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Tags: 8a marketing, e-commerce help, how to sell online, HUBZone marketing, marketing for small business, online marketing, SDVOSB marketing, small business marketing, VOSB marketing, WOSB marketing. Ben’s the founder of Sixthree Technology Marketing, LLC, a Veteran-Owned Small Business that provides online marketing and web design services to small business owners. The National 8(a) Association helps 8(a) certified Businesses and all other companies that work with them to gain valuable education, promotion, and federal contracting information they need to further advance their level of experience and achieve a higher degree of success. The National 8a Association has been and continues to be the greatest contributor to increases in my revenue.

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The course runs about 60 minutes, and you can log in as many times as you’d like during the 6 weeks.
He’s an online marketing expert, a member of the Internet Marketing Association, and he studied Marketing at the Robert H. Our events benefit attendees by providing them with networking tools and contacts to assist in business growth.

But once you have it solved, your website will drive more sales and create more business than you ever imagined possible.
You’ll also leave the course with downloadable tools and resources to reap the benefits all year long (and beyond!).

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