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A Distributed Marketing Platform (DMP) is a technology communications system that allows marketers and sales groups work together more efficiently using different channels. This year, 34 million employees installed unsupported software to help them finish their tasks. Marketers have a hard time dealing with content distribution due to the growth of channels and the number of device choices.
Tailoring presentations and images for clients takes up 40% of a sales representativea€™s time, resulting in 5.2 months of lost potential productivity in a single year.
Many CMOs have reported to feeling unprepared after facing the surge marketing data that has come through thanks to added devices, such as tablets and smartphones. A business looking after its potential prospects will see a 451% increase in qualified leads.
Most top performing marketers lay down a strategy to center their marketing functions as they delegate their local offices the task of being in charge of their own success. For mobile marketing and apps development, what’s the right platform and technology choice? Here we’ve used a scatter plot to map out the different technologies and platforms available today.

With a larger amount of data, this central system gives marketing and sales teams a better insight, ultimately helping them to collaborate and make better decisions. Due to this occurrence, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority has risen by 15% in the number of fines for violations regarding marketing and advertising, increasing the number to 344%. A single B2B marketer on average will use around 8 different methods to fulfill their goals. Many factors, such as loss, not being in a certain format, and being difficult to customize, contribute to 40% of potential marketing tools not being utilized. According to 39% of marketers, the companies that they work for do not record enough valuable marketing data and, in addition, a 65% majority of marketers has found digital media marketing to be a difficult feat to overcome.
Top-level companies raised their annual revenue growth by 31.6% after uniting the activities of their sales and marketing groups through marketing management technology. Each staff group will be aware of what the others are doing and will have a better collaborative result in the end. Here we look at some of the options and thing about the audience reach and the technical complexity. Companies with a Distributed Marketing Plan (DMP) are 23% more likely to follow corporate policies on a local level, which helps them save money by reducing their compliance costs by 15%.

So far, 40% of marketers that have incorporated multi-channel strategies into their plan have seen a 15% increase in revenue. A company that takes advantage of using a DMP system on the other hand, reduces the amount of time that it takes to put together and customize a marketing tool by 25%, adding 3.25 months of productivity. For the future, a prediction has been made, forecasting a 40% annual increase in marketing automation technology. According to 62% of these top performers, they felt that integrating their brand their brand marketing structure was a key factor to their success. A company utilizing a DMP with multi-channel campaigns has a 28% higher chance of receiving better response rates.
At this rate, by 2017 the higher technology budget will be kept for the Chief Marketing Officer, rather than the Chief Information Officer.

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