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Marketing is a growing business field that is drawing the attention of professionals interested in the consumer side of business. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the majority of marketing professionals work in an agency setting while a smaller percentage work in management of private companies and enterprises.
Our bachelor’s degree in marketing is designed for the adult learner looking for entry into a fast-paced and competitive field. A Master of Business Administration (MBA) is an attractive credential for employers looking to hire a candidate who demonstrates a heightened sense of leadership, possesses strong communication skills and displays an understanding of progressive business competencies. MBA students are eligible for our Mentor and MAP (managerial application portfolio) program, which pairs you with a faculty member who guides and supports you throughout your program and prepares you for life after graduation. The 42-credit hour MBA in Marketing Analytics is offered fully online and was voted a Top 10 MBA in 2013 by Twin Cities Business. They integrate a mix of marketing activities to support various stages in the sales process.
This might include direct mail, advertising, search marketing or public speaking to generate the initial leads, then the website or landing pages to convert those leads, followed up by a lead nurturing program using email, phone and personal selling.
McCarthy & King Marketing uses direct response creative and measurable marketing strategies with a variety of marketing channels. Which activities you use will depend on your organization, but we can help you bring them together into one cohesive sales process. No matter how many marketing channels you are using, you want to bring all of your leads into one Response Funnel.
Integrated Measurable Marketing is a practical, hands-on service that combines strategic planning with the actual execution of those plans. As an initial phase, we will help you map out a marketing plan that fits with your sales operation. If you are already working with some service providers, that’s okay.  We can work them too. We can work with you whether you are starting a new marketing program or looking for ways to improve your existing program. If it’s a new program, we believe in taking a walk-before-you-run approach to be sure we are heading the right direction.   We like to test various marketing activities and components before we have you invest too much. If you have an existing program, we will use your current program results as our benchmark for comparison.  We will then plan and develop new programs to be measured against what you are currently doing.
As per my last post, Affiliate marketing has been for a long time, and remains to be, one of the greatest and simplest ways to earn money online today. Without further adieu, below are my top 5 picks (In reverse order) for profitable affiliate marketing opportunities in 2013. About Latest Posts Paul GrahamInternet Marketer & Publisher at Paul Graham Business & Marketing SystemsPaul Graham is the author of several ebooks including The Online Success Complete Cash Blueprint and The 21 Hottest and Most Profitable Traffic Tactics and Targeting Tips for 2015.

As professionals saturate the market with these degrees in search of their dream job, hiring managers are busy looking for their dream candidate to fill gaps in their workforce. Marketers coordinate marketing programs for firms, including identifying prospective consumers, determining product demand, defining pricing structure and strategies for products to maximize profits, oversee product development and production, and more. Marketing professionals are sought across all industries, leading to strong growth numbers. Paul offers two unique business tracks for the professional who has an interest in consumer behavior and promotional tactics.
Curriculum takes a comprehensive approach to business education by bridging traditional business building blocks with advanced marketing concepts. However, many employers are looking for a more specialized credential beyond the MBA that speaks to the job at hand. Paul is committed to offering unique and quality degree programs that prepare you for today’s workforce and meet the challenges of today’s economy. Paul is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association. With affiliate marketing you choose which companies and which products you want to promote, and in some instances you can receive anything up to 75% of the total purchase price. Clicksor offers its partners the chance to earn money by offering contextual, keyword targeted, and clickable text ads from within the content of your website or blog.
Boasting advertisers such as Adidas and Reebok at the top of the tree, as you work your way down you also won’t be disappointed.
When it comes to really big name advertisers, Commission Junction has to be the number one name in affiliate marketing.
You can easily find thousands upon thousands of different information products in just as many niches. Paul is a leading authority in making money online, traffic generation, effective link building, and landing page design. I do look forward to hearing and learning about some more of the strategies you are offering and do hope that this would be of great value and key to my success. So far you are the only person that I trust to do this type of thing with because you are really there to help.
And, they are looking for candidates who have a business specialization for a more complex understanding of the job, responsibilities and industry trends.
According to the BLS, job growth through 2020 is an estimated 14 percent, which is about as fast as the national average.
Our online business degree programs in marketing could be the credential you need to land the job of your dreams. At Concordia, you can tailor your MBA for a more focused academic experience and targeted career path.

As professionals look for more specialized education credentials for greater leverage in the job market, targeted business degrees offer a track to career success. The process is fully automated by Clicksor and the wide selection of advertisers available means their text ads are highly targeted thus offering a more professional and less spammy experience for your readers. There’s plenty of excellent products from a whole host of  big brand (and not so big brand) advertisers, from niches across the board, and with commissions that’ll make your mouth water! By becoming an Amazon affiliate, you can get up to ten percent commission on qualifying purchases.
You can follow Paul on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, or why not get in touch right here.
Today’s student is looking to stand out in the candidate pool by narrowing their degree focus and targeting their education to position them for greater success in the job market and overall career satisfaction. Among our concentrations is the marketing analytics track, which explores curriculum designed to help you balance consumer behavior, business ethics, research and decision making to established streamlined marketing tactics for optimal profits. Consider enrolling in our bachelor’s program and continuing your education with our MBA to build a solid foundation in marketing principles and the framework for future innovation. Text based ads are also less intrusive as in-content advertising has a more natural feel to it.
The commissions may not be as hefty as the likes of C.J or Clickbank, however the Amazon brand inspires almost instant trust and its affiliate program is widely acknowledged as one of the best, if not the best out there at the moment. The concepts studied through this concentration are applicable to a diverse range of industries for greater career opportunities. With over $1.8 Billion in affiliate sales in the last decade and an average of over 35,000 sales per day, these huge numbers speak for themselves in regard to the popularity that the virtual man on the street can have vs. Even if you’re just a home-based blogger, if you have a large social network, or are developing and maintaining any kind of content based website, the Amazon program offers its partners linking tools that are a breeze to use and will definitely help you earn a quality income from your website and with very little effort on your part (providing you have the traffic). Clicksor also pays relatively fast (every two weeks) through PayPal or by check, and also offers its own 10% referral program.
However, if you are a relatively new blogger or webmaster, this might not be the program for you just yet, as Clicksor will want to see moderate traffic going to your blog first.
The size of commissions can also be very generous and usually range from about 50% upwards.

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