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When I ask my boys about marketing – they have negative thoughts as they think of mass advertising like annoying TV commercials, ugly billboards or never-ending radio ads. Before I go in to my personal thoughts on how all-encompassing marketing is for everyone (and yes I mean everyone), I would like some feedback on your opinion.
So comment below, or head over to my business Facebook Page (like it while your there) and give me some feedback on your thoughts about marketing.
This entry was posted in J's Ramblings, Marketing Basics, Social Media Marketing by Jack Zenert. Despite the wide range of industries, audiences, and businesses, marketers share many universal traits: we wear many hats, we are expected to produce more with less, and we have to keep up with a rapidly changing consumer base. A truth about marketers that often gets overlooked, however, is that we are fiercely passionate about our jobs. For this reason, we have created a series of original posters featuring inspirational marketing quotes from well-known thought leaders in the marketing industry.

The images included in the post will print well at 8.5×11 and we can certainly include a zip file with full resolution sizes of each if you wanted to go big! Oracle Insurance created Alamere as a fictional insurance company to demonstrate potential Oracle product uses. Oracle provides the modern, rules-driven flexibility insurers need to support Digital Insurance transformation. We are a group of enthusiasts and free-fall fans who enjoy a good book as well as a good laugh.
We may think of marketing as good of bad or annoying or not even recognize what marketing is but marketing is ever present.
What inspires us most is often unique to each person or group so we would love to hear what inspires you.Is there a quote that truly inspires your marketing that didn’t make it into this poster series?
These posters are designed to be printed and proudly displayed at your desk or in your office to remind you that while marketing is hard work, we’re in it because we love what we do.

The scenarios, events, and people depicted herein are fictional, and any similarity to real persons or events are coincidental and unintended. With Oraclea€™s comprehensive set of solutions, insurance companies can innovate to keep pace with changing demands, simplify their IT, gain operational efficiencies, lower operational costs and enable growth by modernizing and consolidating legacy systems. Check out the poster series below and let us know if there is a marketing quote we missed that you would like to see on future posters! We’ve added a zip file with high resolution files to the bottom of the post, just for you! The more passion you put into a project, the higher quality the final product will ultimately be.

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