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These marketing concepts ” Attraction Marketing and Word of Mouth Marketing ” have been around for longer than most care to know and understand!
Even though these marketing techniques have been claimed to have started in the early 1900’s the fact is that they where using these methods of marketing back as far as sales have been around.
Attraction marketing has always been an essential part of attracting a potential consumer just to get them to allow you to have a conversation with the prospect without being confrontational or pushy which usually pushes the potential consumer to say that they are not interested in your product and want no part of what you have to offer.
Today attraction marketing is done through the use of technology using the internet, email marketing, ppc marketing, facebook marketing, native ads, ppv marketing and many others but all are done online. Even when sales were done through direct marketing methods of going door to door having a Kerbie salesman show up at your door trying to sell you a vacuum cleaner, they had to use their charisma ( Attraction Marketing ) to get in the door before they can pitch you their product. The fact is that most income today is made on the back end product of your sales process not on the front end product. But, this sales process or prospecting method is a little antiquated even though it is really effective you have to pitch one potential consumer or prospect at a time which makes it not to cost effective. They have been using this marketing technique very successfully for a few years now and those extra .50 cents per order multiplied by millions add up to a healthy profit. But what if you could use the old attraction marketing formula and integrate it with a new Super Size order taker on auto-pilot using a clever software that does it for you.
Before they were treated as separate forms of marketing your business because no-one had figured it out yet.
So, which marketing method is better in today’s advanced technological leads doubling and even tripling your prospects and consumers ? Checkout the Buzzinar video to see how it can help you become a more cost effective marketing strategy. If you would like to learn how to apply attraction marketing to your business then get a free 10 day marketing bootcamp.
Share your comments below and let us know what you think and marketing tips you would like to share with our audience…Thank You! Even with the diversity and huge amounts of platforms to use in marketing there are still many who struggle with this in their business.
I personally recommend that you try one marketing strategy and platform at one time so you can focus better on getting the best results possible in your testing phase.
Email Marketing – This form of marketing is one of the most profitable and can sustain a business for a long term as long as you have developed a good relationship with your email subscribers. Social Media – This is a broad and expanding area of marketing since new social media platforms are coming up almost everyday.
Content Marketing – Content marketing is a hot trend today and many are using it very effectively. Mobile Marketing – Mobile marketing has surpassed your typical online marketing and it is still an affordable way to get gobs of traffic to your website or blog.
Word of Mouth – This marketing tactic is still a very viable way of getting traffic to your site specially if you have something to offer people are in need of.
Press Release Marketing – Press Releases are very powerful way of marketing but it would be of interest to you to invest in someone writing it professionally for you unless you consider yourself a good writer. Direct Mail – Many believe that this marketing strategy is dead but take a look at what you get in the mail. Search Engine Marketing – Search engine marketing is one of the most effective and fastest ways of marketing but one of the most expensive. PPV Marketing – Pay Per View Marketing is another way of getting people to find your business or products. There are many more marketing tactics available other than these mentioned here but these are some of the more popular and effective ways to market to your audience. If your still baffled about your marketing and how to go about it you could try attraction marketing method to recruit people into your business. Over the last several years we have used many different marketing tricks and strategies to test what works more cost effectively and delivers results. One of the marketing tactics we have learned to use consistently has been split testing marketing campaign after marketing campaign. You would be surprised to know what little things make such a big difference in CTR’s ( Click Through Rates ) and Conversions to sales. By split testing everything in your marketing including your site navigation, the copy of your site and even your opt-in forms you can find what is working and what is not.
It does take patience and perseverance to see it through satisfying results but in the end the winning formula rewards are impressive and more importantly more profitable.
When entrepreneurs are just starting out they only associate marketing tactics directly to Ads, Social Media Marketing, and Advertising of any sort. You must consider everything in your sales funnel from Ads to Getting prospects to take the actions you expect them to take. Youtube – This is the reason why billions of people visit this site every single month.
Attraction Marketing – If I would have to start all over again from scratch this is a marketing tactic I would learn first. My friend and mentor Ferny crafted this powerful free bootcamp that gives you an insight to this effective marketing tactic. Share this with someone who deserves more success and you care about, let’s help some more people! And if that wasn’t enough watch this video…It will make you rethink about marketing on Facebook anymore! WARNING: We only have 1000 spots on our webinar system available and space will fill up fast so register now to avoid missing out. This webinar is packed with high quality content and will fill up fast! First, you will need a website to place your opt-in form to collect your leads and prospects emails. Second, you will need an email autoresponder like Aweber or Getresponse email management system where you can manage all your lists if your going after multiple niches. Third thing you will need is a product, newsletter or report you can give away to get your leads to opt-in in exchange for their email information.
