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The free blog post headline analyzer will score your overall headline quality and rate its ability to result in social shares, increased traffic, and SEO value.
Amazon does a great job with cross selling, letting you know what products customers typically purchase with the item you’re looking at.
Upselling is when you aren’t so much interested in selling a customer a product related to the one they intend to buy, but instead want to sell them a higher-end version of it.
When you cross sell, you hone in on what the customer needs, and offer additional products or services because you think they could be a help. According to the book Marketing Metrics (hat tip: GrooveHQ), selling to a new customer carries a probability of 5–20%. 5 #MarketingTechniques make for a happier customer, especially if you are hitting their needs. You’ve heard the recommendation to pay attention to what’s being said to customer support to get ideas on content to create.
The key here is not to listen so that you can sell, but to listen to see if you have a solution to offer. A good in-post call to action (CTA) is one that makes sense and taps into the likely needs of the reader. Offering a free laundry detergent sample pack in the middle of a post about marketing makes no sense. For example, when you are buying a candy bar at a Big Box store and the clerk at the register sees a prompt on his computer and asks, in monotone, if you’d like to apply for a store credit card and save 10%. Or when you are trying to check out of an online store and you have to go through page after page of “add this! Upselling and cross selling work best on an individual level, or an audience-specific level. Features might solve problems, but they need to be translated into benefits in order for customers to see what problems they solve. Neil Patel uses GoDaddy as an example (and boy, does that company like to do the upsell) of mistaking features as the selling point. Patel points out that GoDaddy tends to sell based on features without really explaining why these features are a benefit. Knowing that other people went for the upsell and the cross sell convinces people it’s probably safe to do so, too.
Apps such as Uberflip and Storify (or even our very own #CoChat summary blog posts) indicate that readers like to see content bundled into one place. Creating a bundle of products makes the upselling and cross selling much easier, because your customer can easily see that they are getting added value. Talking about it as upselling and cross selling simply takes what you know about content marketing, and turns it on its head a bit so you can think about it in a new way.
Join one of our resident customer coaches for a 20-minute guided tour, followed by a Q&A session. Save time scheduling social media in bulk & work more strategically with premium integrations. Work smarter with robust social automation, auto-pilot publishing, and data driven intelligence. A calendar that will give you more control and even better insight over your team's schedule. I’m still trying to figure out how I can use social proof when my presence is so small. Debbie Rodrigues Social proof can be hard when your presence is so small, but it always something good to keep in mind as you grow and continue to promote your blog. We totally agree, more hours would be fantasitc and even that wouldn’t be enough time. Give the viewers to shop your product by instilling some good offers in an visual content format.
Combine all these for a scavenger hunt campaign: use QR codes to post clues for mobile devices, link to a Google map and locations, integrate the campaign on your blog, Twitter, and LinkedIn, ask fans to submit photos of the sites on the scavenger hunt, and do an ad promoting it. You need a website before you could make usage of these reduced expense Web marketing approaches. This is the procedure of recruiting a network of smaller websites referred to as affiliates to drive targeted traffic to an internet site. Sending out newsletters to your customers (those who signed up for your newsletters) will help significantly in developing a good working relationship with your clients or prospective customers. As one of the very best affordable Online marketing devices, it remains as an essential approach of keeping your customers aware of your services and items.
Search engines will have to index your internet site if you put quality content in the type of posts in your internet site along with your items and services. Expand your Net network is through signing up with forums that mainly goes over stuff relating to or connected to your products and services. Julian Wong is a Bathroom Singer Extraordinaire, RC Car Freak, "Challenged" Dad of 2 Hyperactive Kids, and adopter of Handsome but Foul-Breathed X-Bred Dog. These marketing concepts ” Attraction Marketing and Word of Mouth Marketing ” have been around for longer than most care to know and understand!
Even though these marketing techniques have been claimed to have started in the early 1900’s the fact is that they where using these methods of marketing back as far as sales have been around. Attraction marketing has always been an essential part of attracting a potential consumer just to get them to allow you to have a conversation with the prospect without being confrontational or pushy which usually pushes the potential consumer to say that they are not interested in your product and want no part of what you have to offer.
Today attraction marketing is done through the use of technology using the internet, email marketing, ppc marketing, facebook marketing, native ads, ppv marketing and many others but all are done online.
