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Providing consistently valuable content has always been a staple of online marketing, and it’s going to become more important than ever.
These changes mean that online marketers will have to rely on organic SEO generated by strong content to boost search engine rankings.
Traditional inbound links still carry more weight than social media mentions, but that dynamic is shifting. In 2014, blending social strategies with SEO will help businesses enrich their content marketing efforts and drive organic search results. As online consumers have become desensitized to banners and frame ads, the sheer number of advertisements has increased in a bid to gain attention. Attesting to this is the rise of sites like Pinterest and Buzzfeed, the immediate popularity of infographics, and the fact that the most popular articles and blog posts with the most social shares contain clear, well-placed images. Properly labeling images with relevant file names and ALT tags will also strengthen your SEO and improve the accessibility of your content.
Next year’s Internet marketing battlefield will play out largely on mobile devices, as a growing number of users expects to access products, services, apps, and information on smartphones and tablets.
Drew Hendricks is a professional business and startup blogger that writes for a variety of sites including The Huffington Post, Forbes and Technorati.
You’ll be joining the 130,000 Smart Insights members from 80 countries who trust our advice to Plan, Manage and Optimize their marketing.
Update: I update this post annually with a new poll on the techniques that readers think is important.
Many of the trends I identified below will remain key digital marketing activities in 2015. Each year, I review the latest trends in Digital Marketing to help define digital technologies and marketing techniques which will give options for companies to grow their businesses. Please select ONE area of marketing which you believe will give you the greatest commercial benefits in the year ahead. The results are below and show a familiar patterns with same 3 "usual suspects" still rated the most important commercially.
So, it seems as if the three core areas of investment in marketing for 2014 are likely to continue to be Mobile and Content Marketing and Big Data in many businesses.
But, I would like to think that Conversion Rate Optimisation and Marketing Automation will increase in investment since these are about process and improving performance, so they can potentially offer lower risk returns than other activities. Since the main top-level trends, the “Usual Suspects” are likely to be similar for 2014, I thought that this, year it would be interesting and more useful to drill deeper to see which specific digital marketing technologies and techniques will be important trends in 2014. In the next sections I'll briefly run through key techniques I recommend focus on for 2014. How Digital Marketing integrates with other marketing channels is the biggest challenge of implementing digital marketing I see, more important than any tactics for specific channels. In 2011, when we launched Smart Insights Expert membership, we defined these 11 factors for marketing success that we believe are important. Growth hacking is a concept from startup companies that is being applied more to larger organisations in 2013 - some even have Growth Hacker in their Job Title.
We recommend the success factor mapping technique based on the Ishikawa approach as a way of defining investment in platforms and activities to drive growth.
Modern Marketing naturally focuses on the customer and we’ve seen more focus on use of Customer Personas to help here as part of Customer Experience Management. Success in online marketing has always been about how you invest to build a brand online across different digital platforms. As we’ve reported in our weekly alerts, 2013 has seen a growth in targeting options in each of Facebook (e.g.
We have reviewed different media attribution techniques for several years now, but they were never going to be widely adopted until free tools were available as Google has now done through Multichannel Funnels. Google’s earlier developments to bring customer touchpoint point modelling to the mainstream have been added to in 2013 by the new Attribution Modeling Tool and its Customer Journey Mapping benchmark. Google and Facebook acted in 2013 to increase their ad revenue from customers using mobile devices, this was a major threat to their revenue model. In 2013 Twitter’s 6 second Vine videos - examples, Instagram - see examples and Snapchat have become increasingly important with many brands trialling campaigns.
Search continues to be a major driver of visits, leads and sales for most businesses, so it’s important that companies, or their agencies are on top of the latest changes in the Google algorithm. In the SEO recommendations, there is a big focus on how to achieve content quality and social signals to show authority, so attention on how to develop what Neil Patel calls “Epic” content, Michael Stelzman calls “Nuclear” content should be a strategic focus of marketing in 2014. The development of more interactive content marketing techniques will be a trend in 2014 – take a look at this interactive HTML5 Match Day dashboard from Man City as an example. Of course Content Marketing is two words and I think marketers’ efforts often focus too much on the Content rather than the Marketing – I think we’re guilty of that. There are some really interesting examples of mobile responsive landing pages being developed - rather than traditional, static form based pages, it will be interesting to see how these develop in 2014.
When we asked recently “when did you last update your website?” Over 50% in the poll hadn’t done a major update in the last year – shocking!
