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Every company will have some unique needs to manage because of their product, industry or buyer’s need.
The second stage of launch begins the day you go live and continues for the next six months as you introduce the product to a broader audience. The third stage of launch is all about circling back to customers or prospects that may have missed out at the beginning of your launch. Sometimes during our brain’s creative thoughts we may not be completely organized, or, in the essence of short deadlines, have the prettiest looking pitch, but we know our strategy is solid. I’ll admit that getting a lot of emails seems tedious but I usually find a juicy tidbit every day that I put to use at some point. Here at Direct Access Digital we have a team of reporting master geniuses who have these amazing excel skills, where the intensive micro-data is crazy in a good way and the spreadsheets and charts look beautiful and make it easy to understand for the client and directly and for our in-house strategy team. If you work in marketing you will definitely know the stereotype of a particular type of personality we are supposed to have. Social Media is great to learn things, but getting eNewsletters and digests make it easier to look when you have time and content is sometimes all in one place from experts. You’ve put the digital marketing strategy together and you have to put the pitch, the projections and more together.
To win the internet, we know what specific tactics and budget you need, how to implement and we’ve done the research to decide upon the best strategy mix. With 20 years of experience in Performance Digital marketing and a growing team of industry leading digital campaign specialists, strategists, developers, creative designers, optimization specialists, copywriters, marketers and Canada’s first ever recipient of the Google’s Search Excellence Reward, Direct Access Digital provides your business with a better way, a real return on investment for your business and the tools necessary to grow your Performance Digital marketing initiatives.
Direct Access Digital is an award-winning digital-performance marketing agency based in Burlington, Ontario, Canada.
Join our Newsletter to receive the latest news and updates from our digital marketing experts. Canadian Marketer is One OF 12 North Americans to Win the Google Search Excellence Award…Again! Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. The Marketing Product Launch Plan Template provides a comprehensive outline and complete checklist of the steps you must take to prepare your marketing and go-to-market strategy for your next new product launch. Complete the form to the right and you will receive an email with a link to download the template.
Se il marketing personale vive oggi un momento di grande interesse molto e dovuto allo sviluppo dell'inbound marketing. L'inbound marketing e una strategia di marketing che si concentra sul come farsi trovare dai clienti soprattutto on line.
Si contrappone al marketing tradizionale (outbound marketing) che realizza la ricerca dei clienti attraverso la costruzione di notorieta sul mercato con strumenti quali la pubblicita e le promozioni. Quindi lo si puo definire come l'insieme di tecniche, strumenti e pratiche realizzate on line volte ad ottenere contatti qualificati di clienti interessati alla nostra attivita.
Un recente sondaggio condotto negli Stati Uniti tra professionisti del marketing e della comunicazione ha rilevato come la creazione di contenuti, la pubblicazione e la condivisione di informazioni interessanti e l’azione piu importante che le persone o i brand possono adottare per aumentare la propria influenza nel web. Sotto una presentazione introduttiva ai principi e agli strumenti dell'inbound marketing realizzata da HubSpot, principale risorsa on line disponibile sul tema. Alla pubblicazione di un nuovo articolo, verrai avvisato direttamente tramite posta elettronica. The rise of telecommuting has presented many opportunities for businesses that manage workers all over the world, but overseeing remote teams can also be very complex. While there are many benefits to having remote teams, we also face a variety of logistical challenges, including sourcing, hiring, and managing the writers that create content for our clients. So how do we build and manage our global workforce? The process of providing high quality content to our clients begins with hiring exceptional writers and other content creators that can live up to our customersa€™ expectations.
All of this might sound time-consuming, but remember that hiring the right contractors from the start can easily cut the time wea€™re required to spend on these activities by half or more.
Herea€™s an overview of the system we use to make sure workers have the resources they need and keep them on task. From our past experiences, wea€™ve found that email alone is an inefficient medium for communication.
In particular, we use Google Docs to share an internally-developed content strategy template with all of our writers that tracks expectations and guidelines for content creation on a per-client basis. The content structure that writers must follow (including blog post length, tone, format and more). Resources that allow us to pull relevant forum threads from Reddit and Quora to develop content ideas. Instructions on using tools such as BuzzSumo to find out which types of content performs best in our clientsa€™ industries. Essentially, our content strategy template is designed to be comprehensive enough for workers to understand our expectations, without overwhelming them with unnecessary details. In addition to the content strategy pictured above, we provide our writers with additional resources, such as links to the clienta€™s website, suggested topics from the client and any special client requests so that they can hit the ground running and create content without requiring our input every step of the way.