If you don’t want to go through the headache of building a lead funnel there are great systems like EMP already designed with everything in place and all you have to do is send traffic and collect commissions every month.
Facebook PPC – One of the quickest list building tactics you can use is PPC marketing. Google Adwords PPC – Like Facebook, Google frowns on work from home advertising but again you can get around it if you give away a free ebook of some sort in a related niche but not directly related if that makes sense. Ad Swaps – If you have a list already, you could do an ad swap with someone who has a related niche list as well.
Blogging – This method requires using SEO strategies, a little more effort and work on your part because you are depending on the traffic to come from organic searches online. If you have a new site it can take a little while to start generating some significant traffic.
This will be your own real estate online and once you get it going and updating regularly in the long term it is a wise move.
This also allows you to brand yourself as an expert and can create a loyal following for years to come and more importantly no one can kick you out of your own house but if you are using someone else’s real estate they can kick you out any time they please. Another area that you MUST pay attention to is, How to attract people to your products, newsletters and free reports. How are you going communicate with your audience to generate leads and prospects into your business ? The key to success is, Writing and crafting an ad, an email or content for your blog that includes the right message which attracts them to you even if they don’t buy from you at first.
This is why attraction marketing and knowing these methods or strategies are number one priority and can allow you to practically write your own check by being able to recruit endless leads and prospects into your business without wasting time and money chasing dead beat leads.
Share this with someone who deserves more success and you care about, let’s help some people! When a lot of people think of viral marketing they think that it’s that incredible difficult thing right?
They think they think that it requires spending thousands of dollars or days on end to create AMAZING content and that it still requires a hell of a lot of luck. But today I want to share with you three super simple viral marketing techniques ANYONE can use to drive more traffic, sales and backlinks to their sites. In fact I’ll be showing you how to leverage content that is ALREADY proven to be viral and then how you can use that content on your own site to get tonnes of free visitors. Don’t have web hosting yet? Use the coupon LAZYASSSTONER at HostGator to get your first month for just $0.01! By posting out these viral pieces of content you are essentially getting other people to do all of the hard work and link building for you so that you have more time to just focus on creating content for your site. Man,,thanks for all the information you presented in your social network, I will engage your full course very soon as is worth it. I have used some of your recommended techniques and I can verify that they really work, even in a niche business like that one that I have. Affiliate DisclosureI NEVER recommend a product or service that I don't personally use (and love) myself but just to be totally transparent you should know that some of the links on my site ARE affiliate links and I DO make a small commission from any sales that are made. In looking at advertising, what it boils down to in the most simple of terms is conveying a central idea using creativity so as to generate an emotional reaction and attract the widest attention.
Ask about Advertising Techniques or create your own page on this topic! GO TO: a€?What is Advertising?
The most basic of advertising techniques is simply showcasing your product, service or brand name itself in an attractive light.
Another set of standard advertising techniques is to provide your customers with an offer or incentive to buy from you (or to act).
It should go without saying that advertising involves a creative strategy and what I want to emphasize by including this as a separate sub-heading in this list of advertising techniques is that this is what makes the best ads work. People like to feel good about themselves and you can effectively market your product or service by utilizing advertising techniques that compliment people for using it. Similarly, any number of ads selling cars to deodorants often show how people who use a certain product are a€?hippera€? and a€?trendiera€? (while those who do not are not!). Similar advertising techniques aim at other emotions within the complete spectrum of a buyer's life by creating feel good scenes of friends and family. This is a fancy term for advertising techniques that imbue characteristics of life to your product. More common that turning your product into a character is using another character as a mascot for your product or service. We have all seen ads where customers a€“ or even actors a€“ provide testimonials and references for a given product or service and the effectiveness of these advertising techniques is well known.
In this age of big celebrity endorsements, it is good to note that you don't have to cough up millions of dollars to a star like Justin Timberlake in order to use these advertising techniques. Anything from a Better Business Bureau logo to this a€?As Seen on TVa€? sticker can add valuable credibility to your brand. The heart of a product is solving a customer problem or providing a unique benefit and many effective advertising techniques are built around promoting that one simple fact.
