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When Grey4 Creative is tasked with developing a marketing strategy for a company, all our expertise are quickly organised into an engine that churns out customised communication strategies, brand strategies, online strategies and targeted campaigns to attract more customers, manage perceptions, build brand awareness and positively affect bottom-lines. The focus of a Grey4 Creative marketing strategy is to communicate that our clients’ products and services meet customer needs and so as to foster and develop long-term and profitable relationships with those customers. We then craft a marketing strategy that makes the most of your strengths and matches them to the needs of the customers you want to target.
When formulating a marketing strategy, we take account how your business’ strengths and weaknesses will affect your marketing. We put the marketing strategy into effect with a marketing plan that sets out the aims, actions, dates, costs, resources and effective selling programmes. If we have a company, whether sole, small, medium or large, the social network Linkedin can be a great ally to promote our business, increase our customer base, meet new suppliers, etc.
It is important to complete 100% of your profile, using key words or phrases that will identify the search network professionals. You must also enter company data, the summary or description thereof to generate reliable and appear in searches. You can also use the status box at the same time to update your Twitter, interesting when you have little time to manage your social accounts. Also, build your network connection lets you connect with past clients and identify potential customers, exploring the degrees of separation between them. Remember that if you choose to join an inactive group is useless, the key is that the group is well connected with your areas of interest, showing activity and obviously you must participate actively sending notes and commenting on other people. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. This example illustrates what Niraj Dawar, of the Havard Business Review, meant in his article on effective marketing strategies. According to Dawar, downstream activities—such as delivering a product for specific consumption circumstances—are increasingly the reason customers choose one brand over another and provide the basis for customer loyalty. Yet, business strategy continues to be driven by the ghost of the Industrial Revolution, long after the factories that used to be the primary sources of competitive advantage have been shuttered and off-shored. The strategic question that drives business today is not “What else can we make?” but “What else can we do for our customers?” Customers and the market—not the factory or the product—now stand at the core of the business. Let’s consider more closely how companies can use downstream activities to overturn traditional strategy.
In their quest for upstream competitive advantage, companies scramble to build unique assets or capabilities and then construct a wall to prevent them from leaking out to competitors. Downstream competitive advantage, in contrast, resides outside the company—it is the external linkage with customers, channel partners, and strategic alliances.
It is no secret that today, in many industries, the activities such as sourcing, production and logistics are being handled by outsourced companies, while subsequent efforts to reduce the costs and risks of customers are becoming sources of competitive advantage and the true source of value for the company. The above graphic shows an approach to building or modifying a company’s digital marketing program. Marketing Foundation: This is the area that is critical to the entire program and involves understanding your target market as well as the creation of published Buyer Personas describing the psychographics and demographics of the people coming to your website. As a full service digital media agency, we focus our attention on four major areas: Website Design and Development, Online Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Strategy. Faced with the challenge of promoting the Chamber and its events, this committee meets monthly to provide input and assist with marketing tasks.
Ia€™ll briefly review each step in turn: Understand Your Customer Develop a clear picture of your target customer using market research and analysis. Click here to get the 7-Step Marketing Toolkit, which will help you easily develop an effective marketing plan for 2016!
Download our Marketing Strategy eBook - an easy 7-step marketing strategy program to drive business results. 5 Key Elements of a Successful Content Marketing Strategy You are using an outdated browser. 2- Know Exactly Who Your Audience IsThis should have been a part of the first point, since it’s not possible to create a clear objective without knowing your target audience.
I was recently asked for a list of top-ten green marketing campaigns so here is mine in chronological order.
