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Our Toolkit will help you get organized, evaluate the leading systems and make the right purchase decision. Selecting marketing automation software doesn’t require in-depth technological knowledge. This straightforward guide presents a ten-step process to selecting marketing automation software.
Sales and Marketing in Microsoft Dynamics AX delivers powerful, integrated customer, sales, and marketing management capabilities that can help your people build and strengthen customer relationships and increase sales.
With insight into business and customer information, you and your staff can proactively manage relationships and provide fast, informed answers to queries.

Get a real-time view of customer and prospect data with the ability to define relationships and track correspondence, phone logs, and automatically generated activities.
Identify and seize important sales opportunities with access to integrated sales information, and evaluate sales activities against the profitability of each segment or customer. Simplify campaign planning, execution, and analysis by leveraging rich ERP data with definable processes that increase effectiveness and help control costs by measuring the success and profitability of each campaign. Gain insight into customer needs, improve lead generation and qualification, and improve sales performance by combining sales and marketing information.
Specialized sales and marketing Role Centers help organize relevant tasks, information, and tools so people manage their work easily.

Make smart marketing decisions, plan effective campaigns, and strategize for the future by analyzing individual and consolidated data on all business contacts to create precise target groups. It is, in fact, a generational shift in business software, delivering new levels of capability, unmatched agility, and a compelling and empowering user experience. Sales representative Role Centers display sales flow information, such as outstanding sales quotations, current offers, activities, and forecast data with links to related documents.

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