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We decided to first look at marketers who work for B2B manufacturing organizations in North America. Marketers in the manufacturing industry have the same top three objectives for content marketing as their peers across all B2B industries: brand awareness, lead generation, and customer acquisition.
Manufacturing marketers cite video as their top content marketing tactic (it was ranked seventh by this group two years ago). Manufacturing marketers use print magazines at nearly twice the rate of their peers (60 percent versus 31 percent). While their B2B content marketing peers use an average of five social media platforms, manufacturing industry B2B marketers report an average use of three. Yet, manufacturing industry marketers use YouTube more frequently than the general population of marketers do.
Compared with the overall content marketing population, manufacturing marketers outsource content more often:  57 percent versus 43 percent. When compared with their peers across all B2B industries, marketers in manufacturing dedicate significantly less of their total marketing budgets to content marketing (22 percent versus 33 percent). Like their peers, marketers for the manufacturing industry report that producing enough content is their biggest challenge.
While it is noteworthy to understand how marketers in the manufacturing industry are managing content marketing tools and tactics, it’s also important to understand how demographics may play a role in these research findings. Out of a total 1,416 B2B North America respondents, 88 respondents identified themselves as working in the B2B manufacturing industry. About 40 percent of the B2B manufacturing respondents work for companies with 1,000 or more employees (16 percent of that figure is for companies employing more than 10,000, so these results could also reflect what larger companies are doing). For more insight on the state of content marketing in the manufacturing industry, register to attend the Manufacturing Summit at Content Marketing World in September 2013. Lisa Murton Beets is the director of CMI Books and is overseeing several new CMI research initiatives.
Join Over 150,000 of your Peers!Get daily articles and news delivered to your email inbox and get CMI’s exclusive e-book Launch Your Own Content Marketing Program FREE! A video, shot on location, makes it easier to get your message across and with greater clarity. Here’s a recently released infographic from IDG that supports what John and Ian have said relative to the benefits of video in B2B industrial marketing. Manufacturing has had a tough decade in North America, so their marketing budgets have suffered. These folks quickly grasp the benefits of a video that shows their product in context, like on a factory floor. I am guessing that effectiveness estimates shown above probably correlate with effort, or lack there of.
I agree with Ian that the Facebook figure probably has more to do with companies that are simply on Facebook just to be on Facebook because everyone else is, rather than that it really working out as a great lead source.
Yeah, I’m a bit surprised that Facebook is even on the list for industrial manufacturers. The Premier Business Experts’ Marketing  Research Provides Clients with Competitive Advantages! The Professionals at Premier Business Experts Analyze  Both Primary & Secondary Data to Assess Market Changes, Needs and Growth Opportunities, and Make Their Clients’ Businesses More Profitable! The team members at Premier Business Experts have been hired to conduct a number of studies.
In one case, some of those at Premier Business Experts found out that a mid-sized client was going to dispose of individual salesperson data, which it had for the last three years. Nevertheless, because there are cases where Secondary Research does not provide adequate insights, those at Premier Business Experts often conduct primary studies.
Besides studies conducted on behalf of retailers, service providers and media outlets, the professionals at Premier Business Experts also solicit and screen testimonials regarding products and in some instances it even performs focus group and mystery shopping types of studies.
Due to a very high level of expertise, the teams at Premier Business Experts are uniquely qualified to handle the entire marketing research process! In short, regardless of whether your company is large or small and regardless of whether your budget is big or small, those at Premier Business Experts desire to help.
Problem: An owner of batting cages did not know where to spend his advertising dollars and did not want to survey his patrons since he felt that it might offend some of them. Suspects have made some sort of connection, but it’s difficult to know their motives.

