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Marketing planning focuses directly on customers and their needs and how to best meet those needs in a profitable manner. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. In a world where markets are becoming increasingly fragmented and blurred, Censydiam Market Structure uncovers category and cross category opportunities for growth, by helping you to better understand the marketplace from a consumer perspective. Showsmarketstructure froma consumer perspective, enabling you to visualize ‘what competes with what’. By overlaying behavioral data or other business information onto the perceptual market structure map, it helps to understand the key dynamics operating in your market. Evaluates potential brand stretch strategies by assessing size of the prize and feasibility of the opportunities.

Identifiesthe competitive frame of reference for newconcepts, to ascertain in which (sub)categories these new concepts will fall into, or in which new domains they will compete. Sizing brand stretch opportunities foryour brand, i.e.can my brand compete in different product domains?
The beginning of the process is always sound market information that is integrated into meaningful market intelligence. They can also be used for other sales and marketing projects that are either about to get underway, or are already underway but seriously drifting from their original goal! On the upside, the opportunities for cross-selling  across different business areas are often very high. It tells you if your brand could stretch to other categories or if it could extend and create new categories.

A key element of the process must ensure that the next step and implementation conforms to the strategies and tactics. Too many times, the creative process (if advertising is included in the plan) overwhelms the strategies, and thus the effort is less likely to succeed.

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