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The difference between a mediocre company and a stellar one is the way they treat their clients.
Over 80 percent of traditional businesses do not use social media marketing as a part of their marketing strategy. Just because most of the marketing industry has gone online does not mean that traditional marketing methods do not work. Call up the Human Resources departments of local businesses and ask them if you can offer their employees a special discount as part of their employee perks programs. Even with all the market talk about switching over to video, the written word still gets major business – with content marketing at the heart. The biggest reason for bounce rates on websites is because the people who run those sites don’t offer information that can satisfy immediate gratification. Unless you’re an in-house writer, trade publications will not generally pay you for your articles. The easiest way to figure out if you have an audience for a product is to use Google Adwords to perform the market research. Find out which businesses in your local area perform business competitions – like the Better Business Bureau, trade organizations, universities and sometimes even banks. Enter the URL of any landing page or blog article and see how optimized it is for one keyword or phrase. In some cases there are all-new marketing or advertising opportunities to test out for your business, while other opportunities may simply be the revival of marketing tactics with a new twist.
Whether you are building your marketing plans for the New Year or looking to refresh plans mid-year, here are some strategies that every small business should consider adding to their marketing efforts. For many small businesses, social media has been viewed as a free platform and have not considered actually spending money on social media sites. Facebook, for example, will no longer show your posts to your full fan base (actually your posts only organically show up to about 1% of your fans now).
Twitter – promoted tweets will allow you to plug specific actions, while promoted accounts will help grow your Twitter following.
Be sure to budget for social media advertising in your annual marketing plans – it will likely become one of your most cost-effective and impactful ad spends. The “shop small” initiative formally launched in 2010 with the American Express Small Business Saturday campaign. Many small businesses are tapping into the campaign in November, but to get the most out of the campaign, you really need to make “shop small” a year-round theme. Plan to incorporate shop small promotions throughout the year building up to the “big day”.
Even if you run an online business you can embrace the fact that you are a small business and promote all the things that tend to come with a small business – like excellent customer service, unique products or services and personal attention to the business and customers. If you are running a regular non-responsive website then now is the time to get responsive. WordPress – if you set up a website on WordPress using a custom domain name, you can choose a design (or “theme”) that is responsive. Responsive Builders – if you already have a website but want to convert it to responsive design, then a responsive builder may be your best option from a time and cost-saving standpoint. Website Builders – many website builders now have responsive design built into their website templates. Email may seem like an oldie but it’s a goodie, and investing in email marketing newsletter is hot again for businesses. Businesses are smart to invest more in their own communities, sites and customer databases rather than relying on audiences available on social media. The good news is that you don’t have to budget a lot for email marketing if you are not already doing it. You may have been creating content for your business for years, but now is the time to step it up and formalize a content marketing strategy that includes an integrated and systematic approach to creating and marketing content to meet your marketing goals.
If your plans include detailed advertising media planning (online or print) you may also be interested in the Advertising Media Plan Template Package that helps you build a detailed media plan, budget and calendar (also only $5.99 with unlimited use). With over 20 years of integrated marketing experience, Diane is author of the award-winning book PR Tools to Toot Your Own Horn. The Year Round Thank You Note for BusinessesIs the Affiliate Program You’re Considering Ethical?
In a world of micro-moment marketing, customers and prospects are seeking more bite-size content to consume. The Internet, as an advertising avenue is a market that most businesses can ill afford to ignore. Setting aside the size of the market, there are other business advantages that simply cannot be matched by other more traditional marketing mediums.
Marketing in any business is undertaken for two main reasons, and Internet marketing is no different.
The good news is that the Internet offers a wealth of cost effective and highly targeted marketing strategies that will allow you to increase your visibility to prospective customers and compete effectively with much larger competitors if done correctly.
For most businesses, the search engines provide one of the largest sources of super-targeted traffic to your website.
The search engines provide an unprecedented advertising medium, that puts your business right in front of prospects at the very moment that they are looking for what you offer.
Even your offline marketing will benefit from the data that can be gathered from your online marketing campaigns.
For all of the benefits that internet marketing brings, such a targeted traffic and hoards of customers ready to buy from your website, there is one important area that shouldn’t be ignored. Some of the world’s biggest brands that exist today, not only didn’t exist ten years ago, but were only able to break into their marketplaces and build their brands thanks to the power of the Internet.

