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Profile market segments involve market share potential, lifetime customer value, revenue potential and profitability potential. Defining the business objectives for shorter and longer term is necessary for a successful business. Meetings should be held for reviewing information and make a strategy for touching market and deploying tactics. After these four steps are completed, it is time to assemble a full-fledged marketing plan. Related: tractor market segmentation, ipad market segmentation, tourism market segmentation, market kitchen st. November 26, 2013 by Olga Filonchuk 2 Comments Successful Social Media Marketing is almost always a result of outstanding content strategy and perfect planning. Most people also view Social Media Marketing as some mysterious way on how they can increase traffic, sales, company revenue and fix the company’s reputation they’ve been polluting for decades. You don’t need all of them, you can’t physically target all of them effectively, and you got to find your man. Which is why it’s extremely important to understand who your target user is and where to find him.
Do I fully understand what drivers these customer categories have in the decision-making process?
Can the segment I choose be easily converted from one-time customer into a life-time customer? After answering these questions you are more likely to have a better understanding of what people you need to target to support your business and your wallet. Now when you have a more focused view on a vast quantity of people who chaotically hang out on the web, you can also think of target audience segmentation. A wise business owner and marketing specialist is likely to take the best from each model and form the one that’s specifically tailored to their business.
Just to make sure we’re on the same page and get the essence of this tactic I suggest working out one easy example. It’s what most content, social media marketing, and overall marketing strategies lack – viewing your target audience representative as a person.

As you can see, these content ideas can potentially be interesting to other market segments too and no idea sells your service directly. You can have the best content in the world but it can be useless if you don’t know where to share it and where your target audience spends time online.
If you’re targeting people like Kendra then you will have to look for some researches on what social networks are popular within her age group and social status. Additionally you can analyze one of your top competitors by searching what people are saying about them and on what platforms. Certainly we are all people and sometimes can get wrong when determining our target audience, when making assumptions where and how to target all those people, but we find the right path by making mistakes. The method of building customer profiles can get pretty subjective to a certain degree and should be better supported with communication with a real representative of this or that market segment. Connect with Olga via her personal profiles (above) or say hi to her on WebMeUp Facebook wall or other corporate accounts. Frontpoint Strategy can help you in developing your end-to-end marketing strategy to drive measurable business results.
These two are co-dependent and are significantly less profitable if performed without the other component.
The most common one is demographic market segmentation while psychographic and behavioral approaches rarely come in their pure form. I genuinely advise to work hard on this part as proper target audience segmentation will naturally result in comprehensive content strategy and each segment requires its own content. You’ve decided to target a new segment:  people with an average to low level of income who don’t have money for some posh tours but still would love to travel or take some rest.
They are just learning to get along with as one year ago he left her to be with another woman. She thinks she has too little time for that, but deep at heart she knows she could make some time but is simply lazy. With her own money if she goes on her own, but if she travels with kids half of expenses will be covered by her ex-husband.
Now your target audience will not seem as a faceless market segment you need to capture; now it’ll have a human face with typical everyday problems, fears, disadvantages, etc.

Olga's got a thrive to social media experiments and blogging with a focus on practical aspects in her posts. Whether your goals are to better understand your customers, increase monetization, or make grounds into new customer segments, Frontpoint Strategy can help. One of the fundamental problems is to understand what type of content your target audience needs and… who is this audience anyway? We spent 2 days brainstorming, building theories and making assumptions about our target audience.
Everyone knows that it’s easier to understand your target audience when you have a real person in mind, not just a set of characteristics, user ID or his credit card history.
They, unnecessary and inappropriate at first sight, can later become the catalyst for generating the most unique, the freshest and evergreen content ideas. It seems to be hard at first sight but ideas are easier to generate when you have a real person in mind. One more platform to focus on is dating sites because it’s the most common place where people are looking for a new partner when they have kids, are divorced, and when they have limited time and money resources.
You can simply type in your competitor’s site and specify brand keywords to see what other people are saying about your rival company.
The web is full of occasional visitors, determined and loyal users, crazy fanatics and people who don’t know what they want. On the other hand she’s finally free from painful relationship she’s been building too long. Alternatively you can gather this info manually and create your own statistics to be more accurate if you feel like having time for this routine.

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