Advertising techniques that incorporate announcements can be about anything from new products and improvements to special events, offers and more. Curiosity can be used in other ways amongst advertising techniques and it is not unusual to see ads that don't seem to advertise anything but rather are stepping stones to something else. The phrase, a€?join the bandwagon!a€? can be applied to advertising techniques that send the message that everyone else is using a certain brand and that you should be too.
This is the opposite of the bandwagon approach and is where advertising techniques are designed to make you feel unique by purchasing a certain product or service. McDonald's are the king of big logos and prove the notion that advertising techniques incorporating the a€?bigger is bettera€? approach can work exceedingly well.
Some people hold that correct sales and marketing etiquette requires that you do not bash your competition because that makes you look bad. Advertising techniques that promote you as being the biggest, best, fastest, cheapest and so on come under this category. Part of what makes successful advertising techniques is relating to the lifestyle and values of your customers with your brand.
This is a spin of the classic sales technique of giving your customers alternatives, each of which result in a purchase. The best advertising techniques that employ this method simply tell customers what to do in a way that makes refusing seem out of the question (the mediocre ones say things like a€?Call Today!a€? or a€?Order Now!a€? which uses the same method). Sometimes you can simply behave as if a customer has already decided to purchase you product and include statements like, a€?Your order will be shipped within 3 business daysa€? and a€?We appreciate your businessa€?. Painting a picture of your customer enjoying the benefits of your product or service is a classic sales technique and one of the most powerful advertising techniques as well.

The Microsoft ad above under Visualization also demonstrates exaggeration and this Hot Pepper hot sauce ad also shows what I mean by these kinds of advertising techniques. Just as you are associating your brand with the ultimate ideal lifestyle and values of your customers, you can also use advertising techniques that associate your product or service with the finer things in life in general (or with anything that you want to). Patriotism may be the last refuge of a scoundrel according to Samuel Johnson but it also sells.
While this kind of messaging is usually reserved for non-profit organizations and the like, there are advertising techniques through which any business can utilize a similar angle for sales and marketing promotion. This is another common practice among advertising techniques where you link your brand to the support of an organization, cause or event in order to promote your own brand in doing so. Emotion is at the heart of what makes advertising techniques successful and so you could say that this is a vital ingredient that applies to any kind of advertising. Having metaphors, similes and allegories incorporated into your sales and marketing communications means the kinds of advertising techniques that compare using your product or service to something positive in order to make a favorable impression. Advertising Is Art I think that good advertising is as much a part of our culture as movies and other art and I think that your excellent article proves it!
How would you like to log into Facebook each morning to see a vibrant, thriving business page? And what if you could make new contacts daily, tapping into all that Facebook has to offer? It can help you take your business to the next level (IF you have a smart Facebook strategy in place). Whether you need to make a few simple tweaks to your current page or perform a complete overhaul, the tips in this post will help you get started.
Just because you build a Facebook business page doesn’t mean people are going to flock to it.
Add in details about your skills, talents, awards, who your perfect audience is and how you help your clients or users.
Just think about how some of the most popular taglines have stuck with you throughout the years.
Choose one that is easy to remember and will make people think of you every single time they hear it. From your Facebook graphics to your logo, videos, and cover image – create a seamless look and feel that’s a direct representation of your company. It’s one of the first things people will see and a perfect place to brand your business and tell your story. Take action and head over to Relay – choose the Facebook cover template and create your own unique design.
You should also allow them to gain insight into you and your business.Let people get to know you!
Share a useful tip, offer your advice, share words of wisdom or brighten your fans day by making them laugh.
Talk about an upcoming event and what your fans would gain by attending or following along on your adventure. Take the time today to put thought into each one and transform your Facebook page from blah and boring to branded and engaging. The post 5 Facebook Marketing Techniques to Get Your Page Seen appeared first on Rebekah Radice, Social Media Strategy.
We’re not an advertising or public relations firm, but we were founded out of the need to use digital channels and social interaction over the Web to improve results from marketing. The firm was founded by Mike Cichon, a Silicon Valley marketing veteran with over 20 years of combined Sales and Marketing experience in both large and small organizations. We’re experienced Silicon Valley marketers used to working with product teams to develop differentiating solution messaging and build compelling, visually interesting marketing content and sales tools.
There are many different social media marketing techniques, such as tweeting, posting in your Facebook news feed or making Facebook pages, or sharing on Stumble Upon, Google Plus, etc, and on this page, I will talk about the benefits of these different methods.