All of this may sound very easy, and in truth, the leverage gained from marketing on the Internet means that for the most part it is. This is more than just a “mudslinging” technique where you throw content around recklessly and hope that some of it will “stick to the wall.” Treat each contact as a friend and get to know them.
Go the extra mile and do things that add a personal touch, such as taking them out for coffee and remembering their birthdays. Periodically, not obsessively, post a question or a tip to make sure that it reaches those groups. Be on the lookout for decision-makers in your niche at events that are a match for your service or product. Organize events at local restaurants and partner up with other noncompeting businesses in your area.
It is an excellent way to get noticed and put yourself in front of an entire corporation of working professionals. Your content has to be written in such a way that your viewers can take something valuable away from it immediately. However, if you can manage to get your article published by Time magazine, Huffington Post, or some other significant trade publication, as soon as it is published, you’ll have exposure to their entire audience – often millions of viewers at a time. This is a webinar that you can use to your advantage to drive the point home and be able to interact directly with your audience members. This is where you can impress prospective referrers with your skills, products or services. Using their free keyword planner tool, you can find out which keywords are being searched for and which keywords will end up being a waste of money. Being able to claim a prestigious award for your business can strengthen the visibility and reputation of your business in ways that no other method can. It’s not smart to keep doing the same tactics year after year – you have to add new ideas into the mix to keep up with evolving opportunities and trends. You may have already noticed that these marketing strategies are on the rise… and now its time to get serious about investing in these strategies and making them an integral part of your marketing plans.
But most social media sites now offer very cost-effective advertising options that are also highly targetable. For this reason, you pretty much have to pay to boost important posts if you want customers or prospects to see them. Run ads with special offers and direct links to your site to drive ecommerce, email sign-ups, etc. The movement for customers to patronize businesses in their local communities can help build tremendous loyalty and preference for your business as the go-to option for goods or services in your niche.
But now with responsive website design you can build a website that looks good on any device or screen size – desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. It may require switching your website platform or service provider – but it’s time to make a move if you want your site easily accessible to the growing number of mobile customers. A WordPress site with a custom domain gives you incredible flexibility to have a professional looking site with built-in blogging capability. DudaOne Responsive Sites is a tool that helps you build a responsive website by importing content directly from your old (existing) site – so you are not losing valuable content that already exists. With simple click and drag templates you can create a site that looks good on any device without any knowledge of how to set up a responsive site. Putting more of an investment in a solid email marketing strategy has recently made a resurgence for many businesses.
Changes to Facebook’s organic reach (or lack thereof) has been a major influencer of the move to “own your own customer data”. If you already have one, this may be a good time to sign up for some trials of new email marketing providers to test & compare.
Have you noticed that many sites now have a pop-up box asking you to sign up for newsletters? An email sign-up is a great call-to-action because it gets customers on your list to continue to market to them. This will likely include all kinds of visual marketing that will get you attention on social media sites, but it will also include PR tactics and new forms of value-add resources for customers and prospects (from white papers to how-to videos or apps). Putting some dollars aside in your budget specifically focused on content marketing will help make sure you are getting the most out of content you create. A good marketing plan will keep you on track throughout the year, yet is still flexible enough to adapt to changing market conditions or opportunities.
With simple drop-down options you can build a marketing plan template that can be used over & over again as your goals or opportunities change. Check out our Marketing Plan Template Bundle to save 20% by purchasing both at the same time. Diane also serves as the marketing director for SureShade, a growing small business that has become the new standard for shade on boats, and runs Marine Marketing Tools, a site that bridges her passion for boating and small business marketing. They are looking for information that is quick, understandable and easy to act upon if desired.
Little wonder, with a English-speaking marketplace of over 1.7 billion people increasing at a rate of 20% annually! For the small to medium sized business, marketing on the Internet offers a far more efficient and effective means for growth whilst also leveling the playing field for the new business owner competing against much larger competition. Any business engaging in a marketing campaign, be it online of offline, is aiming to gain more customers, increase their brand awareness, or both.