Some were created for large companies and some for small companies, but they all share in their innovation and how they changed the conversation about how to market green. TOMS Shoes “Project Holiday”: For the month leading up to Christmas 2008, TOMS promoted their Project Holiday campaign to sell 30,000 pairs of shoes, so they could give the same number of protective rubber shoes to kids in Ethiopia. Toyota Prius “Harmony”: a fully integrated multi-medium campaign that showed how the Prius delivers extra power, space, safety, advanced technology and superior gas mileage. Timberland “Earthkeepers”: A global campaign showcasing the Earthkeepers collection of eco-friendly apparel that includes TV, print and retail ads, as well as social media and a microsite that uses 3D technology.

Method “Just Say No To Jugs”: A cheeky campaign typical of Method’s marketing mocks mainstream cleaning products products as feeding a household’s “jug” habit. BMW Diesel “Ch-ch-changes”: A winning campaign launched at Superbowl XLV that communicated valuable information and a relevant message to the American audience about the environmental benefits and ch-ch-changes in diesel technology. What is your opinion on the production of the Toyota Prius emitting more greenhouse gas and more CO2 than any other car production? As for the efficacy of the ads, as a marketing professional, you know that correlating the social impact of an awareness campaign, not to mention sales of products, with print campaigns is elusive at best. Ecopreneurist is part of the Important Media network of blogs working to make the world a better, greener, more profitable place.
Our marketing strategies are therefore flexible and we are able to respond to shifts in brand image and demand. Identifying these groups and their needs through market research, and then addressing them more successfully than your competitors, is the focus of our marketing strategy. We always look to making the most of your budget by carefully choosing the activities with the best returns by avoiding spreading your budget too thinly.
This means we actually begin the creation of your marketing strategy document with an honest and rigorous SWOT analysis, looking at your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Grey4 will strategise  on how you can sell more to your existing customers or look at ways of improving the retention of key customers. However, despite many companies and people already in Linkedin are few who use it strategically according to a specific objective of marketing and communication.
Companies are still organized around their production and their products, success is measured in terms of units moved, and organizational hopes are pinned on product pipelines.
According to Dawar, “this new center of gravity demands a rethink of some long-standing pillars of strategy: First, the sources and focus of competitive advantage now lie outside the firm, and advantage is accumulative—rather than eroding over time as competitors catch up, it grows with experience and knowledge. You can tell which of its activities a firm considers to be a source of competitive advantage by how well protected they are: If the company believes its edge lies in its production processes, then plant visits are strictly controlled. It is most often embedded in the processes for interacting with customers, in market research, and in customer behavior. This area also involves the identification of critical e-marketing objectives, goals, key performance indicators, and key performance indicator targets.
We help our clients build and develop their the content that is their business using digital tools.
All marketing methods, both traditional and online media are addressed to further the mission of the Chamber, increase visibility of membership benefits, and host and promote all Chamber events. But because of its significance, I want to mention this part separately.One of the main reasons behind the failure of most content marketing campaigns is that their content is either too broad or too narrow for their target audience.
The far-reaching campaign included national advertising, in-store programs, product sampling, a strong Internet presence, consumer promotions and strategic alliances.
The resulting creative was simple, beautiful and compelling and delivered the message in engaging ways. By the end of the campaign, they exceed their goal by 23% and raised unprecedented awareness for their cause ­– all without paid media. Especially the Toyota Prius 1 is known to be the most polluting car in its production, which is not outweighed by its use. We do know that the campaign was quite controversial (some, like you, felt it was an ill-conceived approach), but regardless, it received ten-fold in unearned media above the media buys. If you’re an advocate for eco friendly marketing, you should sign the pledge for Marketers Against Waste and spread the word on reducing waste! Opinions and comments published on this site may not be sanctioned by, and do not necessarily represent the views of Sustainable Enterprises Media, Inc., its owners, sponsors, affiliates, or subsidiaries. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! We also cater for the emergence of new products and services by our client or our clients competitors and always seek to grow clients markets by world-class Integrated Marketing Solutions. If need be, the marketing strategy (which would be flexible) is amended for maximum performance. One thing we do is to conduct some market research on your existing customers at this point, as it will help us to build a more honest picture of your reputation in the marketplace. You should know how to get the best professional for your marketing strategy you can check Devumi’s example. Production-related activities are honed to maximize throughput, and managers who worship efficiency are promoted. If it believes that R&D sets it apart, security around its research labs is airtight and armies of lawyers protect its patents.