The increased use of mobile technology means that all structured testing and experiments need to take this into account too. We regularly advise on better use of analytics to drive sales improvements on Smart Insights. To develop the best customer experiences you have to go beyond the hard data from analytics and get real feedback from real customers. While discussion of using the individual social platforms will continue, a more holistic approach looking at integrating social media with web and email touch points should continue as part of Social CRM. Throughout this review, mobile has played an important part and email marketing is no exception, since the data shows the majority of email interactions are now in Mobile for consumer brands. I’ve been recommending the use of the event-triggered email marketing or what we now call behavioural email for many years. Attribution research showing the channel that influences online sales typically shows for retailers that email is usually one of the top three sales drivers whether first touch or for last touch.
Our final trend is one of the most exciting, but also one of the most frightening, as will be discussed a lot in 2014 as Google Glass goes on sale. If you prefer to listen, hear my interview discussing the trends with Ciaran Rogers of Target Internet. This is part of the regular Target Internet Digital Marketing podcast which is one of the best ways of keeping up-to-date with the latest in digital marketing. At the beginning we set a goal to get somewhere and then we set specific measurable objectives showing how we will get there. Recent survey says that Companies spend over 10% of revenue on Marketing (Digital Marketing Spending accounts for 25% of that, with a 9% increase in 2013) – Gartner Report (U.S. Content Marketing – Internet has really changed the way world functions today and marketers are using it to place or promote new product and acquire more customers. Direct Mail Marketing – Even though many see direct mail marketing services as an old way to promote business, growing number of marketers use mailing services to reach targeted audience.
Ad Re-Targeting – This marketing technique has really become super popular recently and growing number of marketers are using it.
On the social front, research shows that 52% of Facebook users are male while 48% are female. If you are looking to advance your business or online campaign in Southeast Asia, here are some important statistical data you just might want to learn about before you start.
There are total of 200+ ranking factors; a fact that we all know but how do each factor actually effect your website rankings? Content Marketing – Content marketing has been around since 1895 and is still in practice today. Mobile Marketing – Interestingly, mobile marketing is slowly emerging and establishing itself to become one of the more dominant forms of marketing.
Google’s famous hummingbird algorithm officially rolled out this past September 27, 2013 which meant a whole of changes were coming to the SEO world.
To non-SEO specialists (like you or me), the new algorithm makes searching a whole lot easier; results are pulled from websites and displayed on the front page in forms of interactive graphs, sliding image galleries or even showcasing music and videos. Online business success is now all about staying up-to-date with digital trends; especially keeping an eye out for emerging trends and to quickly adapt your business accordingly. Syndacast is a digital marketing agency known for its expertise in employing strategically creative marketing tools and strategies to drive not only traffic but conversions for client websites. To read more about CRO best practice, we proudly present our very first infographic here below the cut. Content marketing will be bigger in 2014 and by successfully utilizing content marketing strategies, businesses can build a sturdy reputation within the industry. Simplistic marketing strategies will be preferred over any other kind of marketing style, keeping in accordance with the shift in customer preferences.
It’s high time mobile marketing apps became popular and statistics predict that 2014 is the year for it to happen. As most search engines like Google try to provide users with high quality content, SEO will become the top priority of online marketers. If you are finalizing your plans for marketing in 2014, we are seeing some trends that you would do well to bear in mind as you do so.

Some of these have been coming a long while, and then are a couple that are new to the game. Content Marketing – Ensuring your content is top-notch and that there is a lot of it is your task for 2014.
Retargeting – A trend that is gaining interest fast, retargeting is the practice of having your ads follow customers around. Social Signals and SEO – Although some point out that social signals carry little weight in the search algorithm up to now (like they know!) it’s likely to be poised for a larger role as we develop into a progressively more social web. Demographic targeting in ads – You now have the capability to target your advertising with the precision of a smart bomb. Charlotte Howard is a Woman Entrepreneur, 4x’s Best Selling Author, CEO of Charlotte Howard Consulting, LLC, CEO & Founder of Hair Artist Association, LLC, Publisher of Hair Artist Lifestyle Magazine, Founding Premier Member of Women Speakers Association, Founding Member of Impact and Facilitator for Time for Mom-Me. Subscribe to HAA Ezine for Beauty, Business and Life tips that will enhance your mind, body and soul!! Both were in response to a 2013 survey released from Manta research revealing that over 60% of small businesses reported they don’t see any ROI (return on investment) on their social-media activities. That’s a big number and a strong indication that while many may have been partying with social media these past couple years, a lot of those folks are now feeling a hangover. That said, social media certainly isn’t going away and it will continue to be an important element of a business marketing plan.
