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Other competitors have tried to appeal to a fragmented technology market like Nike Fuel band and Fitbit. Apple has tried to combat the clunky dorky tech watch perception with their recent release of the Apple Watch. Apple usually listens to customer complaints, input, and tries to anticipate what their market wants. I wouldn’t be surprised if more tech companies specializing in wearable technology were to partner with fashion designers for special products. As the Indian smartphone market grows explosively, consumers are being attracted more to local brands such as Micromax and Karbonn, and this means Samsung could soon lose its leadership position as the market becomes an increasingly difficult one to compete in. The latest statistics released by IDC show that Samsung’s leadership position in the Indian smartphone market is being threatened particularly by local vendor Micromax. Micromax told the Economic Times that it aims to be the top smartphone player in Q3 2013, which would topple Samsung off its pedestal. In particular, Indian consumers are drawn to phablets, which are smartphones with screens measuring 5 inches to 6.99 inches.
This has no doubt helped Micromax immensely in its push for greater market share, as Sharma noted in the Economic Times report that there has been rapid growth in its phablets, or its Canvas series.
With the immense amount of competition, it remains to be seen if Samsung can cling on to its top position, or if it will soon be swallowed up by local brands that may better understand and cater to what Indian consumers are looking for, as they transition from feature phones to smartphones. Wondering how Samsung managed to quash Motorola, HTC, and just about every other major Android rival?

Evans notes that Samsung's run-rate for marketing is $12.7 billion based on marketing in Q2. This chart shows the breakdown of mobile phone sales by manufacturer over a 3 month period to October 2013 globally.
We can always observe the latest market trends that customers are interested in or that brands are hoping to push to market and consumers will take interest in them.
If you look at it, it does its job: it has a screen, you can program apps if you like that sort of thing, and read your emails.
Micromax co-founder Rahul Sharma said: “Micromax has crossed the 2 million units shipment mark in Q2 2013 and is poised to be the number one smartphone player in India by Q3. The number of phablets shipped grew 17 times year-on-year, and now such devices make up a 30 percent share of the smartphone market in Q2 2013. Across the 12 countries analysed, Apple and Samsung lead the way with a 21% and 38% share of the market respectively. My cousin then referred to it as “girl repellent”, since most women would not wear a device that large or would consider it dorky, even though it comes in a variety of colors, it only has one size. Do they want to answer their emails and use a personal assistant like Siri and make calls, or do they want to monitor their health and fitness metrics?
I’m interested that they entered this market, even though they are considered late with Samsung now releasing their 6th iteration.
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Evans says that based on historical patterns, it will spend $4.5 billion in the fourth quarter.

Apple's dominance over other mobile makers can be attributed to its incremental release of iPhone models. This piece of technology is very fashionable and focused on the professional woman, more so than previous wearable technology in the market. I’m sure that the Apple watch will be very popular, especially with people that like to wear watches as status symbols, and track any health metrics on their wrist. Where does that leave females in the market that want something a little more visually appealing? Samsung was one of the first successful “smartphone” companies to enter the wearable tech market with their Samsung gear smart watch.
But until something subtle, smaller, and less noticeable comes out: I won’t be buying an Apple watch. My dad hopes that in the future we will all live his dream of being like Dick Tracy and have our watch do everything for us. I personally would buy this product because it’s fashion-conscious, doesn’t scream “look at my technology” from a mile away, and is designed to fit my smaller wrist. Do they want to get the dollar out of the customer or pursue a longer term strategy with more loyalty for products that people actually want to use, not just have what they think they need? Until then, how did business intelligence and looking at the market help Apple and fashion brands like Rebecca Minkoff?
Business Insider claims the “smartwatch market may reach $10 billion by 2018” from a Citi Research report.

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