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The most important aspect of running a great email marketing campaign is understanding the unique nature of your audience. Research has consistently shown that keyword choice has a major impact on how responsive readers are to email newsletters and other forms of marketing content.
After launching a new email marketing campaign, take a moment to check analytical data to uncover more helpful information about your success rate.
Part of your research as an email marketer is to also study the best practices of other successful marketers.
Just as in other forms of online marketing, research is a critical aspect of being more successful. When it comes to marketing, knowing how to speak with your audience is essential to success. Internet contests and sweepstakes are a great way to capture personal information or opinions from a market.
Many popular social media management tools, such as HootSuite, offer point and click report creation and information collation to make the process even simpler. Whether you are a local small business or exist solely online, social media offers instant access to millions of potential customers or clients. One of the biggest disadvantages to traditional forms of market research is the time required to conduct thorough research. Social media is one of the most powerful assets any business can use to optimize their marketing research routines. Willie Pena is a freelance writer, video producer, visual artist, and music producer who writes on social media and traditional and nontraditional forms of market research.
I was looking to grow my business through social media, I accidentally hit your blog and found it useful for me…. Hi there, my name is Cara Pring, welcome to The Social Skinny, a website dedicated to social media and website optimization strategy. There is an intense discussion among marketing researchers about whether DIY research is going to replace external marketing research vendors. After being on both sides of the river, I think external marketing research vendors will still be needed for years to come despite the spread of DIY marketing research. The DIY marketing research team doesn’t have qualified staff to design and execute the type of research needed or the expertise to interpret the results and extract actionable insights. Hi Michaela – there are some really valid points here against DIY research, which is especially relevant to hear from someone who comes from the client side and understands the pressures that are driving client-side research teams to use DIY methods. It is often necessary to commission marketing research to estimate total market size and calculate a company’s market share. Relevant Insights is very thorough in how they go about thinking through and performing data analysis. Any email marketing campaign worth its salt has been carefully researched before one word has ever been written. These are the folks on the receiving end of the email, who in an instant will decide whether to read or delete your message. From the sign up landing page copy and the email title to the internal copy included in your email marketing newsletters, you’ll want to make sure you are using the most search engine optimized keywords throughout.
Create two versions of the same email newsletter and send out to a select number of your subscribers.
Look for the number of emails that have been read, the amount of time spent reading them, and the results of the link campaigns you included. Not only has it become a common form of communication and advertising for many businesses, it is predicted to be as common as email for customer support and other interactions in the coming years. Social media provides instant access to the thoughts and phrasing that your customer base uses.
With the viral nature of social media, it is easier than ever to increase exposure for your contest or giveaway.
This means that virtually any interaction on social media has the potential to result in useful information for your business. If you are not analyzing your social media effort and impacts, you are neglecting a massive source of information for your marketing programs.
Speaking directly with your target audience can provide candid information, honest answers and greater insight into thoughts, behaviors, preferences and other important aspects. Posts are typically public or easily accessed by following or subscribing to a specific feed or service.
From quick polls to in-depth conversations, the access social media offers any business to their market is hard to beat.

I was the ultimate DIY research department at several of my former employers on the client side. To be totally self-sufficient a DIY marketing research team would need to have a staff of researchers with expertise and hands-on experience in a wide range of research methodologies, which is costly and nearly impossible.
Many large research agencies have established processes and standardized methods that have been tested over time, which provides consistency in data collec­tion and reporting (e.g. External market­ing researchers are neutral judges of research results and don’t have a vested interest in its outcome one way or the other. Public data gathered internally is often received with some skepticism, particularly if it is favorable to the company’s brands and products, so companies are better off by using a neutral third-party vendor that can assure the data is legit. There are more and more companies who are mining their cus­tomer base and using them as the primary source of sampling.
If we look only at the cash that could have been paid to an external vendor, DIY research is definitely cheaper. Not only do they have a great appreciation of how quantitative tools can work but they can translate them clearly to business implications. The basic precept is that your message needs to address the needs of the market you are targeting; therefore you need to do your research first in order to get the best return on investment.
Try to consider their habits, where they hang out, what they like to read, when and how they digest information before sending out an email blast. Note how each group responds and then tweak your email campaign to produce fewer bounces and more opens. However, many businesses still fail to use social media for one of its most powerful uses—marketing research. This means that with a little effort you can vastly improve the quantity of information that you obtain with any given promotion. From the best times to contact customers to split testing and brand monitoring, social media offers powerful tools to augment and support your marketing research efforts. When conducted properly, your market research also doubles as brand building and advertising. By building lists of common tags on social media networks, you can quickly analyze the popularity of key terms, brands or trends to integrate them into your marketing efforts.
This makes it easy to check out your competition or keep up with major industry influencers.
Outside the geeky expert stuff I'm a crazy cat lady from Sydney - and no, that is not me in the header (everyone asks). The rapid proliferation of DIY marketing research is making some external marketing researchers anxious about their livelihood, while others are simply angry about the trend towards “good enough” research which can poten­tially produce biased data and misguided conclusions. I was able to provide high quality primary mar­keting research at a very low cost, and a quick turnaround. My team could tackle many research projects that could have otherwise gone to external marketing research vendors. They also need researchers that can interpret results in meaningful ways to offer actionable insights. We don’t feel the pressure to get some hypotheses confirmed and our compensation doesn’t depend on it.
This often touches on sensitive topics regarding satisfaction with management, salary, co-workers, etc.
This can also be needed when internal teams in an organization ask for resources to launch a product, invest in an idea, etc. Some companies are creating online communities they can re­cruit from for research purposes.
Michaela, the founder is also a great thought partner in terms of research tools and applications in general and takes a high degree of pride in delivering the best possible. Getting started with marketing research for your email marketing campaign involves several key steps. This is part of researching the overall reader persona that will make or break your email marketing efforts. Sign up for email marketing tutorials through your email distribution service to learn of important updates. These tips and tricks offer effective ways to harvest marketing information from social media. From improving your marketing copy or mission statement to improving engagement and interaction, aligning your business’ voice with your market holds big benefits.
Sharing your contests with potential social media influencers in your market is a great way to start.

