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Every company will have some unique needs to manage because of their product, industry or buyer’s need.
The second stage of launch begins the day you go live and continues for the next six months as you introduce the product to a broader audience. The third stage of launch is all about circling back to customers or prospects that may have missed out at the beginning of your launch.
I’m appalled. A successful marketing guy asked me a question recently — a real no-brainer — which led me to believe he didn’t know the difference between strategy and tactics. I ran across one article that listed “search engines” as a marketing strategy and that “long-term strategies such as giving away freebies will continue to pay off years down the road.” No wonder the guy’s confused. In any case, the easiest way to clarify the difference between strategy and tactics is to go to the source. But let’s get off the battlefield and look at a successful brand. In business, great strategies are built on BIG ideas. Strategy: Devise new reasons for their current customers to pick up that yellow box at the supermarket and use more baking soda. What if we could screen all web content for factual errors and eliminate some of this confusion?
FROM THE BUYER’S PERSPECTIVE: WHAT CASH FLOW CONSIDERATIONS SHOULD I BE THINKING ABOUT NOW VERSUS LATER? You could say the first item on the chain is clearly a goal, and the last one is clearly a tactic. What’s up, after reading this remarkable paragraph i am as well delighted to share my familiarity here with mates. Does every person in the organisation set their own Goals, Objectives, Strategies and Tactics, or is each associated with a certain level in the organisation?
If you've gone through the agonising experience of implementing change in your organisation here is a tool that can help make that process simpler, easier and hopefully less painful. The Force Field tool is a great way to work out "HOW" to get from where you are "NOW" to "WHERE" you want to be. A proposed change is written in the centre of a table with driving forces (positive +) laid out on the left side while restraining forces (negative -) are on the right. What is the current attitude of management and staff towards the status quo compared to the proposed change initiative? Are people willing to undergo training or will the proposed change need a slower pace of implementation to help people integrate into how they work? What will you do if after implementing the top 20% of your actions, your happiness does not improve? Feel free to contact us to discuss any barriers you may face and how best to implement change in your organisation.
The book almost solely uses their experience at P&G which, on the face of it, has been very successful in driving profit and growth well above market over the first decade of this century. In addition to the choices framework, the authors outline a number of valuable approaches in thinking about the where and how options – because there is obviously more than one set of strategic choices that can win. The recent announcement by Toyota means that we now will see the final withdrawal of the car manufacturing from Australia. Many auto part manufacturers have steadily reduced their dependency on the big three auto players over the last 15 years, but others need to urgently consider their future.
Too often, I see strategic plans indicating a growth aspiration, but there is no real idea of where this will come from and the capabilities required.
Market Penetration - can you sell more of your current product to your existing target market?
Following the path of market penetration requires a real point of difference and an appropriate marketing strategy capable of wooing those customers towards you and away from your competitors.
Yet again difficult for auto parts manufacturers who solely service the big three auto companies locally, but successful companies do this well. Diversification - what opportunities exist to develop new products and offer them to new markets? This requires business leaders to think hard about what their capabilities are, and to think laterally about how they can be applied to meet new customers’ needs.

