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Suppliers a number of pointers as to how they may interact their prospects, the worthwhile critiques, job seekers know.
The qualified candidate will have 5-7+ years account management experience in social media, online advertising or related field. We're looking for Drupal experts to join our team of “ninjas” who share an obsession about helping customers overcome roadblocks to make their Drupal sites rock.
As Technical Architect, you will be involved in all stages of the client experience including pre-sales, engagement planning, implementation, project management, client management, and post-deployment escalation support. Are you energized by the thought of jumping into a product development role and creating a company’s next great product? We are an online marketing firm in Annapolis, Maryland We promote our website by search engine optimization (SEO), social media optimization (SMO) and paid placement (PPC). Acquia is looking for an exceptional visual designer to work on a contract to permanent basis. We are seeking qualified Drupal developers to work on all aspects of Acquia's customer-facing Drupal systems. You'll lead the development and maintenance of Acquia’s automated build, continuous integration, release and deployment systems, add and debug new components to the build, acquire and release tools and packages, improve the build process and infrastructure, manage branching and other subversion activities, and continuously improve our tools for building, unit testing, regression testing, and problem isolation of build, packaging and product problems. The Interactive Marketing Manager works with the Director of Database Marketing and Innovation and property management to leverage, via multi-channel direct marketing programs, Barona’s competitive advantages represented by our customer database as well as various interactive, electronic, emerging, and other media. ADF is seeking a full-time and highly professional Web Designer responsible for developing and executing creative concepts for all online marketing communication initiatives and the construction of all emails and landing page. The Senior Account Director is responsible for driving our relationship and account team for a number of our retained clients within the automotive vertical. CREDO Action is seeking a fun, aggressive, political campaigner with good technical chops and strong copywriting skills to work in our office in downtown San Francisco. IMRE, a full-service marketing agency located in Sparks, MD is seeking a full time Associate Account Executive for our Word of Mouth (WOM) marketing services team.
Safari Sundays is looking to staff up our Organic Media team with a couple of Social Media interns. A beauty industry giant is seeking a full-time interactive marketing strategist to developing strategies and manage day-to-day execution of digital marketing programs for professional haircare brands. IMRE, an agency of marketing experts in the Healthcare, Home & Building and Financial Services industries, is seeking an experienced account executive to join our team in Sparks, MD. Social Media Online Community Manager at Bronx High School of Science Alumni Association in Bronx, NY. We need a person that understands what it takes not only to write in a compelling way that stands out, but also understands and has proven ability to get content referenced and linked to by other bloggers, news outlets, journalist etc. The Front End Web Developer collaborates with User Experience Designers and Software Developers to build all manner of well-crafted, forward looking things, using modern standards-based techniques and best practices. Theatre Communications Group (TCG), the national organization for the American theatre, seeks a director of web services.
The Community Manager oversees a variety of fan communities – including social networks, blogs, band websites, and E-teams – for a diverse roster of artists.
You'll create slick and fast front-ends for our consumer site, partner portals, and monetization system using your sophisticated knowledge of XHTML, CSS, Javascript, and the DOM; work closely with our product management team and architect to create new user experiences which really engage our users, create new applications in PHP which expose our core infrastructure in new and exciting ways, and constantly factor and re-factor your code for reusability, repeatability, and maintainability. Digital Divide Data (DDD) is looking for a passionate, driven individual to help us build our online presence and implement our social media strategy.
The Digital Marketing & Sales Director will achieve growth by identifying new and existing business opportunities and developing digital strategies. Mashable has a variety of web 2.0, application development, business development, and social networking job opportunities available. Years ago, I wrote a post about things you can do on Craigslist and one of the things on my list was hiring. Craigslist is know for its wide variety of job postings. The job description seems pretty normal, until you read right below the description and find instant messages between a manager and another lady who I’m guessing  may be the current Administrative Assistant. Dear Sotheby’s Managers, please train your staff on computer basics before letting them post things on the internet. Filed under Career Development, Craigslist, featured, How To, Jobs · Tagged with Copy and Paste, Craigslist, Craigslist best of, How To, Sotheyby's Inc.