In most cases, these lists are also automatically filled with potential customers or clients.
By integrating their successful methods with your efforts, you can stay ahead of the competition and position yourself as an authority in your market. Social media makes it possible to obtain useful information, through polls, surveys and interaction, in a matter of hours or days. There are also boutique research vendors that can provide more custom approaches and innovative solutions (often accompanied with a more personal­ized attention and commitment).
Nowadays, DIY marketing research teams are often small and don’t have time to handle all the internal requests. Using a third-party to gather and analyze data helps to protect employees’ identity and avoid any type of retaliation against them. They need a credible data source to explain the rational of their request, and at times this means data gathered and interpreted by a knowledgeable neutral third-party.
However, often companies must go outside their customer base in order to identify growth opportunities.
I have seen many cases in which the research needs to be done again due to bad research designs at the hands of inexperienced DIY research teams. Regarding cost, there are smaller boutique firms that can be very cost-effective and offer a great service and quality work without costing a fortune. This industry is constantly evolving, therefore the more you do your homework, the better you will become at email marketing.
It’s no understatement to say that business success can be found with even one well targeted status update and to achieve this there is Specify, which allows you to search terms relevant to your market and filter through the trending results by social media network.PeerindexPeerindex is a comprehensive website that allows marketers to identify the key influencers within their market. When it comes to marketing innovation, this is a popular way to find new angles or methods to implement and with which to experiment. This allows your business to change marketing techniques quickly in response to changes in business trends. DIY research teams can add value to the service they offer internally by selecting external vendors that have spent the time and resources on developing processes, learning new methodologies and gather­ing experiences from different industries that can guarantee data quality and meaningful insights. They may need to outsource parts of some projects or entire projects as other priori­ties take place. DIY research teams can also play a neutral role, but sometimes they can’t help but infuse certain bias without knowing it based on industry knowledge and office politics. In times when many think they can write a survey because of access to cheap survey tools, the need for expertise is often disregarded costing thousands of dollars in wasted resources on decisions made on less than reliable data.
It includes over 300 million Twitter profiles as well as advanced big data analytics that can lead to some rather insightful information about who a target market are listening to.These are just ten of the many great tools out there that offer market research to those looking for a better insight into their customers online, on social media and also in the real world too. Those who say they do “everything” internally are often limited to do certain types of research with moderate to low level of complexity. I have seen many instances in which a DIY research team’s internal clients, hoping to get a particular outcome, explicitly request the use of a particular methodology, (for some reason focus groups are always top of mind), which may not be the right one to tackle the business issue in question.
There are cases in which customers might be unwilling to air certain opinions about a company if they know they are being surveyed by the company’s employees and can be easily identified.
In estimating the actual cost of DIY research, companies need to factor in the alternative cost of getting bad data quality, an inadequate research approach and misleading conclusions.
In my experience on the client side, I always got a better value for my money from smaller research firms. You recognize them easily, when the answer is “We have SurveyMonkey.” Sooner or later they go looking for a research vendor that can help them extract deeper insights from collected data or simply provide a different approach that better answers questions related to the business issues at hand. Sometimes the DIY team is able to push back, but at other times they can’t and the internal client wins. Even if customers know the research is being sponsored by a company, knowing that a third party is collecting the data and analyzing it mitigates confidentiality concerns. When the stakes are high, management is aware that “good enough” research is simply not enough. Others ask us to design and program conjoint studies, while they do the simula­tions themselves. Sometimes we come at the end of the process to analyze the data or write the reports, while in many occasions we take on projects from start to finish.

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