travel.
As example, here's the picture of desktop vs mobile device in the UK showing that when you look at most important device,A desktop and laptop remain important. Here is another extensive and visually lush infographic about the growth of Internet, Social Media & Mobile Usage in the last decade.
You and your development partners have created the app of your dreams and one that you hope will be a smash hit on Google Play and the Apple App store. Promote this video content via the most popular channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Google plus.
One of those as I’m sure you know is the built-in power of having your app come up in organic search results.
This gives you a presence in the social media world and is a great way to gain feedback about your app, gain credibility and create a buzz. See here for a great post on how to use Hashtags in your posts on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Such a tool goes above and beyond a traditional analytics tool and allows you to monitor user experience, analyze and optimize. Moreover, social media can directly impact your business’s SEO efforts and search engines influence your social media presence.
Check out our new series to learn the best processes for finding efficiencies across your business. Llevamos anos diciendo que este es el ano del marketing movil para las empresas y mientras lo analizamos, no nos hemos dado cuenta que ya ha llegado.
Quiere decir que, si esta tendencia continua (todo indica que asi sera), el crecimiento de internet esta ligado al movil.
Tambien pienso que las empresas que esten disenando su estrategia de marketing deben tomar en cuenta la calidad de la conexion en el pais donde la van a implementar.
Para aquellos que ya nos conocen e incluso son clientes, debemos de pensar en disenar una app (pasamos el 80% del tiempo en apps). Marketing movil y seo local, son en mi opinion las dos vias mas importantes por las que nos moveremos los siguientes anos, y mas aun teniendo en cuenta lo importante que es para la hosteleria y ser un mercado bastante vasto en nuestro pais. The Web Just Lives in It.A This is a key insight as companies decide whether to develop mobile apps or create mobile device specific apps.
It is clear that mobile is the future, and within 3 years it will come to dominate digital ad spending.
This reported at country, continent and overall levels, so is the best overall source for mobile penetration worldwide. For example, the latestA mobile app growth figures from Flurry show growth of category use by more than 50% in many categories. Check out this post for an in-depth review of this vibrant feature specifically and Google + hashtag use in general.
The idea here is to post content that is related to your app, but not about the app itself. Having a presence here is something you should look into and see what you can do to follow the success with your app (See Starbucks example below). Here is where you need to monitor the user experience and behavior, see where they spend the most time, see where they drop out, see where they engage by tapping, pinching and swiping. This is a constant process and before you know it, it’ll be like a walk on the beach. Considero que estas en todo lo correcto al decir que el Marketing Movil va en aumento casi simultaneamente con el Internet.
Talk about the people who will use your app, show pictures and videos without talking about the product itself.
Las empresas de hoy en dia deben mantenerse a la vanguardia y deben buscar tener participacion activa en el Internet, estudiando a sus consumidores ya que estamos en un mundo globalizado y cambiante. Download a few that are association-based (Maryland State Bar Association has one for its 20,000+ attorneys and judges) to see how they work.

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