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Segmentation is essentially the identification of subsets of buyers within a market that share similar needs and demonstrate similar buyer behavior. Segmentation is a form of critical evaluation rather than a prescribed process or system, and hence no two markets are defined and segmented in the same way. Marketing Teacher designs and delivers online marketing courses, training and resources for marketing learners, teachers and professionals. En divisant la base clients en plusieurs sous-ensemble, on se rapproche (un peu) des aspirations de ses clients.
N’importe quel expert CRM exhorte A  segmenter les clients, mais la vraie question est de savoir quelle segmentation utiliser. Pour les 1A?re STMGComment transformer l’information en ressources grA?ce aux technologies CRM ?
Describing the lifestyles of a country permits establishing the limits within which segmentations can work. Hence, lifestyles are the result of the integration of a society’s collective unconscious with its archetype, which define different ways of facing reality. Archetypes resolve the weaknesses of a social group by turning uncertainties into assertive answers which guarantee the success of individual and social purposes. NOTE: The Unicist Research Institute was the pioneer in using the unicist logical approach in complexity science research and became a private global decentralized leading research organization in the field of human adaptive systems.
The Unicist Theory explains the dynamics and evolution of living beings and complex adaptive entities. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Summary Overview Marketing strategy planning tries to match opportunities to the firm’s resources and its objectives. Summary Overview The 2 x 2 grid on the slide provides a framework for marketers to think about the types of opportunities available for meeting customer needs. Summary Overview Searching for opportunities needs to be a systematic process to ensure that firms don’t overlook important prospects or use resources ineffectively. Summary Overview Market segmentation is a two-step process of: (1) naming broad product-markets and (2) segmenting these broad product-markets in order to select target markets and develop suitable marketing mixes to serve them. Summary Overview Market-oriented strategies refine the segmentation process into actionable submarkets.
To get a product or service to the right person or company, a marketer would firstly segment the market, then target a single segment or series of segments, and finally position within the segment(s). For example, the auto market could be segmented by: driver age, engine size, model type, cost, and so on. Opportunities will depend upon factors such as: the potential growth of the segment the state of competitive rivalry within the segment how much profit the segment will deliver how big the segment is how the segment fits with the current direction of the company and its vision.
Je mets les hommes et les femmes dans des segments, ou les Francilliens et les Provinciaux, ou les jeunes et les vieux. Only in the case of basic human needs lifestyles are not a limit but only a gravitational force. But, while VALS uses psychology to segment people according to their distinct personality traits, Unicist Lifestyle Segmentation uses anthropological invariables and country archetypes to segment people.

These archetypes serve a group as automatisms to carry out the everyday activities that are functional to that society’s purpose.
It also allows him to find groups of identification across different cultures or communities. A key feature of successful marketing strategy planning is identifying attractive opportunities uniquely fitted to the strengths of the firm.
To search well, marketing managers should understand markets thoroughly and take a step-by-step approach to narrowing down opportunities for consideration from the broadest to most specific items. This process fails too often because the marketer does not realize the complexities of consumer behavior and attempts to categorize a market around too few consumer-related variables of distinction. Segmentation aims to match groups of purchasers with the same set of needs and buyer behavior.
Summary Overview In the ever-increasing interdependency of the global economy, marketing managers should consider international opportunities. Segmenting should be considered an aggregating process of clustering people with similar needs into individual market segments.
The best opportunities come when innovators develop hard-to-copy marketing strategies that will be profitable for a very long time.
Market penetration means trying to increase sales of a firm’s present products in its present markets. Market Segmentation A market segment is a relatively homogeneous group of customers who will respond to a marketing mix in a similar way.
This involves segmenting the market and picking one of the homogeneous segments as the firm’s target market.
Think of your market as an orange, with a series of connected but distinctive segments, each with their own profile. Teaching Tip: For a long time, Intel had a competitive advantage and high profits because most of the popular software was designed to work only on Intel computers.
This typically calls for a more aggressive marketing mix to increase the use or rate of purchase among current customers or to attract competitors’ customers or nonusers to the company’s products. From a business standpoint, the world is getting smaller -- and therefore more accessible to profitable business growth. The “narrowing-down” process is designed to move marketers away from mass-market approaches to target-market thinking. With or without a breakthrough opportunity, long run success requires competitive advantage -- that is, having a marketing mix that the target market sees as better than a competitor’s mix.
Market development means trying to increase sales by selling present products in new markets. First, traditional barriers to international trade such as tariffs, regulations, monetary differences, and distribution are improving in favor of more trade. The customers in a market segment should be as similar as possible with respect to their likely responses to marketing mix variables and their segmenting dimensions.
This involves segmenting the market and choosing two or more segments, then treating each segment as a separate target market needing a different marketing mix.
This type of opportunity can focus on either opening up new channels of distribution, as in going international for the first time, or on finding new uses for the product that will logically extend into new consumer markets.

Second, telecommunications infrastructure -- the highway to move information -- is rapidly improving and expanding. A generic market is a market with broadly similar needs and sellers offering various, often diverse, ways of satisfying those needs.
This means that the firm’s marketing mix if distinct from and better than what is available from a competitor. Teaching Tip: Anyone who thinks you can’t make money on the Internet should visit the Dell Computer web site.
Differentiation often requires that the firm fine-tune all of the elements of its marketing mix to the specific needs of a distinctive target market. In contrast to a generic market, a product market is a market with very similar needs and sellers offering various close substitute ways of satisfying those needs.
The customers in different segments should be as different as possible with respect to their likely responses to marketing mix variables and their segmenting dimensions.
This involves combining two or more submarkets into one larger target market as a basis for one strategy. In 1998, CEO Michael Dell announced the firm was doing $6 million a day, much of it coming from Europe! This strategy seeks economies from having one effort serve more than one market but is risky in that more focused competitors are very likely to do a better job meeting target needs. This analysis highlights advantages and disadvantages and is a useful aid for identifying relevant screening criteria and for zeroing in on a feasible strategy. Successful expansion into international markets can help drive down per unit manufacturing costs.
It identifies and lists the firm’s strengths and weaknesses and its opportunities and threats. Diversification involves both new products and new markets and presents the most challenging opportunities. Then, these can be compared with the pros and cons of different strategies that are considered. Locating Opportunities The text points out the changing competitive conditions within the US (slowing population growth and leveling off of income) make it increasingly necessary for companies to pursue growth in faster-growing international markets.
Getting there first in new international markets may be the key to long-term success for many firms. The segmenting dimensions should be useful for identifying customers and deciding on marketing mix variables.
The combination of variables affecting how well a firm competes may be better in international markets. In defining product-markets, marketers provide names for each level of definition that distinguishes it from other possible markets.

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