The real hands on experience. My internship program gave me a chance to learn through actually doing. At Marketing Melodie we are proud to run a business that promotes environmental sustainability. As I’m getting ready to graduate in August, I’ve come to realize that there is one thing I should be working on, and that’s how to make a great first impression. During the interview- Take a deep breath and speak at the pace that the interviewer is speaking at. Sell yourself- A Job interview is the time and place to sell! Answer your question in a way that always tie back into how you can benefit the company. Internet memes are a fun sensation that I definitely get a kick out of, especially memes I can relate to. And since I already told you about all the Shit Social Media Experts Say, I figure it’s only appropriate that you know what we actually do!
Since I just finished my life as a college student at SDSU, it’s got me thinking about my next step in life: a career. It’s very important to brand yourself on your Social Media sites and make sure you are consistent within each one. I have found it very useful to follow and connect with professionals in the marketing and social media industry on Twitter and LinkedIn.
It’s so important to tailor your Social Networking sites towards the position or career you are interested in. When it comes to building an online presence, the savviest of social folk know that to stay ahead in today’s evolving Social Media landscape, you must engage with key industry influencers. This type of marketing involves focussing on specific key individuals rather than your target market as a whole. Following on from the acknowledgement tip, recognition comes next and by this I mean actively start sharing their work from your own Social Media communications. About The Career Knowledge Base The Bubble Jobs Careeer Knowledge Base features the latest digital industry news & opinions, useful job search advice and handy career development advice from the Bubble Jobs team.
Please note that the information and any commentary contained in this blog is free of charge and for information purposes only.
Communications agency H+A Marketing+PR is to create six new social media jobs as part of a two-year €250,000 investment. Some of H+A Marketing+PR customers include Laya Healthcare, Unilever Food Solutions, Kraft Foods Ireland, Ford, Barry Group and 48 Mobile.
The new jobs in Cork will be created as part of the new social media department and will be headed by Dara O’Donovan, Social Media Marketing Manager, who is a graduate of UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School. Community managers Cian O’Regan and Sean Lucey will provide key support in the development of the H+A Social Media Department.
CareerWise is a specialist recruitment agency with offices in Dublin, Cork, Shannon and Galway.

The right fit is someone with mad Drupal skills and an astute diagnostic mind coupled with warm people skills — “Support DNA”, we like to call it. You will engage with clients and teammates as both a leader and an individual contributor, building and maintaining a high-level of technical and business credibility with our clients and partners. Our Online Community Manager will oversee and contribute content to support our customers and corporate objectives. We're looking for someone who is fast, truly talented and passionate about great design with an appreciation for usability.
Qualified developers will be building and adding capabilities to several systems and sites.
The Web Designer is responsible for increasing the quality, quantity and turnaround time of all ADF online marketing communications.
An experienced account manager with vertical expertise, coupled with a strong knowledge of social media strategy, tactics and channels is required with an ability to manage teams, and manage relationships with high-level executives at top global brands. The opportunity involves working with account teams to research and implement strategic campaigns for clients in home and building, financial services and healthcare. We have a number of interesting projects in the works, and need help managing the social aspects of our campaigns on a daily basis. Cultivate and expand Red Bull’s use of social media as a communications channel across Red Bull stakeholder groups including consumers, employees, and partners.
We're a funded pair of devoted and experienced entrepreneurs looking to expand our team of two. The qualified candidate will be based in Chicago and have 10 years sales experience in social media, online advertising or related field. This position reports to the director of advancement and is an integral member of TCG’s external relations team along with development, marketing, membership, advocacy and PR.
The community manager is responsible for setting, maintaining, and achieving specific and actionable goals, including revenue, traffic, and engagement. This is an exciting opportunity to live in Southeast Asia, work with an internationally acclaimed social enterprise and lead a vital initiative.
This position is designed to further our mission by developing and managing the online communications and sales strategies for WiseCampus. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. I was working on another blog post but came across one of the funniest Craigslist Ads I’ve seen in a while. Do you think you can handle being the next Administrative Assistant at Sotheby’s after my quick copy & paste tutorial? The blog posts that I compose and post here are also posted through Melodie’s social networks.
