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Mobile marketing is changing as quickly as the phone models are, and keeping up with all of the cool gadgets to help us traverse this useful and now-indispensable technology is challenging but fun. Swipely – Essentially an online payments site, Swipely has branched out to incorporate a mobile loyalty program.
2. Knovio® is an innovative tool for turning PowerPoint® slides into rich video presentations with just a web browser and webcam or with a mobile app on the Apple ipad. 3. Pixel Perfect Digital offers free stock photos, backgrounds, textures and other design elements. You’ll be joining the 130,000 Smart Insights members from 80 countries who trust our advice to Plan, Manage and Optimize their marketing. It’s an impressive visual and it’s useful for a top-level gap analysis of range of digital tools available against those we do and should use, but we wonder whether our interest in tools can distract from getting the marketing fundamentals which we feature in our Strategy and Planning section. Customer segmentation strategy - we asked Jo Taylor to outline 10 tests that your customer segmentation strategy is effective.
The Future of Brand Marketing - Dan Bosomworth summarised major changes in the way we should plan brand marketing prompted by Paul Adams, author of Grouped. Global Internet Trends - a new report from Mary Meeker, arguably the most respected and followed one of analysts of Internet and particularly mobile trends. We also covered examples of digital marketing in different industries and types of company this month including Ecommerce merchandising, Digital marketing for charities, Legal Services Digital Marketing, Marketing a startup, Travel marketing, Promoting a local business through Instagram and Local SEO . Using Facebook Domain Sponsored Stories - According to Marie Page, these are currently under utilised by brands. Google’s latest recommendations on SEO for mobile sites - Google warned that rankings may be impacted by errors in mobile site setup. Analysing customer journeys to improve the online customer experience - one of our most popular posts this month reviewing techniques to review the online customer journey. Tools for building mobile responsive websites - a more technical article on RWD looking at a range of tools.
There are many challenges marketing executives face when wanting to promote their products and services online. This infographic explains how many businesses are using new and present methods on how to integrate new online tools into their marketing strategies. This infographic from comes to us via Ford Knoxville and explores “How Marketing Executives are Adapting to Online Tools”. Victoria Reynolds is an avid writer, who enjoys learning about electronics and technological advancements that make life easier.
The crux of your writing while appearing agreeable in the beginning, did not settle perfectly with me personally after some time.
DesignCrowd is an online marketplace providing logo, website, print and graphic design services by providing access to freelance graphic designers and design studios around the world.
With so many marketing tools available, it’s easy to lose track of what is new and popular. Get the full value from curated content you share on social media by automatically adding your presence and promoting your content with every external link. We’ve all shared curated content on our social channels before and probably wondered if that is actually helping us drive traffic to our own site, or just creating fans of other sites.
With start a FIRE, you can now capture some of that traffic, by enticing you audience to click back to your site. After that, you can refine your list by eliminating the people you don’t want to reach out to, or anything that is duplicated or irrelevant. The tool even integrates with Google Apps, Gmail, and Twitter, making the actual outreach a breeze. Right now, they’re offering a free 14-day trial, and after that, they have plans starting at $49 per month. See how visitors are really using your website, collect user feedback and turn more visitors into customers.
Imagine a single tool that allows you to use heatmaps, recordings, funnels, forms, polls, surveys, and more on your site, all with minimal setup. My favorite feature is the ability to record web sessions and see how your users behave in real-time on your pages.

