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We provides our  specialized services for SMS marketing with high priority SMS Gateway, It  combines the new power for  this fast growing technology with the relationship of  marketing  expertise that  help you craft the new campaign and unique services to grow in Market. We make your dreams come to life by creating visually impressive web sites as desired by you. Monitor Your Brand Online, Protect Your Brand Online, Social Media Management Strategies, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), SMS MARKETING : Expert advice on the viability and compatibility of your idea on integration of SMS facility. We developed a system which will manage all your back office work like Inventory Management, Billing System, Daily Report System, Client Feedback Statement ect. As a Web designing company, The Unicorn Consultancy offers complete web design solutions, where our clients are benefited to have all web solutions under an umbrella.
We are professional web site design & development company providing complete web design solutions to our clients. We provide Online Promotional System along with Corporate SMS Solutions to promote your brand in online, so you can attract more customers for your product. Custom software solutions that will help you to remain in step with your competition by continuously improving your information technology based business solutions. Certification Program in Digital Marketing is perfect for anyone engaged in the planning, implementation or measurement of digital strategies – or anybody who would like to hunt a career in this area.
Get core expertise on digital marketing from industry leaders and expert trainers who share their rich experience and knowledge with you.
Check out what you will learn in Internet Marketing Training at Tech-Vidhya in well designed 21 different modules. The Objective of this module is to tell you about digital marketing and its market scope, career opportunity and industry growth.
The objective of this module is to make you proficient in web development in a much easier way by Content Management System (CMS) that provides a friendly interface and great features as well. The Objective of this module is to make you professional in the Search Engine Optimization so that you as an individual can make a career in Search Engine Optimization and grow continuously. The objective of this module is to let you discover the insights of Social Media so that you can enhance your brand awareness using the social media network and get engage with your targeted audience. The objective of this module is to tell you the importance of PPC and make you proficient in Pay Per Click Marketing. The objective of this module is to tell you the importance of Social Media Marketing and make you proficient in Social Media Marketing. The objective of this module is to let you know the importance of Media buying and banner ad placement in different portals.
The core objective of this module is to aware you with Email Marketing strategies and it’s important in internet marketing.
The Objective of this module is to train you on Affiliate Marketing and make you proficient so that you can learn how to earn money online using Affiliate Marketing.
The objective of this module is to train you on latest Ecommerce Marketing strategies that will help you grow your career as it has a huge scope and opportunity. The Objective of this particular module is to introduce to the leading online Marketplaces and train you with different strategies. The objective of this module is to train on Mobile Marketing strategies, its global scope and rate of conversions etc. The objective of this module is to train you on different B2B marketing Portals so that you can learn to enhance your business with the leaders in online marketing.
The objective of this module is to aware you with the importance of SMS Marketing and its uses in digital marketing. The objective of this module is to train you on Webmasters tools so that you can learn how to communicate with Google to your site.

