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Welcome to the Marketo Blog!Be sure to sign up to receive updates on the latest trends, best practices, and strategies to turn your marketing into revenue. Demand Generation Managers are responsible for finding and executing the program mix that is going to drive revenue for their organization. To many, developing a program mix seems like simply buying a bunch of leads, though true demand generation managers know that this takes a lot of skill to get the proper mix of programs right. Target Line of Business: Many companies sell to multiple lines of business, with sales efforts dedicated to enterprise clients, mid-market clients, and small business clients (and potentially many segments in between). Target Role: The roles you sell to is often critical, as each may participate in different types of programs or desire different types of content.
Types of Programs: Let’s say you could reach your sales lead objectives by running webinars all day every day.
Offers: Using the same offers over and over again in your programs may cause weak results, but trying to create a new offer for every program can be exhausting. Time of month or quarter: Let’s say your company works on quarterly budgeting and planning cycles.
Billing terms: Many companies are very conscious of the amount of money they have in the bank at any time. New, nurture or upsell: Some programs will create new leads, while others will nurture leads or cause current customers to buy more.
Long tail effect of program: Some programs will end the day you stop paying for the program (like pay-per-lead programs), while others will continue to acquire more leads post event (like when you post a recording of a webinar up on your website). How fast the programs will create revenue: When we run a demo or test drive campaigns, leads turn quickly to opportunities, but when we acquire leads through virtual events or social media they take much longer.
I’d like to reiterate here that without paying attention to most (if not all) of these elements you are likely not getting the most out of your programs. For me personally, I use a simple document that notes each of these program mix components.
Maria specializes in Inbound Marketing for Marketo, leading efforts in adoption of social media channels for brand awareness and demand generation. The MS-Marketing program has been developed to provide students with an innovative and specialized academic curriculum offering both breadth and depth of coverage in Marketing.
The program is designed to meet the needs of students having graduate or undergraduate degrees in both business and non-business backgrounds, and can be completed either full-time or part-time. The MS-Marketing faculty have extensive experience in both industry and academia, and are among the leading scholars in the field of Marketing. To find out the answers to some of your basic questions, please check out our frequently asked questions section. For your downloading pleasure, here are the presentations and cheat sheets from recent events and webinars.
Based on learning from past website projects, we now start with developing navigation wireframes based on a customer need-focused content strategy. Planning B2B Lead Generation Marketing Programs is a better marketing how to webinar designed to help build a practical marketing plan designed to generate better results. If you are considering a new website design then “B2B Website Design Using WordPress” is meant for you. B2B Content That Drives Conversions is a better marketing webinar designed to help you attract and acquire new prospects, nurture prospects already in your database, or qualify their sales readiness.

Progressive Profiling allows you to display new form fields to prospects based on the data points you have previously collected on them. Now that you’re up and running with Pardot, you have the opportunity to Elevate your acquisition and nurturing program effectiveness by planning and executing bundles of program tactics in the form of strategic playbooks.
This ten session program covers the core curriculum of the highly acclaimed Duct Tape Marketing System. Learn the best way to tap into the incredible power of online marketing and master the strategies, tactics and tools required to build the most complete approach to online marketing.
Referral Engine Pro offers practical techniques for harnessing the power of referrals to ensure a steady flow of new customers. They integrate a mix of marketing activities to support various stages in the sales process. This might include direct mail, advertising, search marketing or public speaking to generate the initial leads, then the website or landing pages to convert those leads, followed up by a lead nurturing program using email, phone and personal selling. McCarthy & King Marketing uses direct response creative and measurable marketing strategies with a variety of marketing channels.
Which activities you use will depend on your organization, but we can help you bring them together into one cohesive sales process. No matter how many marketing channels you are using, you want to bring all of your leads into one Response Funnel. Integrated Measurable Marketing is a practical, hands-on service that combines strategic planning with the actual execution of those plans. As an initial phase, we will help you map out a marketing plan that fits with your sales operation.
If you are already working with some service providers, that’s okay.  We can work them too. We can work with you whether you are starting a new marketing program or looking for ways to improve your existing program. If it’s a new program, we believe in taking a walk-before-you-run approach to be sure we are heading the right direction.   We like to test various marketing activities and components before we have you invest too much.
If you have an existing program, we will use your current program results as our benchmark for comparison.  We will then plan and develop new programs to be measured against what you are currently doing.
This includes selecting programs that are going to identify new leads and campaigns that are going to cause current leads in the system to move farther down the funnel.
Super star demand gen managers know how to create the proper mix of demand by each line of business to ensure happy sales teams.
At Marketo we sell to the C-Suite, Marketing Executives, Sales Management, and Marketing practitioners.
Demand Gen pros know how to get the most out of the content they have, without oversending the same offers to their target demographic.
This means you could spend all your budget and drive all your leads in the last few days of that cycle and still hit your targets. Because of this, many demand gen managers must go beyond negotiating on price, and also negotiate payment terms. Putting a campaign mix together that maximizes all of these is critical for long term demand generation success. Top demand gen pros ensure their mix is filled with fast movers and slower leads to ensure their sales team has the right opportunities at the right time.

Further, if these are important elements, but you are not taking the time to document your planning, things are probably falling through the cracks. At the end of the period, I compare the actual results to the plan to ensure we achieved what we expect (using Marketo program functionality).
When you subscribe to our email updates, you understand and agree that Marketo will send you email invites and updates, ranging from events, webinars, new content, and more, based on your settings. Real-world field-study experiences provide students with the opportunity to acquire practical, hands-on knowledge to establish or further their careers in the marketing profession. They leverage their expertise to offer practical, leading-edge courses designed to put students ahead of the competition.
These wireframes include primary navigation, secondary navigation, footer navigation, and the first layer of sub-navigation for each item. By using conditional fields, you can show a small number of fields on one form to maintain a high conversion rate while still capturing new information. Now use sales readiness content to identify and track the sales ready leads captured in your Prospect List.
Now give your company the edge with content that attracts and nurtures leads by engaging in a relevant, findable, valuable way.
This hands-on clinic will review real-life marketing program examples from audience volunteers, and look at how to apply better program practice to get better results. Working side by side with your Duct Tape Marketing Consultant, you will to install and tailor the system specifically for your business. Demand generation managers typically work on a monthly, quarterly, or annual schedule and often tie their campaigns to particular initiatives developed by the corporate marketing or product marketing teams. If all of our programs were dedicated to just one of these roles we would alienate a huge chunk of our prospects and see overall less successful results. Well, you may have the budget to create these, and they may drive the right leads, but they may also only drive certain types of prospects and you may not have enough time to develop all the content. Working with vendors that are flexible with these payment terms may be something a demand generation manager must keep in mind when creating their program mix. I truly believe that a lot of demand generation success comes from experience and common sense, but this only brings you part of the way.
The Marketing Department and the College of Business have well-established connections with the Greater Cincinnati business community and partnerships with major marketing companies and organizations. From those wireframes, we then develop an outline-style sitemap as a complex tabular (Excel) document with each new parent and child page accounted for. This hands-on clinic will review real-life nurturing content examples from audience volunteers, and look at how to Elevate your content effectiveness to get better results. Instead, you must have a mix of programs from webinars to direct mail to trade shows to display advertising to ensure you reach everyone in your target market while making maximum use of resources.
This may all sound pretty basic, but I couldn’t find any other blog posts, white papers, or webinars that share how an organization develops their program strategy. The TOP Jumpstart program will have your Total Online Presence up and running in days rather than weeks or months.

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