The thing about social media, is that you have to understand that the people who see your shares probably weren’t looking for it to start with, it is mainly sheer volume, and widespread appeal of the product or service that make it work. Twitter is pretty straightforward, you need to get heaps of followers, and tweet to them as much as possible, at the right time of day that they will see it, and with a message that appeals to the right demographic they fall into.
You can try to get Twitter followers who are very targeted to a particular subject, but this requires a huge amount of skill in finding those people in the first place, and getting them to follow you. The easiest way I have found to get tons of Twitter followers is through Twiends, where you can buy seeds that are used in exchange for Twitter followers, or you can earn the seeds by following other people on Twitter, or watching You Tube videos. There used to be another feature where you could like Facebook pages as well for seeds, but Facebook cancelled that option. Anyway, this can take a lot of time, or a lot of money, and that’s why I offer a service of helping people get Twitter followers by clicking the button for a few dollars an hour. You can go to the home page of the site to see the various services I’ve listed there that I can do, and I actually do many more things than those listed, but the Twitter followers is probably one of the most effective and best value things I have to offer. I have investigated many different ways of getting traffic from Facebook, and the options are basically making lots of friends and posting in your news feed, making groups, making Facebook pages, or paying for advertising with Facebook Ads. I have had a little luck posting links in my news feed to my 3,000 friends, although it is very easy to be viewed as a spammer, and if you try to get a large amount of traffic from your news feed, or a large amount of friends quickly, you will potentially lose your account.
I have made multiple Facebook pages, to try to space out the sharing, and they do seem to get a little bit of traffic, nothing to write home about, although one particularly interesting thing to report is that one of my Facebook pages is outranking the home page of this site for the same keyword phrase, affordable social media marketing services, and variants. I briefly tried using Facebook Ads, but found that it was as expensive or more expensive than Google Adwords. StumbleUpon is one of the best sites to do social marketing in my opinion, as long as you have a page that the vast majority of people who see it will like. It takes a while to get used to the way StumbleUpon works, and you really need to spend a lot of time getting followers who accept shares to their toolbar, so they can vote your page up. In return, you will have to vote their pages up, which can take a fair bit of time daily to do, depending on how many pages they share a day.
Look for profiles of stumblers who are themselves following a lot of people, and follow them. I vote up all shares from the red numbers on my toolbar, so long as those sharing do the same for me, and don’t share too many times in a day. I actually wrote this page the first time, before I’d even tried Google Plus, and this an update of the whole page. They do things such as give higher rankings to those who have the author tags set up on their pages. I generally just highlight all the suggestions and follow them, and hope they follow me back, or I plus one and share their posts until they do follow back.
I also use Linked In, Yahoo Answers, The Warrior Forum, Digitalpoint Forums, You Tube, blog commenting, video commenting, guest posts, and many other things to do with SEO to get traffic to this site.
Everyone who has a site can use some help in doing all of these things, as it takes literally thousands of hours, perhaps for each individual one of these big sites. So, if you need some help with social media marketing, or anything you think I might be able to do, send me a message, my email is in the sidebar. This infographic tells a dramatic story — how firms are using online marketing techniques to change the professional services marketplace. Learn which online marketing techniques are most effective and how multiple tools work together to deliver the strongest results.
Just go to the next person in hopes they don’t see you coming or you catch them half a sleep ? Meaning that when you offer them a Free product or Free report that is mouth watering and so enticing and relevant to what they are looking for they are more likely to say yes to giving you their email in exchange for that Free product or Free report. Once you have them in your funnel using and autoresponder like Aweber for example you can keep in touch with them and create a trust relationship with them.
And if you know anything about math, when you have to spend more to get more leads or consumers it cost you more to run your business.
What if you could get that same initial prospect and give them that same free report offer but asking them if they can share the information with their friends on facebook, twitter, GooglePlus etc… and in exchange you will Super Size their Free Gift. Buzzinar is a little plugin you install in your wordpress site and sits sandwiched in the middle of your prospecting lead funnel or your sales funnel and does this exact thing seamlessly. Today they go hand in hand which multiplies your lead generation and sales exponentially  by letting others do the heavy lifting for you. They are both equally as good but combined you leverage the benefits of both increasing your bottom line and turning your business in becoming more profitable too.
