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Over the years, Mike and I have seen a lot of the same struggles going on with coaches in all kinds of niches.
If you want to get more leads (and ultimately increase your revenue), instead of losing clients to the competition, this is super important to remember while crafting the copy for your website’s home page or a landing page.
So be sure to focus your landing page copy on the big, juicy benefits that get visitors to stick to your page and want to learn more. Once you capture a visitor, you’ll have plenty of time to tell them about yourself and build a relationship.
They don’t create repeatable SYSTEMS for effortlessly marketing and selling their services. If you’re like most coaches we’ve worked with, you want to help others and make money doing it, right? Because you don’t have a SYSTEM in place that automatically markets and sells your valuable services over and over and over again while you simply focus on what you do best. Instead of helping more people, reaching bigger audiences, and making more money, you’re spending hours each day doing the mind-numbing “busy work” of marketing your business and making sales.

You keep spinning your wheels with costly trial and error and marketing guesswork, hoping the “next big thing” will do the trick and give you a business that runs like a well-oiled machine.
You put all your energy into getting a new client or few, you go all in making sure they’re happy, all the while forgetting about your marketing efforts until it’s time to get your next batch of clients so you can pay off your accumulating bills. When that person signed up to get your free offer, they were seeking you out for a solution.
If you have another (paid) solution that is super congruent to the free thing you just gave them, then tell them about it!
Want to learn more about how to offer your coaching services with confidence and use smart marketing to your advantage?
Too many coaches dive into paid Facebook ad campaigns without knowing how to use Facebook ads the right way. They don’t know their numbers (how much each lead is worth or how much each lead cost). While Facebook ads are huge for the success of your online marketing efforts, you’ve got to use them the right way.

There’s a big, big world full of people willing to pay you well for your inspiration, expertise, and guidance.
You’ll learn how you can better market your coaching services online to get great ROI.
Robin enjoys coaching purposeful entrepreneurs with big missions through startups, product launches, massive growth, visibility and lead generation that has resulted in multimillion dollar successes. BONUS:  I share the reason I feel entrepreneurs fail starting with their approach to online marketing, common mistakes people make with Facebook ads, and a glimpse at goal setting.
The GSD Mode Podcast interviews top entrepreneurs, top health and fitness professionals, and straight up bad asses that are dominating their field of expertise.

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