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Today, the world is shrinking through technology, and making it easier for marketers to reach global market. Product Mix refers to the number of product lines that an organisation offers to its customers. The purpose of MBA International Marketing Management Subject is to develop an understanding of the underlying concepts, strategies and issues involve in the marketing of products and services in more than a nation or globally. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
DogPile – Compiles results from some of the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Windows Live Search.
Windows Live Search – Search the web and get your own personalized page filled with information you love. Zuula – Search the web with results from all of the major search engines, you can also specify which search engines you want results from. MozDex – A search engine seeded from the Dmoz Directory, it is powered by open source technology.
ScrubtheWeb – On top of searching the web, this site is also a host to many great web developer tools, like the meta tag builder and analyzer. SearchMaze – Nice clean search engine, with some useful tools and features like their toolbar with the ability search from over 150 search engines. IxQuick – A very powerful meta search engine, not only can you find what you want on the web, you can also find phone numbers and addresses through their international phone directory search. Iboogie – Meta search engine that clusters results so they can be broken down into the most relevant information related to your criteria. – Community guides review all site submissions for inclusion within the directory. Librarians Internet Index – A publicly funded search engine and directory of information and resources for librarians. HongKong Business Directory – Directory of information for over 100,000 HongKong based businesses.
World Trade Search – Search engine and trade directory for businesses in North America, Europe and Asia. Project Playlist – Generates results from record labels, artist websites music blogs and other publicly available websites. EveryZing – A media search engine for finding audio and video files across multiple channels. Vdoogle – This search engine indexes results from sites like YouTube and Google Video, to bring you shared and viral videos. The Brass Band Portal – If brass bands are your thing, this is a search engine dedicated to finding related information for brass fans. PodScope – The first of its kind, PodScope is an audio and video search engine that allows you to search and find podcasts by the words that are spoken within them. Mu-Seek – Search the web for your favorite music, by words in the title or words in the song lyrics.
SeeqPod – Search engine aggregates music from all over the web, and displays the results in a clean interface.
MusicVideos4All – Search the web for your favorite music videos or browse through what others are searching for. BlogSearchEngine – Search engine queries results from over 10 million blogs around the web.
Technorati – One of the most popular blog directories, they currently index over 100 million blogs on virtually every topic.

Peace Corps Journals – Directory of over 3000 blogs written by Peace Corps volunteers from around the world. SplogSpot – Search engine for finding spam blogs, link farms and more spam related content.
BlogHop – Search through nearly 30,000 blogs in this directory, you can find them by tags or keyword search. Hawaii Search – A directory committed to indexing every website with relation to the Hawaiin Islands. Black Business Planet – A directory filled with links to African American related websites and content. WebWombat – Search through over 20 million results from Australian based websites, and customize the homepage to fit your needs. Krugle – This is a search engine for open source code, projects and technical information for developers.
Today, with the music technology available, people around the world are using the internet to find their favorite songs and, of course, they are finding the lyrics everywhere. For a while now webmasters have fretted over why all of the pages of their website are not indexed.
A recent O’Reilly report indicated that page load time and the ease with which the Googlebot can crawl a page may affect how many pages are indexed. Any one of three indexes may crawl a site and send the information to a remote server, which is accessed by the remaining indexes (like the blog index or the AdSense index) instead of the bots for those indexes physically visiting your site. List of 140 popular Search Engines 9:52 am By admin List of 140 popular Search Engines   Google – Does it need any explanation? Lyrics Database For Sale 3:04 pm By admin Lyrics Database For Sale Cheap Price   Are you a Web developer? Important to expand target market – Target market of a marketing organisation will be limited if it just concentrate on domestic market. Important to connect business with the world – Expanding business into an international market gives a business an advantage to connect with new customers and new business partners.
An organisation may have just one product line in its product mix and it may also have multiple product lines. Also define the terms - International Marketing, Global Marketing, Foreign Marketing, and Domestic Marketing. In case you haven’t been online in the last 10 years, this is the largest, most popular and widely used search engine on the planet. Not only can you search the web for information and videos you can also search the white and yellow pages.
Not the best search engine out there by any means, but solid; mostly used by Netscape users. Clusty not only lists your results like you are used to seeing, but it also breaks them into clusters, or categories, making finding the desired results a little easier.
Rather than displaying long boring lists of results, KartOO displays an interactive map for finding results. You can restrict search results to specific sites, add search features to your own site and more.
You can compare top 10 results for SEO purposes, compare two sites against each other and other great features. Make claims of having the most rigorous submission guidelines, to allow for the best spam-free results. One click on ChaCha will get you in touch with a live guide to help you find what you want.

You can search the directory or browse by tag, you can also add your own feed for others to find.
This is a completely free and legal service, they pay a percentage to the record labels every time a song is played. They have millions of results in their database are considered to be one of the largest video search engines in the world. You can find sites that offer multi-media content, music related e-commerce, music news and more. You can also play the music right from the search results to see if it is what you are looking for. This search engine and directory, tries to help you find those sites you wouldn’t ordinarily come across.
Searches and indexes over 450 million science related websites, to keep scientific information at your fingertips.
As the Lyrics site owner, you need to collect more and more lyrics to serve your client’s requirement. You can import it to your lyrics Website or any music related website to create more content pages to gain more visitors. Links (especially deep links) from a high PageRank site are golden as the trust is already established.
The logic is that the faster the Googlebot can crawl, the greater number of pages that can be indexed.
Use Google’s tools to see which of your pages are indexed, and if there are violations of some kind. When an organisation thinks globally, it looks for overseas opportunities to increase its market share and customer base. Brand that sold internationally is perceived to be better than the brand that sold locally.
International marketing not only increases market share and customer base, it also helps the business to connect to new vendors, a larger workforce and new technologies and ways of doing business.
Such products function in similar manner, sold to the same customer group, sold through the same type of outlets, and fall within a same price range. These product lines may be fairly similar or totally different, for example - Dish washing detergent liquid and Powder are two similar product lines, both are used for cleaning and based on same technology; whereas Deodorants and Laundry are totally different product lines. This allows them to provide quality results, without all of the junk that you find in a typical search engine.
But some things are definite, if not automatic, and some things seem like pretty darn good guesses. Apple have not restricted its business to a nation, rather expanded it to throughout the world.
We collected thousands of lyrics around the internet and organize them to a database that you can download and use. It takes long time for you to collect lyrics, so the best way to get started is use this Lyrics Database.

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