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Are you a marketing research professional, consultant, agency, tech developer, academic or student with an interest in using mobile to conduct marketing research? Consumers, shoppers and business people are using mobile devices in new ways every day around the world. Mobile is  rapidly bringing the ability for everyone to communicate what is happening at any and every moment. Whether they are shopping, dining, at work or traveling - it’s clear that people are sharing their opinions, photos, videos, stories and moments that are important to them.
Today we sat in on The Virtual Launch of the Handbook of Mobile Market Research hosted by NewMR.
The book titled "The Handbook of Mobile Market Research" by industry professionals Sue York, Ray Poynter and Navin Williams is now available for your enjoyment and is here to help you understand how you can improve the way you conduct mobile market research moving forward. Mobile is ubiquitous in our society, more and more of the "Internet of Things" is becoming mobile. Finding ways to collect data both passively and actively are really important moving forward and enhancing the user experience to feel less like another survey. One of the things we have had a hard time with as mobile is in it's early stages is designing the experience effectively for the mobile user. One really cool thing about this book we forgot to mention besides the great depth of knowledge behind the cover is that one of the authors, Ray Poynter, along with some of his colleagues at Vision Critical are preparing for a 500km cycle in 5 days to support Hands Across the Water, a non-profit child placing agency.
Understanding that mobile itself is still in it's infancy stages and the industry is experimenting and learning new tricks and methodologies together (although not as quickly as we would have liked). As a technology provider to the research industry, it is important to concentrate more on the mobile survey experience in a web browser in addition to survey apps that already exist today. If you would like to listen in on the panel discussion from today's NewMR Mobile Market Research Virtual Book Launch, you will shortly be able to access it here under NewMR's Play it Again.

There are so many product and service choices out there that your customers really are looking for a great reason to be loyal to you. Personalize it One way to keep respondents interested in your survey is to personalize the survey for them. In 2008, the number of things connected to the internet exceeded the number of people on Earth.
De maanden april en mei staan vol met interessante Mobile Marketing evenementen in Amsterdam. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
And mobile provides opportunities for passive data collection as well as active voice of customer data.
The launch filled us in on mobile and a lot of what we have already talked about in the past, but gave us a new fresh point of view with what is trending now and what we will see next in the world of mobile market research. More agencies seem to be married to their existing technology and methodologies and they are the ones that are going to miss out on these opportunities.
We are beginning to understand that mobile is really about the person, people are really busy and people live fragmented lives.
Panel speaker Mark Michelson also made a comment during the Q&A session that the user experience and learning what it is like to be an actual participant of the studies we are designing is key to making them better moving forward. The authors of The Handbook of Mobile Market Research were so kind to share a chapter of their upcoming book with us for you to check out. Our customers are ready and have adopted but as an industry we lack confidence of mobile as a standalone solution and try to add it into other efforts instead of fully grasping the concept of mobile on its own. While apps have been able to provide closer to in-the-moment data, retaining the app user is becoming increasingly difficult as our attention spans shorten.

Op woensdag 18 en donderdag 19 april zal er in onze hoofdstad het evenement: Market Research in the Mobile World worden georganiseerd. Mobile is the preferred communication device of society and it changes the way we do everything, and it requires us to think differently too. We need to we need to immerse ourselves into their lives and find out what’s going on around a certain topic. Chapter 8 of the book, Designing and Conducting Mobile Surveys dives into mobile surveys that are conducted via web based approaches and through sample sourced panels and communities. Instead of jumping forward to what device is going to be next and how we can capture information, let's talk about what is next from where we stand right now.
Like it or not, people are going to be taking surveys from links in e-mails on mobile web browsers for quite some time and we need to improve that experience moving forward across the board.
More qualitative data needs to be captured from our target respondents and in addition it wouldn't hurt for us to participate in our own studies, too.
People are using apps more and more, people are more willing to download them, but you have to keep them engaged.
A lot of the new developments are going to be about cracking the view that it is just another survey and part of something much bigger.

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