Even when sales were done through direct marketing methods of going door to door having a Kerbie salesman show up at your door trying to sell you a vacuum cleaner, they had to use their charisma ( Attraction Marketing ) to get in the door before they can pitch you their product. The fact is that most income today is made on the back end product of your sales process not on the front end product. But, this sales process or prospecting method is a little antiquated even though it is really effective you have to pitch one potential consumer or prospect at a time which makes it not to cost effective. They have been using this marketing technique very successfully for a few years now and those extra .50 cents per order multiplied by millions add up to a healthy profit.
But what if you could use the old attraction marketing formula and integrate it with a new Super Size order taker on auto-pilot using a clever software that does it for you.
Before they were treated as separate forms of marketing your business because no-one had figured it out yet.
So, which marketing method is better in today’s advanced technological leads doubling and even tripling your prospects and consumers ?
Checkout the Buzzinar video to see how it can help you become a more cost effective marketing strategy. If you would like to learn how to apply attraction marketing to your business then get a free 10 day marketing bootcamp.
Share your comments below and let us know what you think and marketing tips you would like to share with our audience…Thank You!
Even with the diversity and huge amounts of platforms to use in marketing there are still many who struggle with this in their business. I personally recommend that you try one marketing strategy and platform at one time so you can focus better on getting the best results possible in your testing phase.
Email Marketing – This form of marketing is one of the most profitable and can sustain a business for a long term as long as you have developed a good relationship with your email subscribers. Social Media – This is a broad and expanding area of marketing since new social media platforms are coming up almost everyday. Content Marketing – Content marketing is a hot trend today and many are using it very effectively. Mobile Marketing – Mobile marketing has surpassed your typical online marketing and it is still an affordable way to get gobs of traffic to your website or blog. Word of Mouth – This marketing tactic is still a very viable way of getting traffic to your site specially if you have something to offer people are in need of.

Press Release Marketing – Press Releases are very powerful way of marketing but it would be of interest to you to invest in someone writing it professionally for you unless you consider yourself a good writer. Direct Mail – Many believe that this marketing strategy is dead but take a look at what you get in the mail. Search Engine Marketing – Search engine marketing is one of the most effective and fastest ways of marketing but one of the most expensive.
PPV Marketing – Pay Per View Marketing is another way of getting people to find your business or products. There are many more marketing tactics available other than these mentioned here but these are some of the more popular and effective ways to market to your audience. If your still baffled about your marketing and how to go about it you could try attraction marketing method to recruit people into your business. Over the last several years we have used many different marketing tricks and strategies to test what works more cost effectively and delivers results. One of the marketing tactics we have learned to use consistently has been split testing marketing campaign after marketing campaign.
You would be surprised to know what little things make such a big difference in CTR’s ( Click Through Rates ) and Conversions to sales. By split testing everything in your marketing including your site navigation, the copy of your site and even your opt-in forms you can find what is working and what is not. It does take patience and perseverance to see it through satisfying results but in the end the winning formula rewards are impressive and more importantly more profitable.
When entrepreneurs are just starting out they only associate marketing tactics directly to Ads, Social Media Marketing, and Advertising of any sort. You must consider everything in your sales funnel from Ads to Getting prospects to take the actions you expect them to take. Youtube – This is the reason why billions of people visit this site every single month.
Attraction Marketing – If I would have to start all over again from scratch this is a marketing tactic I would learn first. My friend and mentor Ferny crafted this powerful free bootcamp that gives you an insight to this effective marketing tactic. Share this with someone who deserves more success and you care about, let’s help some more people! And if that wasn’t enough watch this video…It will make you rethink about marketing on Facebook anymore! WARNING: We only have 1000 spots on our webinar system available and space will fill up fast so register now to avoid missing out. This webinar is packed with high quality content and will fill up fast!
First, you will need a website to place your opt-in form to collect your leads and prospects emails.
Second, you will need an email autoresponder like Aweber or Getresponse email management system where you can manage all your lists if your going after multiple niches. Third thing you will need is a product, newsletter or report you can give away to get your leads to opt-in in exchange for their email information.
If you don’t want to go through the headache of building a lead funnel there are great systems like EMP already designed with everything in place and all you have to do is send traffic and collect commissions every month. Facebook PPC – One of the quickest list building tactics you can use is PPC marketing.
