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Previously, when an advertiser made changes to his ad, the changes will overwrite the existing ad copy, but he still retains the same ad id for that particular ad. Advertiser has to be careful, if he is making changes to an existing ad, which has historically performed well and has a good quality index. According to Nielsen, over 80% of all tablet owners, 35% of male smartphone owners and 40% of female smartphone owners admit to using their devices while watching TV. Larger TV screens mean bigger ads that still attract a user’s attention even while they are using a tablet or smartphone.
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Customize and consistently deliver the most measurably effective message to each sales audience (customers, prospects, key influencers—even employees). Save 20 – 30% of your time, money and effort on every communications project, because you’re never starting from scratch. In the past 10+ years, I’ve built more than 100 Sales Message Platforms for companies of every size, from the Fortune 50 to solo business consultants. Welcome to the Marketo Blog!Be sure to sign up to receive updates on the latest trends, best practices, and strategies to turn your marketing into revenue.
What this means is that marketing has changed more in the last five years than in the hundred before that.
Although some marketing channels like email are individually targetable and personalized, until recently most were not.
Today, however, buyers demand hyper-relevant communications that speak to them as individuals.
Fortunately, we can now target individuals, based on context and affinity, with more and more channels. But to tell a consistent, personalized story across all channels — the ones that exist now and the untold dozens that will continue to pop up from here on out (digital billboards that react as you walk by?) — we need a technology platform that brings it all together. Let’s face it: the way consumers live, work, and interact with technology isn’t organized around your campaign schedule.
Today, there is more and more information available to help us be more relevant with customers. We have what Forrester calls “an ever-widening aperture of customer context” at our fingertips. The phrase “data-driven” is, admittedly, already a bit passe… but the implication is important: Your decisions must keep pace with your data. Every major trend happening in marketing today brings us to the same conclusion: we need a powerful platform capable of keeping up.
Marketing has gone from a simple model of appealing to general customer desire to a complex algorithm of managing segmented customer experiences on all sorts of channels and devices. Marketing Experiences: These companies are all about delivering customer experiences at the point of interaction. Marketing Platforms: The core systems of record for marketing that provide a common way of orchestrating the experiences across channels and applications, including operational management and measurement, with the ultimate goal of driving customer engagement. The platforms will provide open ecosystems that the other companies can build on and plug into.
In this model, a few companies (including Marketo) will emerge as viable players in the platform category, since it requires companies of a certain size and resources. The implication of this model is that a marketing platform does not need to do everything in marketing. Instead, the right platform needs to bring a core set of capabilities, and then be open to third-party solutions that build on the common foundation. UNDERSTAND: Track customer identity, contacts, and context across every digital, social, and mobile channel — then organize this information into a single, open data repository.
ORCHESTRATE: Design and coordinate engaging customer experiences and continuous conversations that take each customer on a personal journey over time – and do this in an organized, automated way.
PERSONALIZE: Deliver relevant, personalized content and messages across channels and devices.
LEARN: The pace of change in marketing isn’t slowing down, so the platform also needs to give guidance, best practices, and knowledge to help marketers keep up. Lastly, as discussed above, a true platform needs to be open to allow other marketing applications to tap into their data repositories, workflow capabilities, analytics, and so on. If your marketing platform can do all these things, then you’re halfway to mastering modern marketing. The customer engagement platform is the core system of record for marketing, just like CRM is the system for sales and Human Capital Management is the system for HR.
The marketing platform provider should be a partner to marketing, a company that truly understands what’s happening in marketing and that “has marketing’s back”.  Your marketing platform is not an add-on to sales technology, or a component of an IT solution. Our cloud-based customer engagement platform is purpose-built for marketers, by marketers, to enable organizations ranging from SMBs to the world’s largest enterprises to orchestrate and optimize customer experiences. Last, but not least, out platform has a complete set of APIs and has a growing number of third-party application providers in our LaunchPoint partner network, the largest and most complete ecosystem of marketing solutions.