And of course all of this requires you to have a very good understanding of the market in which you are playing and your core capabilities and opportunities. Without a good handle on these questions you will not be in a good position to judge which strategy for growth is appropriate for you.
Simple, by Siegel and Etzkorn, tells a compelling story about the need for simplicity in business (click here).
But it is short on practical advice on what to do – how to achieve simplicity in not just your communications and product design, but in your business strategy and model.
4) In developing your content marketing strategy, communicating with current and prospective customers, you need to be able to hit your Sweet Spot of Marketing.
Vantage Strategy & Marketing helps leaders improve their business by cutting through the clutter.
We work collaboratively with our clients to develop clear strategy, achievable goals and actionable plans. Vantage’s starting point is to understand your existing business strategy, growth targets and competitive advantage. If you use a comprehensive marketing strategy template to help organize and coordinate the activities it can make the process smoother.
Still, there are a number of steps that every brand must go through to ensure they communicate effectively with prospects, influencers, and customers. If they get behind the product with a strong effort, you will have a much better chance of success. Your tactics at this stage need to provide more backup information that your more pragmatist Early Major customers and prospects will need to help them make a discussion.
This is also a great time for in-depth conversations with renewal customers about add-ons and product level upgrades.
Using a marketing strategy template can help you organize all the activities your team needs to tackle to ensure a successful go-to-market plan.
Advice like that would never get past the editors of a trade publication for worm farmers, much less a brand-name business magazine.  But you can find it on-line! I’m sorry if the war analogy doesn’t appeal to you, but that’s where these terms came from, some 3,000 years ago. Market research proved what Arm & Hammer executives suspected… that people don’t bake as much as they used to. The shift away from the traditional American homemaker directly affected baking soda sales.
In fact, it often takes more than one strategy to achieve a lofty goal, and each strategy involves its own unique tactical plan.
From my perspective there are many cases where the difference between goals, strategy and tactics is not so clear cut. There still webmasters who doesn’t have a better understanding of tactics vs strategies and I must say that reading this post will give webmasters better ideas and solutions for the success of their online marketing endeavors.
Developed by psychologist Kurt Lewin in the 1950’s, it was originally intended for social situations, but has also been successfully applied to small and large projects, organisational transformation and process management.
All forces are then evaluated according to priority, and then action steps are proposed to double the impact of positive forces and halve the effect of negative ones. Don’t repeat any of the positive forces by putting down the exact opposite to the positive statement, we need new ones.
For example, if more money was one of your forces, the actions might be; develop a savings plan or improve job performance. If you could do each, your plan to be happy would be accomplished, however, we find people normally only do a maximum of three.
It is often applied in describing tactics, less so in making clear how a business intends to grow in its market. A real tragedy for those directly employed but what of the component parts manufacturers - those so heavily dependent as part of the supply chain?
Starbucks having saturated the US market turned its attention to other international markets.
Similar to Siegel and Etzkorn's simplicity model it focuses on making your marketing digestible, based on solving customer problems and grounded in your competitive advantage (see above!).

We work alongside you developing and refining your strategy and execution so that you can achieve your goals.
By using a product launch marketing plan template that takes into account the audience’s needs, you will help ensure a more successful launch. Engage your team early and provide them with regular training on product, industry and competitors in the category. Even some of the biggest gurus in the industry have posted conflicting information on this subject. The loyal moms and grandmas who had been buying the same baking soda all their lives weren’t baking as much as they used to. That’s a big, strategic idea that led Arm & Hammer in a completely different direction. That yellow box with the red Arm & Hammer logo is instantly recognizable, and stands for much more than just generic sodium bicarbonate.
But it also showed that people use their baking soda for all kinds of things besides baking. However, when they decided to introduce toothpaste and laundry detergent, the competition became fierce.
Church & Dwight kept up with the trends, and even led the charge on environmental issues.
When you have a big idea, execution of the strategy will inevitably involve operations, R&D, HR, finance and every other business discipline. Unfortunately, a lot of marketing managers simply throw together a list of the tactics they’ve always used, and call it a strategy. We have shown you five positive forces in the example but these are just examples and you should list as many things as you can think of.
The actions that double each of our positive forces are recorded below each issue as shown in the example. If one of your negative forces was procrastination the actions might be; do three key things or develop a reward system. Using the Pareto Analysis tool, select the top 20% or top 3 issues and develop action plans for them.
Are there any other barriers such as government policy or the general state of the economy? Many auto manufacturers have already gone down this path –especially those in the technology space by selling specialist componentry they manufacture for local purposes to overseas car manufacturers. Every current Arm & Hammer product, from toothpaste to cat litter, originated with that strategy of finding new ways to use baking soda.
It seems like it could be all three, depending on the context, what comes before and after in the chain of actions.
Are there any other major factors affecting the future direction of your market such as technology, the environment or our aging population? Take this longer chain of goal-strategy-tactic–can you clearly establish which is which? Apple broadened their offering to their loyal customer base from the Apple Mac to include IPods, IPhones and IPads – all built off a clear brand positioning and differentiated user experience. And as has been highlighted by Victoria’s premier and the Prime Minister, this requires heavy investment and comes with greater risk. Strategies without a goal will get you somewhere (provided they have supporting tactics), but you have no idea where that might be. Tactics without goals and strategies in turn will not necessarily produce favorable results.

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