Google Adwords PPC – Like Facebook, Google frowns on work from home advertising but again you can get around it if you give away a free ebook of some sort in a related niche but not directly related if that makes sense. Ad Swaps – If you have a list already, you could do an ad swap with someone who has a related niche list as well. Blogging – This method requires using SEO strategies, a little more effort and work on your part because you are depending on the traffic to come from organic searches online.
If you have a new site it can take a little while to start generating some significant traffic.
This will be your own real estate online and once you get it going and updating regularly in the long term it is a wise move. This also allows you to brand yourself as an expert and can create a loyal following for years to come and more importantly no one can kick you out of your own house but if you are using someone else’s real estate they can kick you out any time they please. Another area that you MUST pay attention to is, How to attract people to your products, newsletters and free reports. How are you going communicate with your audience to generate leads and prospects into your business ? The key to success is, Writing and crafting an ad, an email or content for your blog that includes the right message which attracts them to you even if they don’t buy from you at first.
This is why attraction marketing and knowing these methods or strategies are number one priority and can allow you to practically write your own check by being able to recruit endless leads and prospects into your business without wasting time and money chasing dead beat leads. Share this with someone who deserves more success and you care about, let’s help some people!
It’s selling a customer something that they might be interested in based on what they’re already buying. Upselling is less about what the customer needs and more about painting a rosy picture of how the more expensive item has more value for them. Getting new customers costs much more than keeping the ones you already have, even though most of us get caught up in focusing on getting new ones. These techniques also make for a happier customer, particularly if you’re really hitting their needs and providing help.
You should also use what you’re learning there to spot where upselling and cross selling might work. When an upsell or cross sell is done correctly, you make a profit, yes, but more importantly, you create a deeper relationship with the customer. On this blog, we like to offer related ebooks and worksheets that go along with the content for those readers who want something to print out and use offline. Unrelated and nonsensical attempts at upselling and cross selling numb your customer to ever buying.
And nothing upsells like seeing a more expensive product getting five stars when the cheaper version you were looking at has only three.
They do some of the upselling for you, if you simply make them visible at a crucial moment and location. Why not pull together several products that are related and show the customer that they can get the bundle for less than they’d get all three separately? For example, put together a collection of your best ebooks, or your most helpful worksheets. Bundle your content, products, or services with someone else’s content, products, or services.
Instead of having to enter an email address and download each individual item, they can get extremely valuable content bundles in one fell swoop. I just sent my email (I had to do a little dance first and that is why it took me a little long). My personal blog isn’t terribly high-traffic, so social proof is a struggle for me there. You could add the importance of your product and offers in an infographic version or videos to derive more traffic to your brand. That is a very interesting suggestion, we might have to look into trying something like that! To gain fans’ attention and keep it, marketers need to create novel campaigns, or put a unique spin on familiar techniques. Use this infographic, listing 64 marketing techniques in eight Facebook feature categories. Let fans select the winner by voting, a hugely successful Facebook technique, as contest participants ask their friends to vote by visiting your page. You do not need to invest millions of dollars just to get some good exposure for your business.

Right here are basic methods that you may employ to improve the visibility of your company without spending more than what you can comfortably pay for. Just ensure to avoid spamming or quickly enough you will need to shut down you company due to complaints. Getting you website indexed by prominent online search engine indicates more traffic for you.
Just go to the next person in hopes they don’t see you coming or you catch them half a sleep ? Meaning that when you offer them a Free product or Free report that is mouth watering and so enticing and relevant to what they are looking for they are more likely to say yes to giving you their email in exchange for that Free product or Free report.
Once you have them in your funnel using and autoresponder like Aweber for example you can keep in touch with them and create a trust relationship with them. And if you know anything about math, when you have to spend more to get more leads or consumers it cost you more to run your business. What if you could get that same initial prospect and give them that same free report offer but asking them if they can share the information with their friends on facebook, twitter, GooglePlus etc… and in exchange you will Super Size their Free Gift. Buzzinar is a little plugin you install in your wordpress site and sits sandwiched in the middle of your prospecting lead funnel or your sales funnel and does this exact thing seamlessly. Today they go hand in hand which multiplies your lead generation and sales exponentially  by letting others do the heavy lifting for you. They are both equally as good but combined you leverage the benefits of both increasing your bottom line and turning your business in becoming more profitable too. Some of these methods are mostly free and some are inexpensively enough to try out and achieve some success with your marketing.