Heraclitus, the Greek philosopher living more than 2,500 years ago, could easily have been describing modern marketing when he said that the “the only thing that is constant is change”.
This is what I call mastering marketing, and it’s why I think every marketer needs to be thinking about their core customer engagement platform.

Facebook is an Ad Platform disguised as a social network: success on Facebook is not going to happen unless you advertise. Some businesses are bailing on Facebook due to lack of real organic reach with consumers via status updates. It takes 6-10 hours to set up a Business Page; what’s worse, requires an ongoing dose of Facebook Advertising to connect with and build a community of any size and downstream growth!
Expect to see huge swings in Reach and Engagement on the order of 50-75% – the biggest impact for these numbers is NOT sharing content and engaging– it’s advertising with Facebook. You thought Google Analytics might be a tad complicated or hard to use – wait till you see Facebook’s Insights; simple analysis is easy but deep dives into the data are not.
Facebook’s Edge Rank Algorithm is highly optimized for images (see: Instagram acquisition) – and you’re competing with every “selfie” geek in the world (consumers) uploading images. Build your brand on Twitter – you’ll find a lot more businesses and execs on this platform. Create a Content Marketing Strategy – this can be as simple as 1-3 blog posts per week that are shared via Twitter and LinkedIn with a built in rinse and repeat cycle. Setup a Business Page and Profiles for all staff on LinkedIn; join targeted Groups and post Blog content, answer questions, become a thought leader on this high-growth business focused platform. Build a Newsletter list and use email marketing: it still drives stellar conversions for most businesses. Whether your a big brand or small business, the key metric for effective social media marketing on Facebook is creating great content and engaging with the community. Your profile description should be complete and your web site URL should be showing right at the top so it’s visible to anyone who visits your page, not buried in your text. Use WishPond to drive consumer engagement – they are the market leader in contests, email campaigns and landing pages. Key takeaways: if your business to business focused Twitter, LinkedIn and maybe G+ may be better channels. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Ad products: The presence of ads on LinkedIn is less noticeable than comparable social networks, such as Facebook. If the advertiser makes changes to his ad now, his modified ad will over write the existing ad, but more importantly he also gets a new ad id and loses his old ad id.
If he makes changes, it’s not only going to over write an existing ad but also delete an ad which has good quality index. If you need help with PPC management or PPC optimization please contact us for a free, no obligation quote. Studies have shown that using these devices increases brand recognition by 70 and 300% for most users i.e.
Since an increasing number of users already consider their devices as a way to enhance their TV watching, they already have their devices in hand. Once you’ve set your budget and business goals, you’ll need to design banners and develop the actual advertisements.
And, I’ve worked in dozens of industries, including financial services, healthcare, life sciences, big pharma, manufacturing and many more. To advance to the next slide, hover over each image and click on the arrow that appears at the far right. But jokes aside, when you put recent marketing trends into a historical context, you see just how fast the industry is changing. The speed of change in marketing is picking up its pace, and it’s going to keep accelerating.  The implication is that marketing is shifting again, this time to managing customer engagement – meaning that marketers will need a customer engagement platform to keep up. As isolated channels and siloed information converge, so does the idea of the all-important coordinated buying experience. Nearly half of the online adults globally are always addressable, and they expect marketers to meet their specific needs — always and everywhere — according to Forrester’s 2013 Interactive Marketing Predictions report. In fact, the technology exists to customize what every user sees on pretty much every channel.
We need to be there for buyers, always and everywhere, conducting a conversation that’s customized to her taste and that perpetuates her journey. We live today in what Robert Scoble and Shel Israel call “The Age of Context”.  Our mobile devices broadcast where we are and where we are going.
The right platform can help us better organize and act on that data to drive the right messages (and respect customer privacy). For that, you need an intuitive, powerful platform to access, analyze, and act upon your metrics. In the age of technology, marketers are responsible for an all-consuming process that starts with attracting initial buyer attention and continues all the way to locking in customer loyalty and advocacy. Scott Brinker’s 2014 Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic shows almost 1,000 different companies that provide software for marketers.
