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Success is all about planning and planning begins with having appropriate objectives in mind.Thanks for sharing this Debra! Facebook contests and campaigns are powerful ways for brands to engage with customers in social. The SEO benefits are incredible.- Use social media sites to capture informaiton that allows direct and personal communication.
Here are some objectives that will assist to improve relationships and grow your business in 2014.
Specifically, this includes capturing email and postal addresses so you can use traditional marketing to reach a broader audience.- Improve measurement of leads and conversions.
I'm Community Manager at Engagor, an all-in-one social media management tool that allows you to engage with your customers.I'm sure you can provide us with a clear strategy for 2014. Prospects and customers acquired via social media tend to be very different from those acquired via other channels. Developing those relationships requires an understanding of your community so you can provide solutions to real problems.The New Year is an excellent time to make changes. Monitoring everything allows you to design a social strategy that effectively moves people down the conversion path.- Follow your customers' lead to define activity on specific platforms. Use this opportunity to create and implement a plan that improves relationships and solidifies your company’s position as a market leader.

The question that we have to answer is, "Are they moving from Facebook to another platform or leaving social media?" That answer will most likely be different for every company.
Here are some objectives to get you started:Complete an Audit of Your Marketing Strategy – Most marketing plans in place today have evolved over time. Tactics and channels that worked well in the past lose effectiveness as the marketplace changes. Performing a complete audit of your marketing strategy highlights areas that need revision or elimination.
If your marketing team is too enamored with specific areas to provide that objectivity, bring someone in from the outside.Improve Your Customer and Prospect Segmentation – Providing relevant content to the people participating in your communities is the best way to keep them active.
An in-depth knowledge of their needs and expectations is needed along with an efficient delivery system.
It also contributes to finding new opportunities to serve customers and grow your business.Find New Channels and Platforms – Your customers and prospects participate in a multitude of channels and platforms. Without a clear initiative to research the marketplace, another year will pass with missed opportunities.Get Creative with Traditional Marketing – Old school marketing tools are still effective.
Or, you could get creative and find new ways to use traditional marketing to connect with customers. Challenge your marketing team to find better ways to solve problems using proven tactics.Become a Multi-channel Multi-screen Marketing Powerhouse – Accessibility to your company across multiple channels with multiple screens is a necessity.

Start by identifying how people access your competitors today and compare the results with your accessibility.
The easier you make it for people to contact with your company the more likely your sales will increase.Create a New Social Media Strategy – Your current social media strategy may be effective today but that won’t last. Having the plan in place before it is needed keeps the ever evolving channel from undermining your marketing efforts.Improve Your Marketing Analytics – Data is readily available. Invest resources in acquiring and using actionable information that can be used to grow your business. Data acquisition for the sake of comparison has little value if the information acquired is it used to improve marketing and service.Tear Down the Walls Between Marketing and Service – Seamless customer experiences require marketing and service departments to work together. Start by improving the exchange of information and rewarding interdepartmental cooperation.
Customers and company win when barriers are removed and trust is established.Close XWant Social Media Today updates in your inbox?

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