Some of these methods are mostly free and some are inexpensively enough to try out and achieve some success with your marketing. When we talk about social media the first ones that come to mind are the 800 pound gorillas in the room, Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Tumblr just to name the most popular ones.
All you need to do is find a list of websites or blogs in your niche or market whom are accepting banner ads on their sites and come to terms with what to pay for a specific amount of time. Facebook Ads is popular but its effectiveness is  dwindling as happened with Google Adwords in the 1990’s.
With this method your basically paying for some one to view your ad pop up over a related niche or market website. Try them all and see if you find one which works best for you and slowly scale your business accordingly. You have to formulate a plan and test each area individually piece by piece like a surgeon with a scalpel.
Don’t be afraid to test all marketing platforms because some will work better than others depending on what you are offering. Just like Instagram, Youtube is both Visual and Motion oriented which triggers emotions more effectively. Attraction Marketing is basically understanding the science behind human psychology and how to create powerful Ads, Content and How to craft magnetic words that prospects and leads want to hear because it is the solution to their problems they are looking for. List building is the art of getting interested leads and prospects to opting in to your email autoresponder form in exchange for something of value. If you are offering weight loss tips then a free report on how to loose weight would be appropriate for this market. This will allow you to stay in touch with your prospects and you can pretty much set all this up on autopilot.
For example: You can give away a free bootcamp on learning how to recruit people into their business.
Usually you just provide your link where you want the traffic to go to and they will write the email to their own lists. If your not afraid of getting in front of a camera than this is a great way to draw attention to your capture pages, blog or affiliate products.
So just find viral niche related articles on news sites with LOTS of shares and then re-write them, post them to your blog and then share them out from all of your social accounts. So instead of having to put in all the time and effort to create a video yourself you can simply leverage already popular and videos that are proven to be viral by simply posting them to your site and then posting them out from your social accounts. Something about infographics just makes people loooove to share them and they are a dead easy way to create viral content fast.
Here, I want to discuss these in a bit more detail as well as provide sample creative ads from leading brands around the world. The idea is connected with your product or service and is usually a key selling point or differentiator. Unless you are providing your customers with a foolproof reason to purchase your product or service, you are really wasting your time if you think about it. If you can think of a creative and memorable way of communicating your main selling point in an instant then you have a winning ad. The message here is simple: you are cool if you use our product and you are not if you don't.
Or it may be that you are shown a tragic scene like the TV ads of poor children in developing countries that are aired during the holiday season.
This is a techniques that is widely used in animation where animals and even inanimate objects like furniture can be made to appear humanlike. There are no ends of advertising techniques that do this using everything from animated characters to real ones. Think of the toothpaste ads that simply say, a€?more dentist use this branda€? or the Duracell battery ads that provide anecdotal endorsements of everyone from medical staff to scientists to space astronauts who rely on their batteries.
Aren't you more likely to purchase from a website that has multiple references from leading media outlets and security and safe transaction verifications? A lot of great ads create a powerful impact by depicting an extreme scenario that highlights the central problem that a given product solves or value that you provide (better than anyone else!). Advertising ongoing news about your product, service and company is a standard email marketing strategy and if you have something really big to announce, why not turn it into a standalone ad?

For instance, you might see a full page a€?Coming Soona€? ad in a newspaper that shows brand colors or some other recognizable feature which is then played out in coming days.
Curiosity and the fear of being left behind often compel people to follow up and even purchase because of the psychology that drives this approach.
A simple example are ads that tell you that you will miss long line-ups or get exclusive access (such as rental car service and airlines). Other companies have grown tremendously by doing just that, taking shots at the competition with every opportunity. Remember that when using statistics as various advertising techniques, the more precise, the better.
That means that a customer needs to see your message a€“ or variations of it a€“ that many times in order to recognize it and for it to influence him. In this age of hyper-competition, it is important to not only be able differentiate yourself from your competition, but state with confidence that you offer unbeatable value to your customer. Being hip is about positioning yourself as a social necessity for people within your target audience who want to express themselves to others.
Some advertising techniques go the opposite route to positioning users of their brand as desirable by making fun of those less fortunate people who do not (as well as making fun of other brands themselves!). For example, well trained restaurant servers will ask questions like, a€?Would you like Coke or Pepsi with that?a€? The classic example of this is Henry Ford's famous statement about his Model T Ford: a€?you can have it in any color you like, as long as it's blacka€?. In some scenarios, an ad can be structured like a sales script where you ask customers about their problem and then posit the purchase of your product or service as being the only reasonable course of action if that really is the case. Essentially, these kinds of advertising techniques communicate with your customer in a way that says, a€?we know you are going to purchase this and that is not even in question.a€? It does not take a degree in psychology to come up with subtle assumptive remarks of this nature within your advertising and a good way of picking up on these is to study ads that you come across yourself on a day-to-day basis.