This can include video advertising, content marketing, event management, social media marketing, and display ads, to name just a few.
The “marketing experience” companies are the horns, strings, percussion, and wind instruments; the platform is the orchestra conductor making sure everything is in harmony.
And, as Scott points out, having only a few standard platforms will actually encourage innovation and diversification in the marketing experiences category, since the platforms provide a foundation for common management of data, process, operations, and analytics.

Plan the marketing calendar, coordinate content, track investments, and tie the marketing budget directly to results. Attribute outcomes to each marketing experience, regardless of which application handled the interaction. A true platform provides a backbone of common orchestration, common management, and common measurement, competing with the other platforms to provide the most complete ecosystem of marketing solutions.
Marketing has changed so much in the last five years, and who knows what the next five will bring.  The only thing that we can truly say about marketing is that marketers need to be prepared with the right foundation, the fundamentals for success. He is the author of multiple Definitive Guides including Marketing Automation, Engaging Email Marketing, and Marketing Metrics & Analytics.
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Google monitors “social signals” and indexes (finds and lists) most links shared on Twitter in 24-48 hours.
Don’t forget to use the same hashtags on Facebook your brand is (hopefully!) using on Twitter and Pinterest.
We’ve helped companies reduce their paid advertising cost by as much as 48% and increase AdWords conversion rates by as much as 410%. Digital media consumption has doubled in the last three years thanks to multi-platform usage. There is a growing part of the population called “cocooners”; these people center their recreation time and social life on their TV and Internet Devices. Once you’ve completed these deceptively easy sounding steps, it’s time to find a media buyer to help you line up your TV ads, traffic sources and mobile ad networks. In 2013, the media was fixated on the idea of the “brand story”, where brands deliver a consistent experience across all channels: paid, owned, earned, and shared. But all too often, that customer would see the same generic website as every other visitor.
This means we’ve moved from “seller is in control” to “buyer is in control” and now to the notion of “iterative response”.
Our connected devices spin off even more information; my Fitbit knows how I slept last night, and my Nest thermostat knows what time I come home from work. And this process happens all over the place: in print, on the web, on our connected devices. He also makes a good case that even as inevitable consolidation happens, the pace of change in marketing discussed above means that there will always be new companies and new innovations – meaning that having 1,000 companies in marketing technology is the new normal (you must read this post). A great platform helps you sidestep cacophony, and stands in as a virtuoso conductor who unifies your marketing into a lyrical masterpiece that can truly captivate its audience. That’s why at Marketo, we think that a marketing platform should come from a company 100% focused on marketing.
In 2010, The CMO Institute named Jon a Top 10 CMO for companies under $250 million revenue. Just know advertising on Facebook is now a critical component to a successful Facebook presence.
Thus they're mitigating the amount of irrelevant sales pitches that users receive, and keeping the user experience uncluttered and positive.
So even if the new ad doesn’t perform well or has poor quality index, he can switch the paused ad2 which at least performed better. With a multi-platform, cross marketing campaign, you stay connected to your potential customer base as long as they are awake.
Make certain you use a platform that can track all three ad campaigns in order to measure your Return on Investment (ROI) to get the most for your money.
Marketers are charged with coordinating this experience, and to do it well, they need a platform specifically designed to drive engagement across every single channel. Even TV is becoming individually addressable: Millennials today spend their entertainment time online and only 44% of their TV watching time actually happens on a television. Marketing today is about coordinated experiences that, like real conversations, are collaborative. The Internet of Things means marketers have the opportunity to react instantly and in a more personalized manner than ever before. Jon holds a bachelor’s degree in physics from Harvard College and has an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. If you are GEO Targeting we love the TrendsMap platform which will give you a visual representation in locales for trending hashtags.
There are a number of different ad types to choose from, including cost-per-click ads, sponsored page follow story ads, sponsored job listings, promoted company pages, and display ads.
In other words, we don’t just talk at a customer; we give her a reason and an opportunity to respond, and adjust appropriately.

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