Melodie encouraged me to spark my creativity by having me help her create things to post for clients and her own social networks. The one on one mentoring experience Melodie provided has been really helpful and has allowed me to focus more on what I want to learn. We recycle, reduce, reuse and practice  many greening efforts in all areas of our business.
Place plants on your desk and around the office– In addition livening up your space, plants help absorb indoor pollution. Turn off electronics at night– Turn off your computer and other electronics at night and unplug the adapter. Reduce paper usage- The greenest paper is no paper at all, so keep things digital whenever possible. Eco friendly business cards– Business cards are still very relevant in our digital age.
Make your recycling bins larger than your trashcans– In most offices, there are many large trashcans and a few smaller bins for recycling. Recycle electronics– Items such as old electronics, batteries and light bulbs are often thrown away in the trash due to the inconvenience and cost it takes to recycle. Donate usable office items– Earth Day is also a great time to do some spring cleaning.
You want to be on the same page with them, so don’t speak too fast, but don’t speak too slow either. You may believe that the company is interviewing you and that you need an unforgettable answer to every question, but take a look around and realize that you’re also interviewing the company.
When you don’t have any questions, it gets interpreted as, “she doesn’t have much interest in the company.” This may not be the best time to start asking about benefits and salary. I love memes because they really demonstrate how powerful Social Media is in spreading messages. In fact I’m still getting tweets about the Shit Social Media Experts Say video I created a month ago! As an aspiring marketer and very recent SDSU grad about to enter the work force, Allison’s ambition has positively fueled her to not only help my company grow, but also continue learning and educating herself about digital marketing and social media.
As I enter in the professional market and have started looking for job opportunities, I have realized the importance of optimizing your Social Media profiles. Through connecting with these professionals I am not only expanding my professional network, but I am also learning more about the careers and industries that I am interested in. For example, for someone interested in Marketing, it’s important to tweet about up-to-date marketing strategies or blog about topics relating to Marketing.
Thanks to a prior blog post from Melodie on 10 Ways to Land Your Next Job Through Social Media, I also learned other ways to  utilize Social Media to find my next job. It identifies individuals that have influence over your potential buyers or target audience. Consider the words of the great Alfred Brendel… “The word LISTEN contains the same letters as the word SILENT”. NOTE that you should NOT do this by asking them to share your content in the first instance. As a natural chatterbox, Anna is responsible for all things social, engaging and growing the Bubble community everyday. Every reasonable effort is made to check the information and commentary is up to date and accurate but no responsibility for its accuracy and correctness or for any consequences of relying on it is assumed by the author or the publisher. This is an internship jobPrincipals onlyRecruiters, please don't contact this job poster.Please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests. The agency specialises in fully integrated communications and handles a broad mix of services including marketing, PR, advertising, media planning, graphic design, web and increasingly social media management on behalf of local, national and international clients. The team was being set up as a direct response to the explosion the company and its clients have seen in social media. Cian O’Regan was twice nominated at the Irish Web Awards and co-organised World Social Media Day 2012, specialises in new fan and follower growth. We provide executive search, recruitment and contractor management services to leading Irish and multinational companies across Ireland. In this role, you'll collaborate with internal creative, marketing and engineering teams to identify the vision of an entire site, page, UI component or advertisement and bring it to life.

Analyze the market in order to plan, direct and execute promotions that select the right channel(s) for each player and allow for robust web and behavioral analytics. As a result, there will be an increase in team capacity - allowing ADF to respond to a greater number of requests and opportunities for growth.
Assist cross-functional partners in applying social technologies and tools to achieve marketing and communications objectives. We've got a successful product in private beta testing with hundreds of people waiting for an invitation. You are the eyes and ears of the artist and the company in and among the fans: you know how they think, how they act, and more importantly you are able to measure and analyze these patterns.