Without anyone knowing that your website is there, you may as well open up a shop in the middle of nowhere. To emphasize their importance for all businesses, this is where customers go first to find what they’re looking for online.

The new marketing paradigm, known as ‘permission based marketing’ has never been previously possible and provides a unique and cost-effective way of growing your business quickly. The Internet and the search engines provide a unique insight into the buying habits and wants of your prospects. Previously the preserve of large multi-national organizations, with marketing budgets to match, building a recognizable and trusted brand is now a reality for smaller businesses too. Some of the biggest companies, such as Amazon® were built without spending a penny on TV or radio advertising; leveraging the power of Internet marketing to build a trusted and well recognized brand.
We would be happy to show you exactly how you can leverage the power of Internet marketing in your own business and integrate a complete Internet Marketing System into your own marketing strategy.
Entrepreneurs are required to have the same type of skills that larger corporations employ entire teams for.
It is far better that you have 10 people in your network who know you and will buy from you than 100 people in your network who have no idea who you are. Or, when you sell a product, make sure the receipt says, “Retweet upon receipt,” to enter into another contest. Use the NOTES application in Facebook to create promotions and coupon codes and always be using Twitter to share a photo or two. Put yourself in your clients’ shoes and give them a reason to call you that is unrelated to your product or service. When two things like this come together, it provides an excellent opportunity for networking. Show how your product or service solves an immediate pain point or need in the eyes of the consumer. Open up the last 15 minutes of an hour-long session so that you can answer questions from the audience. A well-optimized website using keywords effectively can consistently put you at the top of the search engine’s results page.
Not only will you increase your visibility, but you will be given the opportunity to create lasting networks and relationships. They think email marketing is dead, confusing and difficult, or they don’t want their name to be connected with spam. And several will not give your business much visibility at all unless you pay for some form of advertising. The really good news is that the level of targeting available on Facebook is unlike any other advertising platform available… and at a very low-cost to advertisers. The endless list of free plugins gives you tons of functionality options, while free responsive themes will make it easy to have a device friendly site with the flexibility to swap design whenever you want. Although they all might seem the same on the surface, price should not be your only qualifier for which one to use. Tie your CTA into an email sign-up whenever you can (along with good reasons to sign up for more deals, freebies, etc.). Plug new or old content (as long as it is still relevant) and give them value-add content that you curate from other resources (giving credit & direct links of course).
What is new is a dedicated focus on the creation, packaging and marketing of content that produces desired results. However, the leverage and power of the Internet gives an added edge to online marketing over some of the more traditional methods, such as print or media. Just as in the ‘bricks and mortar’ world, opening up for ‘business’ is of little use unless your prospective customers know where to find you, and this can only be achieved through effective marketing that drives targeted traffic as part of the Three Pillars of Internet Marketing Success.
Having your website listed in the search engine results, is paramount if you want increase the revenue generated by your website. Knowing this will help you to better target your offline advertising so that the right groups of people see your offer, and improve more traditional online marketing such as website banner ads.
In the virtual world of the Internet, it is now very easy for smaller businesses to look every bit as professional and impressive as their bigger, more established counterparts.
Utilizing marketing strategies such as banner advertising, per-per-click and search engine marketing has allowed companies such as this to connect effectively with their customer base and deliver high quality products and services to their customers.
Every sale, every time that the public sees you, and every bit of exposure – in any capacity – is dependent upon the marketing strategy used to create the opportunity. This is an excellent way for you to use someone else’s network for exposure that costs next to nothing.
Just because they may not have the need right now doesn’t mean they won’t have a need in two months. Once you are a published author, you can use that title to demonstrate how you are an authority in your niche.
Take a few new ones for a test drive and you may find that one is easier to use than the other. Adding an opt-in pop-up form will increase your number of daily sign-ups and your overall in-house list. We can show you how to fully leverage all aspects of an Internet Marketing System with your own website marketing strategy.
The odds of success have been evened out for all businesses, irrespective of size; a professional looking and well designed web solution is well within the financial reach of even the most revenue-strapped business, with the capability of growing in step with your organization. Get your content out there for free so that people know who to look for when the need arises. It’s super easy to switch too – most include an export list tool that you can easily import into your new provider.

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