This is a fundamental techniques in creative advertising: figure out your key selling point and then create an exaggerated scenario of it in order to hammer the message home instantaneously. The obscene ad for Bentley I could not help posting above with the other car ads above nevertheless is a powerful image of association by instantly conveying a rich, upper class aloofness that rises above the competitive bickering of the other ads. To feel an affinity for one's roots and country is natural and to position your brand as such is not a bad thing. The name of the game is to build you brand and if you can do this by providing a valuable and helpful message, then so much the better. Most Fortune 500 type companies have one or more charities that they publicly support and it is not unusual to see corporate sponsorship branding on everything from sporting events to TV shows to most any other high-publicity event (wherever there are lots of people, you will find lots of commercial interest!). Unless you can create an emotional reaction within the person who views your ad, you will not make a lasting impression on them.
What that long sentence means is that you can simply come up with creative ways to show how nice or beneficial your product is and leave it at that.
Perhaps you have implemented a new ad campaign that is working really well or have insights into how traditional advertising is being supplanted by newer methods.
There are a few things you need to do to ensure people can find you and that when they do, that they want to follow you. Use it to promote your products, share what’s happening within your business and talk about upcoming events. Your goal with a video should be to leave the person who just watched it feeling like you helped them.
We work with companies to define and socialize their corporate vision using Internet marketing techniques.
We bring marketing organizations fresh ideas based on deep, practical expertise in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Internet Advertising and Social Media Marketing (SMM). In the past decade Mike has worked with numerous venture-backed startups to bring innovative products to market. We use the latest tools to compare websites, keywords and link strategy to the competition. We also have deployment expertise with Marketo marketing automation and Hubspot inbound marketing applications and can help you select and implement a solution to suit your needs. The good thing about it in comparison is the advanced targeting options, such as age, gender, and even if someone has a degree. It’s a necessary evil, and I say that because I feel that Google is trying to take over social networking through directly linking it to rankings on Google. A new study shows that professional services firms that use online marketing techniques to generate 40% or more of their leads grow 4X faster and are 2X more profitable.
Most marketers say that this is an old antiquated marketing method that doesn’t work. The beauty of blogging is that it is an evergreen form of marketing because it stays on search engines data base and can be found easily by readers specially if the content is highly sought after.
These platforms are primarily used for social engagement but are also monetized through advertising and use of business pages. With Direct Mail you need to obviously get a list of addresses to mail to and you can do this by  going to your local post office or talking to someone on the phone to explain how their direct mailing program works.
But the fastest way to get instant data and reports on your marketing is using PPC advertising, it is instant and can give you a lot of great information too. However if your trying to promote a work from home business or other related niches you will not be able to since Facebook has blocked this kind of advertising but there are ways around it if you know how. This method usually does not require an exchange of funds you are simply borrowing their list and they are borrowing your list. Once again you just post the infographic to your site, post it out from your social accounts and then BOOM… free traffic!
You already know that you are the best at what you do and I hope that if one day I will be In Australia I will have the chance of meeting you so that I can buy you a Killo Of OG Kush or Lemon Haze! Some musicians say that all music has already been written and whatever music is composed nowadays is actually rearrangements of old compositions and melodies. The purpose of your ad is to grab the attention of your audience and leave them with a distinct positive impression about your offering that they will retain. Compared to the relatively drab a€?ordinarya€? world, seeing a bright and shiny product or service ad or logo makes it seem very appealing. A powerful way to do this is to come up with a compelling offer which makes it hard a€“ if not impossible!
As illogical as it might seem that people would buy into such messaging wholesale, they do.
When we see an object exhibiting the behavior and emotions of humans, we form a natural human connection with it. These characters can take on a variety of shapes, sizes and flavors but they all have one thing in common which is personality. Just having a high quality production or an ad where it is obvious that a lot of time and effort has been spent in developing it makes a big impression on your customers and can speak highly of your brand itself. Have you ever been tempted to follow up on an ad that announces a a€?Limited Time Offera€? or a revolutionary breakthrough of some sort or another?
