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XScire's holistic approach is geared toward connecting the dots between health care and Pharma, enabling pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to develop more effective market plans and strengthen their financial position. Our services will help you speed the time to market, and shorten both the time to revenue generation, and the time to return-on-investment (ROI).
While collecting, comparing and analyzing rich datasets helps arm pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies with significant actionable intelligence, at XScire ita€™s only one piece of the puzzle.
Regardless of project scope or target market, XScirea€™s market intelligence specialists ensure that you have up-to-date, relevant information that facilitates timely, strategic decision making about your products and processes.
Irrespective of the specific market intelligence techniques, our goal is always the same: to provide timely and insightful analysis that helps you better understand market opportunities, develop effective business strategies and speed the time to market. Focus groups, in which we act as moderator and lead a discussion among a small group of individuals, using a scripted set of questions or topics.
Surveys & Questionnaires analyze a sample group in order to better understand the target market.
Secondary research uncovers, collects, classifies and analyzes existing third-party public or published data, distilling whata€™s most relevant to your business objectives.
XScire has created a set of powerful analytics that help decision makers and key stakeholders in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology communities transform data into insights, and insights into action. XScire tools and support help you get a real-time view of your target market, and enable you to make simpler, more strategic decisions. We offer a unique combination of sophisticated mathematical analytics, unprecedented information access and exchange, organizational flexibility and, of course, complete confidentiality. XScire provides high-quality scientific and medical writing services, enabling our clients to produce a wide range of documents that address specific business requirements.
Our broad expertise in medical and scientific writing encompasses regulatory, clinical and scientific documentation. As with all our services, our medical and scientific writing is entirely flexible and customized to suit your particular business needs. The XScire staff has served on the speaker bureau of several global pharmaceutical companies, acted as key opinion leaders (KOLs) in advancing marketing efforts, and provided presentations for pharmaceutical staff education. We would like to introduce ourselves as a Pharmaceuticals manufacturing and marketing company with a wide range of products as Tablets, Capsules, Liquids, Dry Syrups, Gels,Injectable, Creams, Shampoos and Ointments. We, "VOXIVA PHARMACEUTICALS" are prominent Trader, Manufacturer, Exporter and Ethical Promoter of pharmaceuticals drugs. Voxiva specialises in manufacturing a wide range of pharmaceutical medicines formulations including Tabltes, Capsules, Soft gelatin Capsules. We do promote VOXIVA PHARMA products by installing Franchisee & PCD Partners with monopoly rights in specified areas.
Over the years, Pcd Pharma business has emerged as one of the fastest growing Indian pharmaceutical companies. Our Company was incorporated as Emcure Pharmaceuticals Private Limited on April 16, 1981 as a private limited company under the Companies Act, 1956. We are a fast growing Indian pharmaceutical company engaged in developing, manufacturing and marketing a broad range of pharmaceutical products globally. We are ranked as the 14th largest pharmaceutical company (Source: IMS Health India, Secondary Stockist Audit (“SSA”), March 2013) in India in terms of market share based on the domestic sales of pharmaceutical products. We have a well-diversified income base thanks to our business in the international markets.
We focus our research and development efforts on developing a portfolio of differentiated products across several platforms, including chiral molecules and biosimilars, and novel drug delivery systems. Emcure is committed towards growth and excellence, as well as product innovation and quality.
I am happy to report to you that, Emcure successfully concluded the acquisition of seven brands for Indian market from Sun Pharmaceuticals this year. Extending its alliance with Sanofi, your company entered into agreement to exclusively market Sanofi's four oncology products in the Indian market making Emcure's footing in the high growth Oncology therapy area even stronger.
Emcure's business in the US market (now fully integrated under the Heritage umbrella) has also done exceptionally well.

