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Yesterday, we talked about a recent report that named Adobe the current leader of digital marketing platforms. Their Pitch: IBM digital marketing solutions enable you to use data about customer behaviors, from a variety of sources, to inform and promote personalized customer interactions in near real time.
Click predictor: Select customers who are likely to click again and reveal those that aren’t. Purchase predictor: Flag purchase drivers and select customers who are most likely to purchase again.
Email velocity model: Highlight key inflection points in individual behavior over time, revealing targeting optimization opportunities. Their Pitch: Take your mobile, SMS and email marketing to the next level by integrating multimedia messaging capabilities into your broader business strategy. Real-time response measurement and reporting so you can adjust communications and improve response rates on the fly. Supports communications in any language, including double-byte character sets, such as Chinese. Their Pitch: Creating powerful one-to-one connections with your customers simplifies the complex world of marketing. Marketing Resource Management: Manage workflows, budgets, and market-ready assets that meet brand standards and industry regulations. Omni-Channel Marketing: Deepen your customer relationships by delivering individualized, relevant, right-time inbound and outbound communications with Teradata Omni-Channel Marketing. Digital Marketing: Create, test, execute, and optimize your digital marketing campaigns via email, mobile, social, and Web with Teradata Digital Marketing. Maketing Analytics: Harness the power of your customer data — across marketing campaigns, platforms, geographies, and departments — to build truly relevant, sales-generating marketing strategies with Teradata Marketing Analytics. Up-Sell and Cross-Sell: Increase share of wallet and revenue per customer with intelligent analytics and engaging relationship marketing campaigns. Event Marketing: Simplify every aspect of running and measuring in-person and online events. Lead Generation: Expand your funnel and make sales happy by creating more and better quality leads that convert into customers. I have never been more pleased with a service provider than I have with IdeaRocket – absolutely everything exceeded my expectations. Dan Englander’s The Lean Explainer Video is the ultimate production handbook for busy marketers and entrepreneurs. Marketing automation tools are an essential part of inbound marketing, but have you ever tried doing research to see which software is best for you? Well if you have, you will quickly learn that this is a booming industry with countless vendors all offering a multitude of features that will surely give you a headache. I have picked 5 of the most popular marketing automation vendors that I feel are best suited to inbound marketing and compared prices and the features which I think are important to manage a successful inbound marketing campaign. This post will not tell you which vendor is outright best for you as that is down to you to decide. These five have been chosen as they are the most well known to me and I have personally used three of them. Pricing comes in many shapes and sizes when it comes to marketing automation and I have tried to keep the pricing as simple as possible. When looking at the cost also think of the time that may be saved; time saved is money saved.
One thing that leaves people scratching their heads is all of the features that marketing automation has at its disposal.
Tools that help you save time of course are a benefit, but marketing automation is no magic wand. One thing to consider when you are looking at these features is some can be more advanced depending on which vendor you use. The level of complexity within the lead scoring systems in the marketing automations solutions vary. That said I would have loved to have talked to you about how good the customer support is when you buy from these vendors. All of them give you a free demo so I would recommend you test out the level of support during your free trial, as this will give you an idea of what to expect once you become a paying customer.