Movie producers are great at using the power of curiosity to build up anticipation for upcoming releases. It is a fact that people in general spend a lot of time and effort a€?keeping up with the Jonsesa€?, so to speak, and if you are honest you will be surprised to find that a lot of your own behavior is driven by social prerogatives as well. This approach also applies to luxury brands that want to make you feel part of an elite group.
Whichever approach suits you, it is nevertheless always a good idea to position yourself as better than your competition with regards to your key differentiator(s). As well as the actual repetition of your ads themselves during the length of campaigns, these advertising techniques may be applied to your message itself where you repeat key phrases and your value proposition in order to your customer to retain those points. In Jim Collins' bestselling book on building a great company Good to Great, one of the rules of success is to figure out what you can do better than anyone else.
Brands like Rayban sunglasses and Doc Martin boots have been successful at appealing to the a€?hipa€? factor and breaking into mainstream success. You have no doubt seen many of these kinds of ads where anyone from the office nerd to the unseemly neighbor is represented with unattractive qualities that highlight the attractive qualities of brand users. What these advertising techniques boil down to is giving your customers choice and making sure you advertise it: Do you want another size, shape or color? There are no end of ads that do this and if you pay attention you will notice how prevalent this advertising technique is.
What kind of things do your target customers like that you can use to appeal to them by associating your brand with those things? Tim Horton's coffee is considered a national brand in Canada and is thought of with a lot of patriotic fondness by most customers. You don't have to go out of your way to create an iconic campaign like the popular a€?Got Milk?a€? ads in order to provide a public service message to your customers and the general public. Creating dramatic situations is one way of doing this and you will no doubt be familiar with many ads that do this, from TV ads showing family emergencies to creative print ads that showcase a dramatic scene within the lives of typical customers. It's like a kid holding their hands far apart and saying, a€?I love you THIS much!a€? Just finding a creative way to say how great you are bypasses the need to talk in detail about your product, service or the benefit you provide. Then we craft demand generation and branding programs that help products stand out and get noticed.
Then we apply our digital marketing expertise to identify the most productive inbound and outbound marketing techniques and the most compelling marketing assets.
It is similar in advertising as most advertising techniques are not new in themselves but are applied in new and creative ways with new gimmicks.
In looking at the following ad examples showcasing the various advertising techniques I discuss, you will notice the simplicity and power of these ads in conveying a central key idea.
I have written about the importance of developing a marketing personality for your business and the ultimate personification of this is a living, breathing a€“ or animated! I am not a pro-alcohol person, but you cannot help but be impressed by the presentation of this Bacardi ad, for example.
I am sure you can find many instances where you rely on the reviews and opinions of others before making a purchase. This ad for the movie a€?District 9a€? does a great job of advertising the theme of the movie without making any reference to it (apart from the website). The funny thing is that both techniques work: people want to feel special but also want to feel like they are not missing out on what everyone else is doing. Whether or not you name your competition outright and whether or not you saying things like, a€?they are a great company that I respecta€? - a standard sales line! You cannot be the best at everything, but if you are creative, you can often come up with areas where you can apply that sought-after #1 stamp to yourself.
It practically impossible not to visualize something that you are told to: picture a sleek, black car streaking along on a dark, moonlit night. I can think of a number just of of the top of my head including showing a couple of tortoises chatting about Internet speed and one of my favorite ads for Nabob coffee a€“ I prefer Colombian Juan Valdez!
You can see that in in this branding example, Tim Horton's is associating itself with Canada's national pastime (hockey) on Canada's nation TV station (CBC).
Select it and click on the button to choose it.Then click on the link if you want to upload up to 3 more images. Now your are probably saying to yourself OK, so how do I make money giving stuff away for free ?
If your product is not related to their list in most cases they will not send it to their lists.
Offers are often for a limited time in order to create urgency and common examples are of the a€?buy 1, get 1 freea€? or a€?order now and save 30%a€? variety. For example, if you are not #1 in your market, then perhaps you are in a certain geography or for a certain product or feature you provide. Studies A corollary to statistics are advertising techniques that reference studies. Advertisers want you to believe that only winners use their products and that in fact using the brand itself will make you cool.
I yet have to get my first paycheck but as you know the first niche you have will always be the hardest until you learn every little thing about this stuff! The cool thing is that you do not have to perform the study yourself in order to benefit from this approach (aha!).
Simply find relevant data and include it in your advertising either as a central focus or in passing (e.g.

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