It’s called responsive web design which means that the site design will look as good on a mobile device as it does on a desktop or laptop. The explosion of Web video has spawned new monikers like “Explainer video.” That term didn’t even exist a couple years ago and it’s now one of the fastest growing searches on Google.
John Follis heads up Big Idea Video, creator of short format, high concept video that captivates and persuades prospects. I think smartphones don’t need to be as expensive as they are, so I look forward to that changing in 2014 and beyond. These 3 small business marketing trends have a definite impact on your website traffic so its best to stay on top of them and make the most of the growing opportunities!
Rejuvenating article on business marketing trends for 2014, though everyone know how sluggish the market is as of now. People are using their smartphones and tablets more than ever before, and the trends reveal that many people even use their smartphones more than laptops and desktops. Video combined with Social Media (for those who know how to do it right) is the perfect combo. I think that now and in the future, the number of mobile users will increase significantly, because it’s not just phones and tablets, but also other devices connect to the network with an unusual screen resolution! According to my point of view if you want to get more people to promote your new product then. Topping the list in terms of planned spending increases was email marketing, with 52% of respondents planning to increase their investments. Marketing, advertising, communications & public relations trends, statistics, charts, graphs, infographics, presentations, and video that are not published to the e-Strategy Internet Marketing Blog or to eStrategy TV. David Erickson, VP of Online Marketing at Minneapolis Public Relations firm, Karwoski & Courage. As we say goodbye to 2013, and hello to 2014, we share with you an infographic on how eCommerce marketing trends can influence online retailers.
The digital world is constantly evolving, with new technologies arriving to kick the old ones into the gutter, and consumer behavior shifts as the choices expand. Online marketers not only have to keep up with the current landscape, but also look ahead to anticipate what the future might bring. Previously employed only when a searcher was logged into a Google account, the search engine giant has now implemented SSL for every search — and at the same time pulled the Google Keyword Tool.
With search engines seeking to return the most relevant content with the highest quality, social shares are becoming a valuable component for search engine rankings — because the more people choose to share a piece of content, the higher its perceived quality. The visual nature of the Internet means that incorporating images can only help your marketing efforts. There are now more active mobile devices than adults in the US, and consumers are using their smartphones and tablets to research products and services, find businesses, shop directly, and more. Your business needs to have responsive design in place, and online features that cater to a mobile audience, in order to remain competitive. You can see the latest poll in this post on Digital Marketing Trends for 2015 - in the article I have also covered what I see as 30 of the top tools for managing and optimising digital marketing in 2015. In 2013 we reviewed top-level digital marketing trends, asking which trends will give the greatest commercial benefits, this year I drill down to the next level to give more specific practical recommendations to increase effectiveness. In the poll, please select the single most important trend based on that which you think will make the biggest commercial difference to leads or sales in your company, or a typical client if you are an agency or a consultant.
The most significant change is in mobile marketing where there is a decline in popularity, perhaps suggesting a realisation of the difficulty of encouraging customers to buy rather than browser via this channel.
I’ve structured the trends based on marketing to achieve different goals across customer touchpoints in the Smart Insights RACE Planning framework. It requires leaders to define a vision of how channels will integrate and the transformation needed in people, process, tools and metrics to make the most of digital marketing. In 2013, Econsultancy developed their Modern Marketing manifesto which I recommend as a way of thinking through different performance drivers that need to be harnessed for the best results.
Digital marketers may know it as CRO - Conversion Rate Optimisation, but it’s broader than this, looking at testing different business models and refining Product offering and Pricing models too. Our customer persona toolkit is one of the most popular practical resources on Smart Insights. CXM signifies a change from a focus on User Experience and usability of the first touchpoint to broader touchpoint mapping across customer journeys and through the customer lifecycle including evaluation of post sales support and customer service. Promoted Posts, Custom Audiences, FBX), LinkedIn (Sponsored Updates adding to targeted ads) and Twitter (Keyword, Interest, Device and Geographic targeting of Promoted posts), these have given many more options to target the user particularly on mobile devices where the majority of social media interactions occur today in many consumer markets.