I’m always on the lookout for new inbound marketing tools, especially before they become mainstream. Nicholas ScaliceI’ll show you how to get more traffic, leads, sales, and referrals using inbound marketing tools, tactics, and strategies that actually work.
Click the orange button below, enter your email address, and I'll send you inbound marketing tips, tactics, strategies, case studies, and tool reviews that you won't find anywhere else.
During college I began seriously considering launching my own company and started doing research to gather information about how best to proceed.
This was one of the very first books that I read on the subject of branding and it’s still one of my favorites. Primal Branding primarily focuses on the seven elements of a brand as defined by Patrick Hanlon and provides examples of how established companies have used these elements to stand out from the competition. The book is split into four major categories: blogging, social networking websites, video and podcasting, and search engine marketing. Great resource for following news, trends, and tips related to social media and technology. The NYCEDC is a city agency that uses the city’s assets to promote economic growth within the five boroughs.
SIBL (pronounced Sybil) is a branch in the New York Public Library (NYPL) System that is located on Madison Avenue between 34th St & 35th St. So to help you stay informed, here are 3 new tools we’ve found that we now wonder how we ever did without them!
Those days are gone of customers fumbling through their purse or wallet, searching for that tiny loyalty card to the establishment they’re frequenting. is an app that allows businesses to send and receive texts from customers via their computer, phone or iPad, everything from simple reminders to promotional sales messages. With Knovio, you can take static PowerPoint slides to a new level with video and audio presentations that can be accessed anytime from just about any device and shared with others through email and social media. Excellent for sending larger files to clients or customers or for sending files to marketing professionals.
It summarises the range of digital marketing channels and tools available to reach and interact with our audiences online.
She explains how to use what she sees as a very low-cost way of increasing visibility and engagement with an ad type that seems to have really high CTR. You will probably know about the first one already if it has impacted you since there are reports in significant falls in search rankings for some sites. In his “must-read” review of recent algorithm changes Daniel Rowles explains that these algorithms are designed to highlight only the best results from a search term and Penguin 2.0 has been created to weed out paid for content that masquerades as ‘real’ content such as advertorials, sponsored content etc so that the user finds only authentically produced content that meets their requirements.
We featured this new roadmap from Gartner and two other tools for reviewing the range of digital tools. Not only do they face the challenge of having to evolve using new internet marketing tools, but they must also find ways to incorporate them into their brand. You can start reaching out via email, tweets, and direct messages to the folks on your list. If you’re using anything and want to share it, please add a comment below or hit me up on Twitter.
Along the way I found the books, magazines, websites, and government resources listed below. It provides laws (or best practices) for building a brand and supports the laws with case studies of primarily large companies. The book could be useful for a wide array of business readers but I think it could be especially useful for startups and young companies that are trying to figure out how they should position themselves.
The book promotes the idea of using pull instead of push marketing to generate interest and sales. The book goes into detail about how to set up a profile, terminology, features, management tools, etc.
Most of my complaints are tied to my personal preferences and business goals so I would still recommend that you read a few issues and form your own opinions.
A lot of the information is for general audiences but every so often they post articles focused on using social media for business.

They offer entrepreneur programs (some of which seem to be tied into NYC Small Business Services programs), incubators and workspaces, etc. Red Stamp is a free Apple app that allows users to send wonderfully customized electronic and printed cards or notes in the blink of an eye. Swipely makes it easy with a text to join application that allows users to join with one simple text message.
The site offers a familiar interface and the same ease-of-use that people loved about Picnik. Facebook also updated Page Insights and announced the use of hashtags, both of which are not fully rolled out yet.
Eventually, they realize that this is human world, building relationship is much more important than selling.
The tool with then try to hunt down as many email addresses, Twitter handles, and contact forms as possible. Hotjar is more for analytics and figuring out what your site visitors are doing, and how they like your content. I meet a lot of aspiring and current entrepreneurs and figured that instead of emailing this list of resources to individuals it would be a better idea to make it available on the internet and continuously add items as I find them.
The book goes beyond creating the visual elements of a brand and touches on how to build and manage a brand so it could be useful for anyone who manages a company or product. The idea is that interruption advertising is becoming increasingly inefficient because consumers now have greater control over the content to which they are exposed so the solution is to offer content and experiences that consumers will seek out. If you’ve already used Twitter, you could probably read specific chapters or skip to the 30-day guide at the end of the book. However, in exchange for completing a contact form and providing information about your company they will email you white papers, tips, webinar invitations, etc focused how you can use inbound marketing to promote your company.
There is a small SCORE office located on-site and there are dedicated librarians with whom you can schedule appointments to get assistance with finding information or doing research. With lots of templates to select from, you are never unable when it comes to finding the perfect design or messaging to send out. This type of program is invaluable for restaurants and retailers who are seeking ways to keep and win new customers. is totally free for the first 100 messages, and is very inexpensive after that, even if you end up sending tons of texts! Moreover, Nielsen has a latest consumer report says that globally 92% of people around the world would believe recommendations from the one they know (world of mouth marketing). SumoMe on the other hand is primarily focused on helping you build your subscriber list with opt-in offers, lead capture overlays, etc. The book provides a guideline for creating remarkable content, using various tools to promote that content to prospective customers, and then converting those prospects into customers.
A wealth of information is available on the website but there are also several offices located around the city where you could schedule an appointment to speak with someone face-to-face. There are also a variety of workshops and seminars offered during the day and also in the evening. Mobile loyalty programs such as these can also be great for list building, which can also expand your business. So, it’s important to both track and analyze your site data, and also optimize your site for conversions. A lot of the content featured in the magazine is also available in some form online so I would recommend starting with the website and then subscribing to the magazine if you like the content.
The coolest part is though, is the cards sent via email, text or Facebook and Twitter are free! If you would like send a printed card, it is physically mailed to the address of your choice for only $1.99 each.

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