When we talk about social media the first ones that come to mind are the 800 pound gorillas in the room, Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Tumblr just to name the most popular ones.
All you need to do is find a list of websites or blogs in your niche or market whom are accepting banner ads on their sites and come to terms with what to pay for a specific amount of time. Facebook Ads is popular but its effectiveness is  dwindling as happened with Google Adwords in the 1990’s. With this method your basically paying for some one to view your ad pop up over a related niche or market website. Try them all and see if you find one which works best for you and slowly scale your business accordingly. You have to formulate a plan and test each area individually piece by piece like a surgeon with a scalpel. Don’t be afraid to test all marketing platforms because some will work better than others depending on what you are offering. Just like Instagram, Youtube is both Visual and Motion oriented which triggers emotions more effectively.
Attraction Marketing is basically understanding the science behind human psychology and how to create powerful Ads, Content and How to craft magnetic words that prospects and leads want to hear because it is the solution to their problems they are looking for. List building is the art of getting interested leads and prospects to opting in to your email autoresponder form in exchange for something of value.
If you are offering weight loss tips then a free report on how to loose weight would be appropriate for this market. This will allow you to stay in touch with your prospects and you can pretty much set all this up on autopilot.
For example: You can give away a free bootcamp on learning how to recruit people into their business. Usually you just provide your link where you want the traffic to go to and they will write the email to their own lists.
If your not afraid of getting in front of a camera than this is a great way to draw attention to your capture pages, blog or affiliate products. Or, you’re trying to check out online and the website keeps offering you new deals to consider. When done poorly, they annoy the heck out of people who just want to give you their money so they can go on their merry way. Granted, they might buy things that “solve” a problem in a roundabout or seemingly unrelated way (e.g. It’s good buzz for both of you, and a good way to find an audience with who you choose to partner with. She has been blogging since 2002 at her Lone Prairie blog, and works as a freelance writer and visual artist. Randomly select one marketing tactic from each category, and combine them for an innovative marketing campaign.
There are methods to make your company be seen and felt without doing overkill with your ad spend.
This could possibly be done with trading links to other businesses that are related with yours. Empower Network has an in-built follow-up system that encourages your leads to get on the conference calls, read the company blog, and sign up. You can avoid that by doing your E-mail Marketing via a E-mail List Marketing service like GetResponse. Magic Submitter can also help distribute your articles and press releases to multiple websites at once, while Spin Rewriter helps you save time by rewriting any supplied article. You require a website prior to being able to make use of these affordable Web marketing methods. Most marketers say that this is an old antiquated marketing method that doesn’t work.
The beauty of blogging is that it is an evergreen form of marketing because it stays on search engines data base and can be found easily by readers specially if the content is highly sought after.
These platforms are primarily used for social engagement but are also monetized through advertising and use of business pages.
With Direct Mail you need to obviously get a list of addresses to mail to and you can do this by  going to your local post office or talking to someone on the phone to explain how their direct mailing program works. But the fastest way to get instant data and reports on your marketing is using PPC advertising, it is instant and can give you a lot of great information too.
However if your trying to promote a work from home business or other related niches you will not be able to since Facebook has blocked this kind of advertising but there are ways around it if you know how. This method usually does not require an exchange of funds you are simply borrowing their list and they are borrowing your list.
I just avoid advertising the low numbers (social share count widgets, number of comment widgets, etc.) and focus on writing. If you do not already have a product, Empower Network is one ready-to-use High-Value Information Product with ready-made sales funnels and marketing plan that you can immediately go about recruiting affiliates for. Magic Submitter simplifies that process by helping you manage multiple tasks at the same time. But for something specific to another business, or as a supplement, look at E-mail Advertising. Not only are they on major white-list servers to ensure mail-delivery, they also allow you to do Electronic Newsletters and even offer readership metrics. From verge of bankruptcy, made TITANIC rebound ONLINE and is now a FB Marketing Coach and Daily Inspiration to many. Now your are probably saying to yourself OK, so how do I make money giving stuff away for free ? If your product is not related to their list in most cases they will not send it to their lists.

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