In the US market, Emcure has maintained a strong pipeline of differentiated and complex injectables and specialty therapies, which will provide your company a better placing in the US market.
To ensure long-term success, your company has actively invested in technology and created a strong research arm. Emcure maintains that to support world class operations, quality is of utmost importance, and therefore, it is our constant endeavour to implement necessary improvements to Emcure's manufacturing operations. I would also take this opportunity to extend my appreciation to you all our bankers, our customers, our channel partners, and associates and above all, our shareholders for all your support and faith in Emcure. XScire services range from Market Assessment and Competitive Intelligence, to Custom Analytics, Key Opinion Leader (KOL) Profiling and Scientific Writing. Complementing our unique analytics tools is primary and secondary market research expertise that positions you with the right information to make the right decisions for the right markets.
When the project goals and scope are well defined, we deploy a focused team that delivers tactical intelligence a€“ on target and on schedule.
While the results typically do not represent a statistically significant sample, they yield invaluable insights into customer attitudes, and frequently reveal important issues that impact the development of products or services. A range of survey types can be used, depending on the project, including: in-person, telephone, mail and online surveys.
Leveraging large internal and external datasets, as well as primary and secondary market research, our analytics help deliver actionable intelligence to a wide range of stakeholders in your organization. Our team includes specialized writers and seasoned medical staff that leverage more than 15 years of experience in preparing protocols, research manuscripts, clinical reports and case studies, regulatory correspondence, marketing material and much more.
It is due to our commitment towards delivering quality end products, transparent deals and easy modes of payment, that we have garnered long list of clients. Our focus on specialty segments in India and simultaneous opening of newer markets abroad has helped us maintain the growth. Pcd Pharma has established strong capabilities in the international market with distributors contributing a substantial part of the total revenues. Our core strength lies in developing and manufacturing differentiated pharmaceutical products in-house, which we commercialize through our marketing infrastructure across geographies and relationships with multi-national pharmaceutical companies. We believe that our competitive advantage in the domestic market lies in our established presence in all major therapeutic areas including blood related, cardiology, pain and analgesics, HIV, gynecology, nephrology, anti-infective, and vitamins, minerals and nutrients products. We have our own sales and marketing infrastructure in the United States through our subsidiary, Heritage.
We have a portfolio of 11 chiral molecules, eight of which we launched for the first time in India. By remaining strong on these attributes, your company concluded FY15 with impressive financials and growth.
Your company showed a remarkable sales performance and reported a 30% jump over last year sales, with an impressive PAT growth of 38% over last year.
Emcure's domestic portfolio will be significantly benefited by their addition and will add to its top line and profitability. Sanofi has also partnered with Emcure in marketing and distributing, Lactacyd, its female hygiene product in India and Nepal.
Emcure has also formed a global compliance cell that will handle all the compliance related issues and help ensure that all regulatory responses are expedited.
As your company scales-up its operations it becomes essential to create a differentiated product offering with high operational efficiencies.
Along with a large product portfolio, Tillomed brings along the market expertise to promote Emcure's products. It has streamlined its processes and addressed capacity concerns, with an aim to meet the increasing RoW markets requirements.
Owing to the recent expansion of Emcure's world-wide operations, your company's existing manufacturing capacity needs to be scaled-up. Emcure has quickly moved from being a domestic player to marking its presence in the global pharma arena. It is through their dedicated efforts, innovative ideas and continuous support that your company has challenged its own limits and scaled a new summit of success each year.

Our seasoned health care executives, thought leaders and scientists guarantee on-the-ground, local insight and expertise, even in markets where you may lack experience and contacts. For longer term, more fluid projects, we provide ongoing support and consulting through a dedicated client manager and experienced market specialists that extend your existing resources. Products are manufactured at our WHO GMP standards and Schedule a€“ M compliant manufacturing unit. Voxiva for Pcd Pharma is an emerging, global pharmaceutical company with proven capabilities in the areas of marketing. Minimum Initial order for PCD for a product range of 100 products is Rs 0.3 lacs with which you get a starter pack of MR Bag and a set a visual aids and Leave behinds. We also have capabilities to develop complex products, including difficult iron preparations, oncology drugs and controlled release products.
As your company reaped benefits of its previous years' strategies, it made the most of opportunities that came its way. This performance is primarily attributed to its expansion of operations in the regulated markets, new product launches in the US and growth in product offering in the domestic markets. Emcure's string of alliances with MNC's such as Sanofi, Roche, BMS and Novartis, is a symbol of its deep seated marketing and distribution expertise, and delivery excellence. As on 31st March 2015, Heritage has commercialised 52 products, including 13 injectables and 39 solid oral products under various therapy areas and strengths.
Your company's products are sold in more than 65 countries through its subsidiaries in Nigeria, Dubai, Australia, South Africa, Mexico, Peru and Brazil, and branch offices in Russia, Kazakhstan, Vietnam and Morocco. To this end, your company has broken grounds to establish a new manufacturing facility in Sanand, Gujrat (which will be similar in scale to Emcure's Hinjwadi, Pune campus) to cater to the regulated markets. The overall business has maintained strong financials and its performance on its many fronts has been exemplary.
Either way, you can depend on us to conduct and deliver quality market research, and provide whatever follow-up is needed to ensure your success. Other promotional materials are also available details of which are provided by our Sales Staff.
Our products are currently shipped to over 65 countries, where we have established our presence by focusing on important alliances with local and multi-national companies that enjoy a leadership position in the therapeutic areas on which we focus. Our portfolio of in-house manufactured five commercialized biosimilars including TNK-tPA, which we launched for the first time in India, and our brand Vintor is ranked no. With an aim to create long-term value for its shareholders, your company revamped its business operations, entered into new partnerships, appointed senior team members and expanded the breadth of its product portfolio.
Over the past year, Heritage has successfully expanded from being primarily in retail market, which comprises of national drug wholesalers, distributors, cooperatives and chain pharmacies to now also into the institutional side, such as contract tenders with national Group Purchasing Organizations ("GPOs"). This is planned to accelerate next year, as additional products arrive from Emcure, and under Emcure's guidance from other Indian manufacturers.
There have also been ongoing capacity expansions in your company's existing API and formulation plants, in order to debottleneck operations as well as increase capacity.
Your company has reinforced itself with great future strategies, a strong team of managers and choicest portfolio of products worldwide. We have subsidiaries in Dubai, Brazil, South Africa, Singapore and Nigeria and branch offices in Russia and Morocco. 1 in erythropoietin market (Epoetin Alfa Recombinant) (Source: IMS Health India, SSA, March 2013). I am proud that your company has consistently exceeded its projections and expectations, and I am hopeful that it will continue to do so in the coming years. These subsidiaries would help Emcure in expanding its operations in the region in cardiovascular, analgesics, oncology, HIV, nephrology, and biosimilars therapy areas. I am confident these actions will help us garner even better accomplishments in the future years.

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