Overall, this process has helped us establish excellent working relationships with a vast network of contractors and ensure they meet our clientsa€™ expectations -- but therea€™s always room for improvement. To refine our process, wea€™re constantly seeking feedback from our editors, writers, and other freelancers, as well as monitoring client outcomes on our end to find room for improvement.
In fact, the current strategy template we use is the result of suggestions made to us by past clients and freelancers.
Ita€™s taken us time to develop all of these systems, but as a result, wea€™re able to produce exceptional content with minimal setbacks, due to our focus on consistency and continuous improvements.

Ever take an educated guess at something, only to find out that you were way, way off?Yeah, that was me trying to come up with line items for a a€?Branding & Creativea€? budget template. One of the designers on Keitha€™s team, for example, does everything in Photoshop, from marketing collateral to web design. So it turns out that if you use video editing software, like Final Cut or Adobe Premiere, youa€™re pretty limited in terms of animation. If youa€™re looking to do complex motion graphics in your next video (like the cool stuff you see in last yeara€™s INBOUND 2013 opening video), youa€™re going to need the proper software, like Adobe After Effects or CINEMA 4D.
When budgeting for motion graphics software, keep in mind that you may need to dole out some extra dough for plugins. While Photoshop may get all the glory, these a€?behind-the-scenesa€? tools are crucial for brainstorming, scoping, and successfully executing projects. In the past two years, HubSpot's Brand & Buzz team has recorded more than 50 terabytes of video. There were also several smaller (but still important) expenses that are worth mentioning, most of which ended up in the a€?Miscellaneousa€? section of the budget template.For starters, there are premium typefaces or fonts -- you dona€™t have to rely solely on the typefaces that came with your computer when doing design work.
If you use a comprehensive marketing strategy template to help organize and coordinate the activities it can make the process smoother.
Still, there are a number of steps that every brand must go through to ensure they communicate effectively with prospects, influencers, and customers.
If they get behind the product with a strong effort, you will have a much better chance of success.
Your tactics at this stage need to provide more backup information that your more pragmatist Early Major customers and prospects will need to help them make a discussion. This is also a great time for in-depth conversations with renewal customers about add-ons and product level upgrades. Using a marketing strategy template can help you organize all the activities your team needs to tackle to ensure a successful go-to-market plan. Our role demands that we are creative and data-driven, that we not only look at the bottom line goals of the client but that we present the strategy and post reports in the way the client wants to receive it. So, here are six key things that help us that every digital marketing strategist should have in their back pocket to be able to stay in front of the competition, to deadline, making the best use of time.
It is still really worth the free download especially in digital because you can track keyword and call-to-action usage. Creating Google Alerts to watch the overall palimpsest for your verticals is likely one of the most important things you can do. The best way to get the information you need is to use Google’s Advanced Search and add in negative keywords, etc. Looking to the experts for advice, recommendations, wins and fails, and so much more when putting strategy and projections together really helps. You need something that pops, that gets buy-in, that’s easy and fast to use to illustrate your data.
We have a pretty solid hypothesis and rationale of what will and what won’t work for multi-channel and multi-device marketing. Direct Access Digital leverages the practical application of fully integrated Performance Digital marketing campaigns to generate leads, increase conversions and grow our client’s business. It won The Google Search Excellence Award in 2014 and 2015 – the award is only given to two Canadians a year.
At my digital marketing company, Louder Online, we rely on the services of talented contractors from different parts of the world to deliver top-tier services to clients in many different verticals. Herea€™s a general overview of our process, which you may find helpful as you build your own remote teams.
According to a study from MBO Partners, 75% of freelancers are hired through word-of-mouth, proving that this is still the best way to find talented workers. Most seasoned freelancers have their own websites, which allows us to easily search for contractors and review samples of their work.
A contractor may have great references and samples, but still lack the specialized expertise needed for a given project. Obviously, we cana€™t afford to hire writers that charge more than what our clients have allocated for content creation. For best results, ita€™s a good idea to set up a detailed agreement for all of your contractors, specifying our terms on billing, quality standards, production volume, deadlines, and other factors.
Instead, we use a combination of Asana and Google Docs so that all team members can easily share information and communicate with each other. You are using an outdated browser, we recommend you upgrade your browser for a better and safer experience. As it turns out, modern creative teams that want to stay on the cutting edge of design, video, and other multimedia need more than a copy of Photoshop a€¦ a lot more. This whole revelation about the hidden costs of creative work came about as I was putting together a collection of Excel budget templates. Adobe Illustrator) was primarily for creating custom graphics, while photo editing software (e.g. As Keith noted, "We spend a good amount of money buffing up our capabilities by purchasing such plugins. In addition to design, video, and motion graphics software, designers and video specialists may also need tools for collaborating (e.g. There are tons of beautiful, high-end typefaces out there for you a€¦ provided youa€™re willing to pay for them.