I also took a look at how the vendors are performing, how many clients they currently have and their growth over the last twelve months.
It is always good to get the opinions of the companies themselves so I contacted each one and here is what they had to say.
Unfortunately although we did hear back from Eloqua after several phone calls, emails and tweets they did not provide any information for this post. What you need is a thorough and clear comparison of marketing automation platforms, so that you can be sure to make the right choice. If there’s one area of sales and marketing technology that’s en vogue for 2014, it’s hands-down the marketing automation software industry. As you can see, there are innumerable benefits to using marketing automation, not many marketers who know how to do it well, and 97% of companies that haven’t even tried it out yet. Katie is the Director of Marketing at Capterra - a free resource that helps businesses find the right software.
It would be interesting to find stats showing accelerated growth rates of companies after their adoption of marketing automation. From last one month, I was confused that content marketing will still grow in future or we could not make pretty much money from online marketing business? Join our software expert blogging community, learn more about our editorial guidelines, and propose a topic you'd like to write about.
But, even though Adobe was at the top of the list, the report also listed six competitors with a strong position in this space (and who, together, a counted for 75% of the market sector).
Using these solutions, you can create a single customer identity and deliver a consistent, personalized customer experience across channels—email, mobile, web and social—for higher online conversion rates and order value. With Oracle Marketing Cloud Strategic Services, you’ll develop deeper customer insights, implement targeted marketing programs, and enable true cross-channel integration – boosting overall marketing ROI.
Marketing Cloud helps you make the most of every touchpoint, giving you the tools to manage the customer journey across all channels. With SAS, you get easy personalization, reliable delivery and real-time tracking – across a variety of digital channels.
Teradata Marketing Applications empowers your brand to be more agile and deliver dynamic right-time experiences – through individualized insights that cut through the marketplace noise with relevant messages.
But in today’s digital world, your customers have extraordinary access to information, well before they choose to interact with you… Built from the ground up, Marketo’s Engagement Marketing Platform provides everything marketers need to succeed in this new era of engagement marketing. They understood our unique business model and company culture right away, putting it into a wonderful visual.
They were fully prepared before our first meeting and almost intuitively understood our business. We ended up with creative solution that exceeded our expectations. Learn about topics such the cost-quality trade-off, production options, and finding the right video style for your product. This post has come about as a result of listening to our clients as they also have had problems understanding which is the best solution. What it will hopefully do is give you enough information to make an informed decision on which platform to explore.
I will try not to push my opinion on which I personally like as that would be unfair to the two that I have not used.
You may already be using other separate systems to do some of the work these platforms can do, so money may be saved there also.
Below you will see a comparison of the features, in the chosen companies, that I think are important when it comes to performing inbound marketing.
Lead scoring helps you to determine how interested a lead is and depending on what actions they perform, they will be assigned points.
So ita€™s not always just about who has the most features, it is about the ones that are best to fit your needs. When it comes to deciding which marketing automation tools to partner with, customer support plays a huge part in who we choose here at Stargazer.
Although I have had experience with three of these companies and the the support for the most part was excellent, it would be unfair of me to talk about only three of them when I havena€™t experienced all five. This gives you an indication of how they are performing which may also be a factor you might want to consider when choosing. Our platform includes a robust email marketing tool, but we believe that for most businesses, marketing should be less automated, not more so.

Small and mid-size companies and marketing departments of large enterprises all benefit from using Act-Ona€™s powerful and easy-to-use platform to manage sophisticated, multi-channel marketing campaigns. Any information in this post regarding clients and company growth is based solely on my own research. We create and put into action effective B2B marketing strategies and campaigns built around great content. While those of us in the B2B software marketing space might think marketing automation is old news, that’s because we’re actually the early adopters of this massive market that’s just beginning its growth trajectory. Marketing automation has seen the fastest growth of any CRM-related segment in the last 5 years. 25% of B2B Fortune 500 companies already use marketing automation, as do 76% of the world’s largest SaaS companies. Of companies that use cloud-based marketing automation tools, 50% of them use multiple marketing automation systems.
85% of B2B marketers using marketing automation platforms in 2014 feel that they’re not using them to their full potential.
75% of companies using marketing automation software implemented their platform in less than 6 months. CEOs and Business Owners are 25% more likely to be involved in a marketing automation software purchase than they are to get involved in other business software purchases. Gartner estimates a 15% savings on creative production when businesses use a marketing automation system. 78% of high-performing marketers say that marketing automation software is responsible for improving revenue contribution. Companies using marketing automation platforms are more likely to be PPC advertisers than those that don’t. Companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales-ready leads at 33% lower cost. And it gives you everything you need to get deep insight into your customers, build personalized campaigns and manage your content and assets. Use insights to develop targeted programs to increase engagement and drive long-term value.
Connect interactions from any channel or device, combining customer data and behaviors to create relevant communications that are delivered in real time, on your customers’ terms. However marketing automation is not about setting it and forgetting it, marketing automation should help you make better marketing decisions and bring all of your marketing efforts into once place. If a lead visits your a€?about usa€™ page and your pricing page, they will be assigned more points than someone who just visits one blog post.
In October 2013, there were 2,800 job postings with marketing automation in the description. However, there’s a 24% talent gap between how much marketing executives say they value marketing automation skills and how much marketing automation talent their teams actually possess. 51% of Marketo users and 46% of Eloqua users run a PPC program, compared to just 14% overall PPC campaign usage. Compare your marketing automation software options and ride this wave to marketing success in 2014! Katie has a love of all things marketing, but she is particularly fond of social media and marketing automation. I’ve actually used quite a few marketing automation platforms over the past 8 years and written a small blog post evaluating the options available. Those who work with our strategic services team realize 35% better overall email engagement than clients who do not work with strategic services. Respond to and anticipate needs and move a customer forward in their unique journey with your brand.

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