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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. This is a digital marketing plan, a 2-hour session in a Digital marketing CIM diploma class. Results inspired radically new Corn  Pops positioning impacting packaging and creative,  rejuvenating brand image, and increasing sales, share,  and awareness. Researched multi-channel marketing efforts  of five key advertisers to prepare comprehensive report on  how to target Baby Boomer women for agency-wide project. Explored multi-cultural trends and  developed volumetric sales analysis to convince Kellogg's to  address diverse '"non-traditional" audiences across all 17 kid-targeted brands.
Partnered with nationally recognized Teens Research Unlimited (TRU) presenting leading research studies  to entire 50-person Kellogg's Kid brand and agency teams.
Created a Marlboro-first brand personality  chart spanning family of 10 varieties fundamentally altering  new creative executions, and segmenting mailing to millions of adult smokers.
Developed, sold, moderated, and interpreted results for more than 100 qualitative focus  groups and one-on-one sessions for Marlboro. Led several Key internal brand team  ideation sessions across new products, promotions, and  Marlboro racing school, preparing holistic planning  platforms and guiding brand personality studies. Introduced planning discipline and mass  advertising techniques to entertainment retailer with more than $250MM in sales. Turned 17% sales decline into 20% increase  in two years by overhauling entire marketing effort and  launching company's first-ever national advertising campaign. Introduced new psychographic target and  launched television, radio, magazine, billboard, theatre,  sponsorship, partnership and licensing plan helping stores  grow from $100MM to $250MM in sales.
Conducted company's first-ever foray into  qualitative research inspiring creative executions for  nationwide campaign launch. Extended Masterfood's Kid's Point of View  (KPOV) qualitative research program to include 75 inner city  schools providing a more diverse constituent perspective.

Developed agency competitive analysis  standards and processes correlating media activity to sales.
Designed and conducted proprietary  nationwide research study on inner city teens seed by agency  for all M & M's brands.
WorkBloom's goal is to help job seekers find work and reach their highest aspirations, one step at a time.
Experience Marketing Professional with over 14 years of experience looking for position in Tampa/St. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. The most successful marketers are those who have a structured strategy over a specific time line.
Click the image of the calendar to the right to see a larger example of the planning calendar.
In School Nutrition there are specific things that effect how, when and why we market School Nutrition, such as; school district educational calendars, monthly holidays and events, national and local SNA events, operational issues, staffing concerns and of course costs.
And the big question, how to tactically implement your plan without being late, rushed, or left feeling like you missed something. Each marketing message or piece of content should contain a call to action that motivates your audience to at least take notice and at best take ACTION. If you want to reach parents to let them know about your breakfast program, you can post it on your website or send flyers home in backpacks…but the best thing might simply be a to place big banner on the fence out in front of the school for parents to see when they are dropping their kids off in the morning.
For example: Planning a breakfast marketing strategy to promote National Breakfast Week during the 1st week of March probably starts in December with ideas for maybe a postcard mailer, fence banners, cafeteria posters, take home brochures and a new bicycle drawing giveaway.
We have to market meal applications, getting money onto student accounts, menus, and the obligatory National School Lunch and School Breakfast weeks.
You learn how to; Develop an action plan Establish a campaign budget Identify suitable online promotional tools Conduct online campaign testing.

High energy, results-oriented leader recognized for innovative online tactics and strategies forcustomer acquisition and retention. The 2015 School Nutrition Marketing and Planning Calendar is designed to help you put your plan together. Websites, video, photos, email, mobile phones, Digital Menu Boards and a myriad of social media avenues. You can have multiple marketing campaigns over the course of the year and they may target different audiences. Align content with where your target audience is and the many ways they might receive information. Schedule your marketing to align with the time of year that will give you the biggest boost…and fit within your own busy operational schedule. You can relate the themes to operational necessities (such as; getting meal applications in and getting money on student accounts), staffing concerns, holidays, National SNA initiatives, and of course your own big ideas such new menu or product launches, fitness fairs, or produce your very own 2-3 minute promotional video about your nutrition program . The creative development, art and layout is completed January, printing and distribution in February, and rollout implementation during the 1st week of March. Talent for building cohesive teams with strong problem solving skills, able tomanage time-sensitive projects with multi-million dollar budgets. Examples of target audiences are: Students, Parents, Teachers, Principals and Administrators, School Nurses, Wellness Committee and the Community at large.
These are the fun things and with it you get to involve students, staff and others in the process.

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