Ia€™m talking stencils, geometric compasses, pens, pencils, markers, graphing paper, sketchpads a€¦ yes, graphic designers still use this stuff!

By using a product launch marketing plan template that takes into account the audience’s needs, you will help ensure a more successful launch. Engage your team early and provide them with regular training on product, industry and competitors in the category. We also know that digital marketing strategy isn’t just about whim and “let’s throw it against the wall and see what sticks.” Digital strategy is about the numbers.
These may not be sexy or new, but they will help keep you focused and help with tight deadlines.
If you’ve worked on your client’s campaigns previously you have historical data and hopefully detailed post mortem analysis to be reasonably assured your campaigns will be successful. Ranging from location based marketing, to fully international campaigns for Fortune 500 companies, we are true partners in transforming your business. Founded in 2011, DAD has evolved into one of Canada’s leading boutique agencies, and now serve mid-sized businesses and Fortune 500 companies alike. At first glance, these sites seem like ideal places to find quality writers -- bu the quality of those freelancers is often subpar.
Whenever we need to hire new writers, we begin by speaking with our existing writers, colleagues and others in our network to recruit new team members. If we find candidates that we like, a simple outreach email is usually enough to get them interested enough in our projects to do a test article. To test for this, we conduct skill assessments that determine which candidates will work best for each project. As a result, we usually need both writers who use Australian English and those who use American English. While wea€™ll discuss rates up front, wea€™ve also found that some writers are willing to negotiate their rates in exchange for the promise of steady work. This ensures both sides will be happy with the arrangement and prevents disagreements down the road.
We continuously monitor our contractors and provide feedback for them along the way to make sure that theya€™re consistently providing the quality of work thata€™s required. The templates cover several disciplines within marketing, including product marketing, paid advertising, content, PR, and -- of course -- branding and creative.My strategy for creating these budget templates was simple. On our Brand & Buzz team, for example, everyone has a Thunderbolt display, which offers higher screen resolutions than most standard displays.
We don’t need to toot our own proverbial horns because being a great marketer means the numbers (and presentation) speak for themselves.
Do you know why there was a lift in conversions or traffic if something is happening offline?
Sometimes competitors don’t put the right security on documents, Slideshare’s and PDFs, so you can get more than you bargained for (maniacal laugh included).
I also follow some local terms semantically, plus all of the keyword pervasive terms for all of our clients. We like numbers, analytics, data, data, data and data, but we also are incredibly creative, and can find opportunity almost anywhere. When you present the strategy and projections you are fully confident that it is the winning digital marketing strategy for that campaign and with some of these tools we put the data together in the way the client receives it.
Known for their expertise in all digital marketing verticals, from search engine marketing (SEM) to search engine optimization (SEO), local search, social media marketing, content marketing and more, their true hallmark is building strong partnerships with their clients and working diligently to deliver the tools, data and strategies that drive customer conversions and sales while aiding brand awareness.
You might occasionally get lucky and find a winning candidate, but we prefer using other sources to reach higher quality writers.
Wea€™ve found that the best way to determine candidatesa€™ suitability is to give them a test project and see how well they perform in a live environment.
Identifying these barriers and making sure wea€™re taking steps to prevent them from interfering with content delivery is an important part of keeping our clients happy. First, Ia€™d wrack my brain and come up with some line items for each template based on my own knowledge and experiences. You can tie everything in when you have reporting calls, you help your digital and traditional marketers in a company work together and help align the online and offline strategy.
Knowing what’s happening in your client’s space is very important to stay ahead of the game.
If we find writers that are good, but that arena€™t the right fit for a particular client, we may try to match them with a project thata€™s a better fit down the road. Storage drives."The most overlooked aspect of creative work is organization and file management.
We also build and foster close lifelong business relationships and have a virtual rolodex as long as the circumference of the Earth, or Pluto at the very least.
In particular, drives for storage and information archiving are by far our biggest hardware cost,a€? Keith noted. The more you know, the more equipped you are to provide a strong strategy in the digital space. While we are liked generally, we are also the quiet geeks in the corner, we have a concentrated look on our faces, and we are always heads-down…plotting. Let me know what you think, and read on as I explain where some of these line items came from. This makes us cool but actually geek-cool…so maybe not cool…let’s check the supporting data to decide?

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