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Andre Morrevi it is a Master of Ceremonies (MC) is the host of a staged event or similar performance. About Andre Morrevi -"It is an honor to be asked to be the master of ceremonies at a function. If you are going to spend time marketing on Pinterest, you should take the time to understand how the site works, including some changes that will greatly effect your results.
I am using examples from my feed and account which are relevant to the things that I am selling.
For this post we are going to be doing market research on how pins and boards are presented to users. I zoomed WAY out so we can start to see the mix of offerings that Pinterest thinks I might be interested in.
I KNOW that there is a school of thought that you should use marketing to target the types of people who might like your product (like I could target women Realtors who work for Keller Williams) and hope your product will appeal to them, but that doesn’t work as well on Pinterest.
People (mostly women on Pinterest) like to see the same types of things that they have chosen to look at. To me the only really interesting bits are the ones with a high click through rate (the fewest views with the most clicks). When Pinterest launched the promoted pins, the response from hard core pinners was less than welcoming but that does not change the fact that Pinterest is a business that HAS to make revenue from somewhere and selling pins is a great way to do it.
That said, if you don’t match your products to their interests, you will have an uphill battle on your hands and get some really nasty comments on your pins. If you don’t like one of the Pins we pick for you, tap the X button that appears on each of these Pins. The last bit I want to talk about today was something that I only noticed when I had done A LOT of looking at my feed. At least half of all of the pins that Pinterest is showing me at any one time are from this board. As a user that makes me a little disconcerted that I don’t get a variety of pins, but as a marketer that makes my heart SING! The second is a journalling page posted to a board (Artful Journalling) that is curated by one lady.

But the one thing that does leap out to me is that the only one actually trying to sell anything is the one on the left. I tend to use promoted pins for these types of sales, but you can do it right on your newsfeed with a bit of thought. Okay, hopefully I have gotten all your little wheels turning about how you can check out Pinterest for marketing your products. Make sure to have your account match your customers, or start a new one that is super targeted to their interests! Just an aside…I unsubscribed to that one board that was clogging up my feed and now have a much more eclectic Pinterest.
Tara’s “tell it like it is” personality combined with her 100 miles per hour presentations have earned her the title “The Queen of Marketing Ahhh’s” from her raving fans. An MC usually presents performers, speaks to the audience, and generally keeps the event moving. This post is a comprehensive guide to doing market research on Pinterest and how small business owners can use the site to their best advantage.
I have followed boards that talk about planning and papercrafts to be able to see and share things from competitors and related content for my Paperly People planner product.
If your account does not match what your target market will be looking for, it might be a great idea to start a new account that is focused completely on what your customer would want so you could start to see how they would interact with your marketing message and which companies you are competing with. Overall, it is okay, there are recipes, cooking and cleaning tips and some marketing posts. It is possible to REALLY drill down when picking categories to target with your marketing messages and it is obvious that Payoff and Zulily were not really diligent with their selections. You can choose to hide the Pin, or hide all Pins from that particular source of inspiration.
It seems totally random and not something we can target to be included in as marketers beyond having great content and pins.
It shows that there are power boards that are getting big time exposure on Pinterest and which I would want to be asked to join. On my feed right now, the top posts come from all three things we just talked about, 1 promoted post, one great content post and one power boards post.

They are not just posting cute content or trying to drive viewers to their blog, they are trying to SELL something.
I really do think it is important to take a look at what your pins and products will look like in the eyes of your consumers. BUT don’t think you can manipulate your buyers, many may be following a board like that too so you have to know and do what you can to be included on it! Check out her marketing courses and products at the Marketing Artfully Shop or visit her Etsy Store, Paperly People. And the reason that I am doing this market research is because I am getting ready to start pinning some of my new products, WorkNecklaces, that are available on Etsy.
And without thinking much, I would probably think that is pretty normal for what the average Pinterest user sees. They are 1) home decorating from Target which seems okay, 2) the “pay off plan” from Payoff which does not interest me all and 3) an ad from Zulily which seems to be advertising pregnancy wear which is a little inappropriate considering I am 47 and my oldest daughter is only 17 so I am hoping NOT to be buying her pregnancy tops anytime soon! Those are ones that I might break into separate campaigns as they are not exactly the same!
But it wasn’t until I colored coded it that it became clear just how many pins it was on my Pinterest.
They have repins but unless they are a hot chocolate manufacturer, they are not selling anything from this post. But since we are doing market research, let’s dive in deep and see what is going on behind the scenes. There are two about journalling and magic markers, one about bees (I love bees) and one about staining a stairway (not my favorite, but at least in the ballpark).

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