The objective of this module is to make you proficient in Google analytics so that you can monitor your website performance and its statics.
The objective of this module is to introduce with Google Adsense and other affiliates programs where you can make money online.
The objective of this module is train you how to manage the leads for a business and how to utilize the cost of that leads.
The objective of this module is to learn how to build a brand online and manage its reputation. The objective of this module is to train you to create your own blog and earn money online with blogging.
Check out the Digital Marketing course details, Benefits and outcome of this training program.
At Tech-Vidhya we do not have ordinary trainers but industry leaders and experts who share their rich experience and knowledge with you. Entire training program at Tech-Vidhya is based on daily assignments given to trainees and evaluation done by trainers on regular basis.
At Tech-Vidhya you just do not only learn but practically you have to handle real Digital Marketing Project for a period of 3 months. The key features of Tech-Vidhya Advance Digital Marketing training and placement program specially designed for JobSeeker and Students.
Check-out the course fees of Advance Digital Marketing Training and Placement program for JobSeeker and Students. Profee AdPro service can be used by every industry to increase the response rate to advertising, build databases and sales leads, measure ads and interact with your prospective customers and audiences. Managing and maintaining this connect in the highly competitive market is a complex and an expensive task. Give our Sales team a call today at +91-988-814-7359 for an SMS Marketing consultation today. Rigi Publication strategy is to provide a high quality messaging service that allows the clients to quickly market their ideas, products and companies. The founders of Rigi Publication first began using SMS in 2009 to send latest updates of news  and events.
World class solutions for Bulk SMS, SMS marketing, Auto Mass SMS, SMS Broadcast, Web Based SMS Services solutions in India. SMS Xplod is a Revolutionary SMS Sending Software developed by Dotcom Web Technologies service providers for SMS Software, Short Code Service, Voice Call and Mass Emailing for corporate clients and small to medium size businesses. SMS Xplod is a Powerful and easy to use Bulk SMS Software that provides a comprehensive solution to send bulk and group text messages from computer to mobile phone users via Internet.
SMS Xplod software can be used by Banks, Insurance companies, Real estate sector, Job agencies to keep updating customers about new schemes, product information, job alerts, discount offers etc.
Bulk SMS In Delhi company offers your business complete end-to-end Bulk SMS solutions for improveing service, creating more value in market and grow more Business. This provider has capitalized the multiple delivery and consumption of the flow of SMS; thus providing the SMSconcept among the modern developments in India. The Bulk SMS is the fastest and most cost effective PC based platform, which is in the process of promoting advertising and social networking in India having service facilities in all the major cities like Delhi. With the growth in the number of mobile phone users, the features offered by these wonder devices have also become popular.
SMS bulk sending providers users the ability to expand their network in a fast and cheap way with the right targeted database in india.
Uses of mobile phone is being increasing day by day and many companies are realizing the potential in SMS marketing and using sms marketing.

Our web site developers are qualified, they have experience in web application development and web site designing development field. The curriculum is suitable for professionals of all ranks and disciplines, and will prepare you to engage in an additional specialist role inside the overall internet marketing domain. It is no longer enough to derive strategies to reach out to people in the spectrum: consumers, stakeholders, associates and employees through traditional mode of communication. Profee AdPro's unique combination of robust technology and innovative commercial model allows us to offer compelling propositions for our clients. We are a client focused organisation which helps consumer successfully manage business using various internet based tools.
SMS Xplod software allows you to stay in touch with your Clients, Prospects, Employes or Family members located globally by sending messages related to Promotions, Business meetings, event reminders, market news, seasonal greetings, emergency alerts etc. Highly efficient SMS Messaging utility works with all telecom operators and other well-known brands.
We provide you Bulk SMS in Noida, Bulk SMS in Delhi, Bulk SMS in India solutions for SMS software and more, Free sms software, Group SMS, SMS India. Bulk  SMS marketing and  mobile marketing can be used to promote any business through for any product.
We deliver neat, easy to use and business friendly web site that drives the customers into it. Today, brand communication is all about individually connecting with people and retaining that connect.
The result is Profee AdPro's SMS Marketing, the cost effective End-to-End Enterprise Mobile Messaging Service with high service level availability that is unmatched in the industry. We offer expert marketing, design and programming to ensure that the tools you use have a positive impact on your business.
We not only deliver web sites with impressive looks but also promise to create an effective online presence that represents the image and identity of your business. It provides both 1-Way & 2-Way communication and empowers customers with best quality, technologically advanced and highly secure customizable services. You can download this as nice desktop wallpaper by right click and save as into your computer. Therefore, if you require a brand new web site design or re-design your existing site, then we have the complete solutions for your company. Don't miss to check all from this kind of lovely popular desktop background by viewing the similar high definition wallpapers design below.
We provide bulk sms gateway for sending sms .Send SMS from internet from your computer or pc to mobile.
Any Company  can send their  offers and being in touch with your customers and new customer anywhere and any time. We serves you Web design, Web hosting, E-marketing, Logo design, Search engine enlisting and last but not the least total protection to your web site. You can always rely on our advice and directions for the best implementation of your ideas online.

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