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Video is a powerful tool for engaging busy customers. 75% of senior executives watch video at work and share video with colleagues.
PropelGrowth specializes in marketing strategy and content marketing programs for financial services and financial technology firms. Our integrated marketing programs include white papers, articles placed in trade publications, videos, e-books, podcasts, blogs, webinars and live events. Under the stewardship of chief executive Dani Reiss since 2001, Toronto-based Canada Goose Inc.
A When I started here our factory produced all kinds of stuff [and] we decided to focus on the Canada Goose [outerwear] part of the business and growing it around the world. And ironically where it started to work well first as an urban brand was Europe in the late 1990s. People look at retail windows around the world and they would go to Italy and see guys on their scooters in Canada Goose bombers. A One of the powers of our brand is that we make the best and warmest jackets on Earth, so the product is its own advertising, and the logo is so recognizable. In the early days we did things like put jackets on people in the cold like bouncers or scalpers who were cold because they were standing outside all night. A Social media [are] very important because of the way people communicate about our product.
People have this experience of extreme warmth and then they go talk to somebody else about it.

Cover letter cliches to avoid, while giving your application a boostYou've got about 250 words in a cover letter to convince a recruiter you’re perfect for the job. Survival, not growth, is the new mantra in the oilpatch’s great war on costsSome Alberta producers have cut costs by 42% during this oil price crash, but what’s unclear is whether they have done enough.
This 16-page paper presents the opportunities and challenges of managing marketing ROI to improve performance and profitability. Give it the shape you want with our Financial Management Strategy Marketing Channel Ppt Slide. We develop strategy and build thought leadership programs to help you generate leads and facilitate the buying process. PropelGrowth has expertise in FX, futures, equities and derivatives and works primarily with sell-sides and FinTech vendors.
When I got involved the product was worn by people who lived and worked in the coldest places on Earth, and that is still the case. In Canada it was a harder go at first because the people who had heard of it thought of it as this utilitarian brand. We made sure that we showed [the Canadian retailers] those images, and whenever we got PR in magazines we demonstrated that to them. If you look at some of the world’s greatest brands, like Louis Vuitton — it is all made at 27 factories in France.
Nowadays we have a partnership with Fairmont Hotels and they are a great Canadian brand — a traditional, authentic Canadian luxury brand.
If I could choose between having the counterfeit problem and not having the counterfeit problem, I [would choose not having one].

The 21st century has become the era of the brand and in some cases the era of the fake brand. The retailers in Europe had a different take on it — to them it was almost a luxury outdoor brand. It was a calculated risk for us, but the truth is, had we decided to go offshore and manufacture like everyone else was doing, I am certain that we would not be where we are today. All of their front-facing people — the doormen, bellmen, anybody working outside – wears a Canada Goose jacket. You have also filed suit against International Clothiers for trademark violations over using a similar logo. The fact that we are being counterfeited speaks to the presence that our brand has in the global marketplace. Reiss, whose grandfather, Sam Tick, founded the company in 1957, talked with the Financial Post‘s Hollie Shaw about how the brand goodwill was built through grassroots marketing and a bit of old-fashioned made-in-Canada style envy.
It makes sense that a down-filled jacket — a quintessentially Canadian product — is made in a factory here. In Europe, nobody would have been interested because they have their own European brands that are made in China. A lot of people go online and buy a jacket and think that it is ours and it is not, so we want to make sure to get the message out in any way we can and hopefully that will happen less and less.

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