The prospect may not be quite ready to sign up for your services, but they do appear to be interested in information presented in your content marketing.
When you speak with a lead, ask thoughtful questions meant to uncover their needs, determine their decision-making process, and discover the criteria they’re looking for in service providers. The opportunity has learned about your services as their needs have developed, and now they are ready to do business. Content marketing is great at filling your funnel with folks from all four categories—if your content is relevant. Firms that do frequent research (at least once per quarter) experience more than ten times the growth and double the profitability of firms that don’t do market research. Whatever timeframe you choose, make sure you’re able to keep the pace for the foreseeable future. To create content that reaches prospects at each stages of the sales funnel, download a free copy of the Content Marketing Guide for Professional Services. Candis Roussel As Account Director at Hinge, Candis consults and provides strategic guidance to clients to identify and articulate their organization’s marketing goals and brand positions. While the findings give us insight into how B2B and B2C marketers are managing content marketing, we were still curious about the state of content marketing in specific key industries, and how content efforts in vertical markets were differing from those of their peers in other industries. This group has adopted content marketing at a slightly higher rate (94 percent) than their North American B2B peers across all industries (91 percent). However, manufacturing marketers place less emphasis on thought leadership (47 percent versus 64 percent) and website traffic (47 percent versus 60 percent) as organizational goals, which indicates a disconnect, as they also cite website traffic as the primary way they measure content effectiveness.
Their overall use of tactics is fairly similar to that of the overall population of marketers; however, they place far less emphasis on blogs (54 percent versus 77 percent), which makes sense considering that this industry does not put strong emphasis on web traffic and thought leadership as objectives for content marketing, two areas where blogs can have significant impact. This could be because they rely more heavily on printed material, which often requires outside assistance. However, 53 percent of manufacturing marketers say they are going to increase their content marketing spend over the next 12 months (31 percent say they will keep spending at the same level). One challenge they cite more often than their B2B peers is the inability to measure content effectiveness (55 percent versus 33 percent). This shows a need for content marketing education and improvement in the manufacturing vertical. She has deep experience as a B2B journalist, custom media projects director, and business book and publications editor.
Video is more useful in B2B industrial settings because often industrial applications represent an integrated, but single component of a much larger product. One manufacturer I know of was able to go from 6 leads per month to 6 per day by offering their catalogue as a lead-generation device on their homepage. By assessing marketplace changes and needs and by identifying growth opportunities, the professionals at Premier Business Experts help to ensure the long-run success of their clients. However, members of the Premier Business Experts team convinced the client that it would be wise to analyze it.
These studies in some cases involve interviewing customers over the phone, and at stores to solicit their suggestions on how to improve merchandising activities. The teams, at Premier Business Experts, have also surveyed individuals via postal mail, email, instant messaging, tweeting, facsimiles and online surveys, as well as by observing actual shopping behaviors. Moreover, those at Premier Business Experts sometimes handle new product sample distributions and provide feedback on attitudes.
They then determined which variables predicted the sales for existing batting cage establishments. Whether they have engaged with your firm through social media, your website, your blog, or other channels, many of these folks will live at the top of the sales funnel forever. Many will be ideal clients, but the truth is that not all of those leads are worth the efforts of your sales team. These are prospects that not only fit important demographic and geographic criteria, but also have the ability to buy—and they are definitely interested in you.
Part of your research should include finding out how your prospects like to engage with content. Your audience might not want to read a detailed new whitepaper each week, nor could you likely produce one so frequently. She acts as the voice of the client in developing marketing strategies, brand identities, and integrated marketing campaigns.
This fundamental disconnect between goals and measurement was present with B2B manufacturers when CMI surveyed them two years ago, but it has shown some improvement. Given their increased usage of video, compared to other marketers, it is likely that they are outsourcing video creation as well.

And they’re not only challenged with measuring content effectiveness, many are not even sure if their overall efforts are effective. We will be addressing some of these issues at our Manufacturing Summit at Content Marketing World in September.
Many times a client receives solid business insights from such efforts and can eliminate the need to spend extra money on Primary Research, as shown by the below situation handled by those at Premier Business Experts. Thus, they are able to tackle the most complex tasks at extremely competitive prices, while not pricing itself out of the small and mid-sized marketplace! They may have simply stumbled across your page while researching something tangential to your industry. But if you’re noticing virtually all suspects and prospects, with no leads or opportunities emerging, it might be time to reconsider your content marketing strategy. This means doing research to uncover their needs, their challenges, and what they value most. You should also be willing to present similar information in multiple formats to accommodate their preferences. But a blog post or a new video segment in a series presented weekly will keep your audiences continually engaged. In short, she is a modern-day marketing superhero equipped with X-ray vision that allows her to see things from multiple perspectives. We look forward to supporting the manufacturing and engineering communities as they become more educated in the principles and practices of content marketing. Sales at the end of the year and beginning of the year were similar to those in the summer due to its typically adding new customers in the early fall and losing clients at the end of spring. Similarly, Premier Business Experts collected data about travel patterns of those who were dining at International House of Pancakes (IHOP) restaurants to determine where to locate two new restaurants in Houston. Seemingly, batting cages are, in essence, the “modern-day-fishing-hole!” Explained differently, active grandparents do not want the “modern-day hassles” of getting fishing licenses or being subjected to the possibility of large fines.
You have details about them, such as contact information, demographics, and other data gathered when they accessed gated premium content.
What’s more, the opportunity has asked for a strategic consultation or other preliminary meeting with one of your in-house experts. Take the ideas within a whitepaper and present them via a webinar or offer a series of videos that illustrate the major points of an executive guide.
This particular study was done to spot locales where most individuals were patronizing IHOP’s competitors and relatively few were making special trips to an IHOP facility due to the travel distance being too great. Thus, when their grandchildren show up for a visit, they instead take them to a batting cage operation! Perhaps they’ve submitted a request for further contact via an online form, email, or by phone. Whenever applicable and possible, tailor your content to feed into initiatives that will interest your clients. Looking at the patrons who came to his business one weekend, it struck the owner that these findings were indeed valid and made sense. Similarly, the end-of-spring loss of clients pushed summer sales lower than they would have otherwise been. Thus, the owner of the batting cages sought the advice of those at Premier Business Experts, in terms of how and where to advertise to attract more grandparents to bring their grandchildren to his establishment.
When a sales forecasting model was built on the deseasonalized sales, it was found that 20% of the sales representatives would, with a 99% confidence, have decreasing performances in the upcoming year. In response to his request, the professionals at Premier Business Experts designed a print-advertising-campaign and arranged for the running of the ads in some local newspapers and newsletters, which the retired individuals in his community spent large amounts of time reading. In short, the talented individuals at Premier Business Experts handled this business owner’s concerns from start to finish, with the results being extremely positive economic returns!
Since adequate sales training and numerous pep talks had been held in the past, the company decided to terminate the poorly-performing, sales representatives and reassign their accounts to the remaining 80%.

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