The primary function of this job will be to understand our organization and make the DDD story accessible and compelling for the global online audience. I know someone will catch this and it will be gone in the morning but here on the internet, everything is written in permanent ink thanks to our lovely screen capture capabilities. I’ve learned plenty from Melodie, whether it was about social media for businesses or advice on what to say during my interviews . Melodie has hosted many events, which I have attended and it has helped me expand my networks. Although I do have my own blog, I get new exposure and more traffic by blogging on another site. She’s helped me with interviews and given me networking tips – things that I really am going to use in the “real world.” The best part about working with Melodie is that she isn’t just someone you intern for, she’s your mentor who truly does want to see you succeed in the industry.
Some plants that are easy to maintain and do well in an indoor setting include: air plants, cactus, aloe, spider plants and jade. Don’t cover up large windows or face your desk in the opposite direction of natural light. Once again, Happy Earth Day and please share if you have additional tips on how to go green at work!
However, do ask about what they are looking for from the position they are seeking to hire and if opportunities of moving up within the company is feasible. I’m a Marketing professional who has a lot of experience in Social Media and Digital Technology. Allison has shared with everyone things she’s learned about networking, social media and marketing since we’ve been working together and insights from volunteering at my Digital Media Now seminar.
One way to brand yourself as a professional is to claim your own Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn URL’s. This shows potential employers that you are truly passionate about the position or career you are pursuing. If anybody has some more great tips that would help me in a job seeking, feel free to follow me on Twitter, I would greatly appreciate it and look forward to hearing from you! Identify and acknowledge the individual first.  Reach out to them by commenting on their blog or liking their LinkedIn update. While Sean Lucey, a Graduate in MA in Marketing, Consumption and Society oversees the monitoring of all social media platforms for clients, their competitors and industries.
We are seeking a Product Development Manager who loves to write product requirement documents, provide technical consultation to an engineering team, and serve as a liaison between the customer and the engineering staff to facilitate the development of a great product.
Assist the Director in contributing to revenue growth through customer acquisition, retention and recovery programs. Our products are designed to help make everyday chores just a little bit easier and more efficient. You must have a firm grasp of fan motivation, marketing, and the nuances of the music industry in the digital age. I love talking to marketing professionals and hearing their stories about how they have gotten to where they are today.
Plus, writing these posts help me to deepen my own understanding on why businesses should use certain social networks as a part of their overall marketing plan.
I recommending finding an internship where you can directly interactive with your Manager and ask questions along the way.
Whether you’re an entrepreneur, sole proprietor, work for a large corporation or own a small business you can help create a greener workplace! To reduce carbon footprint with your beverage consumption, bring your own reusable water bottle and coffee mug. If you work at a large company with hundreds of computers, think of how much energy this will save. You can also save any documents from your computer you need to file as a PDF and file it directly on your computer. Getting billing statements online is also more efficient since you get notified as soon as the bill is ready as opposed to having to wait for the post man to arrive. In reality, many of the items you’re throwing away can be recycled but because the recycling bins are usually full, we end up throwing away recyclables out of convenience. It takes a little research and planning to find the upcoming and closest event but it’s really not too much of a hassle considering how hazardous throwing away electronics is. It’s always better to be over dressed, than under dressed in the case of an interview. I understand how to integrate these tools into your marketing plan to help you grow your business and sometimes people call me a “Social Media Expert”!
Since she just graduated she shares how she personally is using social media in her job search. These tips are great for both beginners getting into the space and anyone who could use a little refresher! It’s also important to edit your Social Networking sites to make sure nothing too personal is being displayed.
Naturally, they’ll want to maintain and increase their authority, continuing to be noticed as powerful industry advocates.
Provide creative, strategic and tactical support to the Director for other direct-response marketing programs.
If you have to print something that’s more than one page, make sure to print on both sides.
Reducing clutter creates a cleaner and clearer environment which allows more fresh air to flow through your work space. Before she begins a huge CONGRATULATIONS is in order to her for completing her degree just a few days ago at SDSU! It probably wouldn’t be the best idea to post pictures of you doing a keg stand at some party on your Facebook page. Exactly the type of folk that you want to be sharing and shouting out about your profile updates, brand concepts or blog content. Oh and by the way, monetary compensation is not advised, you all heard what happened to interflora.
Since Social Networking sites are often employer’s first impressions of you, you want to post or tweet about topics that are appropriate.

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