The more fleshed out these areas are, the easier it will be to develop everything else below. This was a time when the media, and therefore public perception, was still understating the strength of scientific consensus on climate change. And, the campaign did win a Silver Lion for Print at Cannes International Advertising Festival in 2007. We probably know too much about the real effects of climate change so that we no longer find these images tounge-in-check. We replaced buying thousands of dollars worth of swag with donating and campaigning for a Charity:Water Campaign! However, that same consumer, finding herself in a park on a hot summer day, will gladly pay $2.00 dollars for a chilled can of Coke sold through a vending machine. Downstream, it’s no longer about having the better product: Your focus is on the needs of customers and your position relative to their purchase criteria. And if it prizes its talent, you’ll find hip work spaces for employees, gourmet lunches, yoga studios, nap nooks, sabbaticals, and flexible work hours. They are based on real life examples of people who have previously bought from you or who you believe would fit well as your customers.
That 700% price premium is attributable not to a better or different product but to a more convenient means of obtaining it. Additionally, Diesel was making a deliberate and provocative political branding statement that can not be overlooked. Third, the pace and evolution of markets are now driven by customers’ shifting purchase criteria rather than by improvements in products or technology” (Dawar, 2013). The list is quite long, but I’ve summarized it into 5 key points that are absolutely critical for a successful content marketing strategy.1- Have Clearly Defined ObjectivesHaving clarity in your objectives from the start is crucial for success. Even if you have a clear objective and understand your audience, you’d need to create a platform where you can address their problems, convert them into loyal followers and eventually into paid customers.In most cases, this platform is either a blog, a website or a landing page.
For these reasons I contend that the campaign represents a significant milestone in green marketing history.
This is why it’s absolutely critical that you know from the start what you’re trying to achieve.I’m not saying that you need to know everything from the start. And, as you know, young people tend not to respond to heavy handed, know-it-all, wonky marketing messages.
Your customer should be able to relate with your brand through its unique story.While I’ve always considered this important, I recently came across a post on LinkedIn by Kelli Law, the CEO of Entwine Creative Group. Kelli’s post was all about brand storytelling and how organizations should use it to create an emotionally attached audience (since that is what her company does as well.)I couldn’t agree more with all the points she mentioned, because in my experience engaging storytelling is the only thing that can separate your content from the countless other companies barraging your customers continuously with new blog posts, videos and other forms of content. The only way to make your content stick in the minds of your audience is by going beyond the usual rhetoric and connecting with them at a personal level.Storytelling should be an important part of your content marketing strategy.
In fact, your whole strategy should be based on a unique brand story that immediately relates with your target buyer personas.5- Promote AggressivelyContent promotion is often a misused terminology, especially when it comes to online marketing. In fact, they’d do more harm to your brand than good.The focus, here as well, should be on building relationships and being authentic. Write high quality guest posts for these blogs and include your content links where relevant. Guest blogging brings credibility, traffic and SEO benefits all at the same time (I know what Matt Cutts said about guest blogging, read this to know what he really meant)– Email List ContentAs I said in one of the earlier points, email lists are crucial for your success. You can interact with marketers from other companies and customers looking for advice at the same time. It’s a great place to grow your network and get your content out in the limelight.ConclusionThe significance of content marketing is only going to increase in the coming years. There will be newer forms of content and new promotional platforms, but the core concept is only going to get stronger. The key to success, however, lies in being clear about your objectives, creating memorable content and promoting it intelligently.
If you get these steps right, you’d be on your way to establishing the most cost effective and high-conversion channel for lead generation. I would also add, likely in #3 Optimize for Maximum Conversion, the need for website optimization.

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