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Under CONC 2.7 of the FCA handbook and in accordance with The Distance Marketing Directive, regulated firms are expected to have a clear and defined policy in place for how they meet and comply with the distance marketing regulations. Know Your Compliance have provided you with a ready to use document that can be edited to suit your own business needs and which provides you with the scope, purpose and objectives to be, and remain, compliant when using distance marketing information and materials. All firms regulated by the FCA must have in place objectives and a policy for being and remaining compliant with the Distance Marketing Regulations. This ready to use policy provides structure for you and your staff and enables you to meet the requirements and expectations regarding distance marketing information and materials. This digital document comes in a .doc format which allows amendments and corporate branding such as adding your logo and company name.
Check out our much anticipated Compliance Manual to help firms meet the FCA's regulatory requirements & expectations. KYC BlogKnowledge is power and our job at Know Your Compliance is to make sure that this power is in your hands.

The first and main decision in the marketing strategy is to choose if intermediaries are going to be involved.
Distribution strategies require an adequate selection of intermediaries, based on criteria such as distributor size (sales figures), ability to generate business (number of sales points, commercial reputation, market coverage, production lines that work), quality of service, technical competence and equipment, financial capacity and ability to cooperate and avoid conflict. Finally, for the physical distribution of your product, from the manufacturers to the customers, you should perform and control several tasks that include planning, controlling inventory, processing orders, handling products, planning and managing stores, transporting the products from one place to the other. We have recognized that many businesses due to limited resources implement strategies that are not based on solid market research that also examines policies governing and affecting the overarching business environment. The expectations are set out by the regulator under sourcebook module CONC 2.7 and KYC have brought together these requirements and the legal expectations and created a policy template for firms to use.
How and what you provide to customer in the way of distance marketing is an essential business function, but it is also essential to ensure compliance with the laws and regulations. It integrates all the decisions that allow the finished products to be placed before the final customers or intermediary buyers (industrials), including quantity, place, time, cost and price.

Taking these factors into account, you should conduct an objective and critical analysis of what each potential distributor is offering you, with the goal of choosing the most convenient offer. Karia Capital conducts sectoral research studies through working government, donor organizations and other institutions to provide high-level sector research that many businesses cannot afford remain at the forefront of policy and business environment reform. Note that it can be difficult for new companies to access to large distributors, because the volumes of products managed are not large enough to generate profits.
Some manufacturers can also sell your products directly to customers without using intermediaries (for example on the Internet, in retail machines, in branches, etc.). Here are a few examples of distribution channels: direct sales (without intermediaries), independent distributors (commissioned salespeople), major specialized distributors, dispatches to major retail outlets, representatives from outside markets, retailers.

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