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A spokesperson for KFC has informed The Drum that the UK arm of the fast food chain won’t be going boneless following the news that restaurants in the US are to stop selling meat on the bone.
US branches of KFC now plan to roll out Original Recipe Boneless – boneless white and dark meat chicken chunks deep-fried in the same secret recipe of herbs and spices. The change in direction comes under the leadership of John Cywinski, former McDonald’s brand strategist who has held the role of US president of the brand for two years. Set to take place from Sunday 14 April, the move aims to update KFC’s image targeting the younger, on-the-go generation who prefer to eat with one hand whilst on the move. USA Today reports that as early as next year the majority of chicken sold at US KFC’s will be boneless. Speaking to The Drum earlier a KFC spokesperson confirmed that there are no plans to introduce the new strategy and campaign on this side of the Atlantic.

KFCKFC is doubling down on Colonel Sanders as it prepares to reveal yet another actor playing the chicken chaina€™s founder. The chain released an absurdist teaser for its upcoming commercial bidding goodbye to comedian Norm MacDonald, who has played the Colonel in a recent ad campaign.
KFC clarified to Mashable that the company will reveal the new celebrity to play Colonel Sanders in a spot set to air during the Super Bowl pregame. The company has previously said that itA doesn't mind if some customers a€” an estimated 20% a€” hate the new Colonel Sanders ads. With Chick-fil-A's recent expansion and the broader growth of fast-casual chicken concepts, KFC is looking for a way to stand out. To support the roll out KFC has mounted a marketing campaign entitled “I ate the bones” with TV spots created by DraftFCB Chicago.

Currently, the chain's solution is trying to tap into customers' nostalgia for the Colonel, as played by apparently interchangeable old white guys. The TV ads feature KFC customers unwittingly eating the boneless range and panicking when they realise that they’ve eaten the whole piece and there’s no bones left.

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