Google’s new Enhanced AdWords campaigns have had a large impact on CPC (for example, Greenlight has seen a 30% increase in CPC since Google’s Enhanced campaigns ) were introduced. This isn’t a fundamental trend that will help transform most businesses though and there is a danger in chasing these “Shiny Objects” as Jeff Bezos has them. I recommend these 10 trends from the Search Engine Journal summary for the best practical guidance. Take a look at our Content Marketing matrix to review the options for this type of content… For evaluation, see our guide to Evaluating content marketing ROI across RACE. More investment in resource to help with outreach and partnership by segmenting influencers will help here.
In the talk I describe our approach to 90 day planning and Evolutionary site design using RACE.
Google have released a number of improvements in 2013 to encourage this like Universal Analytics, Advanced segments and improvements to conversion attribution modelling mentioned above. The use of customer feedback and satisfaction tools like these to help with this should increase too as companies take a more holistic approach to CRO. So getting the mobile experience right through responsive email design is where many companies will focus if they haven’t already. The increased focus on marketing automation means that more sophisticated lifecycle email programmes will be developed as part of MA initiatives. Marketing applications of Glass and its impact on search will be limited, but one Glass app, Glashion, was recently released this week where you can snap clothing and bags of footwear of other passers-by and then complete a comparison shop. I hope my review sparks some ideas on where you should be increasing or decreasing your investment in online. I am aware of a very amazing service technique of a top digital marketing agency once I hired. As the global economy is in turmoil achieving financial independence was the foremost thing i wanted desperately and thanks to the friend of mine who introduces to an amazing program. One of the principal ways companies use to win over the trust of consumers is by creating important content online.
At the beginning, companies were limited to few social networks (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn), but nowadays new social media networks are emerging like Instagram, Google +, Pinterest, etc. According to the latest statistics, over 80% of people still check mail box on regular basis. The reason ad re-tageting is so effective is because it uses browser cookies to follow consumers’ online activity. Here’s a run-through of the state of social media in Thailand based on an infographic by the DAAT (Digital Advertising Association of Thailand). We have broken the infographic down into 5 different sections so you can easily grasp everything important under each header. A CMTO is a person who is a hybrid between a marketing, IT and strategist personnel all bundled into one. This infographic serves as a good starting point to gain more insights into what you could do to help improve your website’s organic ranking in Google and other search engines.
In the field of digital marketing, a lot of predictions have been floating around since 2013 about the big things that will emerge in 2014. Big data, as the name implies is the collection and storage of large collections of data which cannot be processed manually or one program.

Many speculated if hummingbird was going to affect their rankings which have been in good standing even after the Penguin and Panda updates rolled out way back when. It is no longer about making sure you have an online presence for your business; that is a given.
It is determined by the number of visitors coming to a website who takes further action and successfully completes a goal divided by the number of total unique website visitors during the said period of time. With articles on websites, eNewsletters and social media promotion, content marketing is set to reach an all new level. As competition gets tougher, get ready to observe aggressive marketing on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+. Currently, sites like Buzzfeed market products through videos and GIFs – this trend will spread across the internet.
People are now looking for simple, yet effective marketing strategies that convey the message to the consumer without getting too deep. Without proper SEO, companies can lose out on potential customers and with competition getting stiffer each day, every lost customer will come as a blow.
We’ve uncovered five of these trends that will make a difference in your beauty salon marketing in 2104, and here they are!
If you’re marketing online, this is the way you’re speaking to your prospects, so stagnant and stinky content won’t do! I know; it may sound creepy, but it does amazing things for your brand by keeping it in front of someone who has expressed an interest in that specific search term. Platforms like Facebook with their promoted posts and custom audiences make it easy to target incredibly niche markets efficiently.
It seems that the people making the most measurable money on social media are the folks charging you to tell you how to do it.
According to Forbes, 76% of marketers expect to invest in video this year and make it their #1 marketing strategy. Google Analytics will can help show you % of website traffic that is mobile, as well as referrals from YouTube and social media. Everyone should have a focused mobile marketing plan for 2014, and know when to use a responsive theme vs.
But believe that we all can see a new ray of hope through the usage of social media, Mobile phones or faster connectivity & videos. Would it be better for a real estate agency to build an app with all the real estate or is it better to build a responsive web design? I think social media offers a contribution, but as a small business, it can eat up an immense amount of time. These are actually the top 3 things I’m working on for marketing my remodel business. I’ve been watching this online video trend for the past couple years and I knew it was going to be big. Respondents – from a mix of B2C and B2B companies primarily headquartered in North America – evaluated their spending plans across a variety of programs.
Currently, only a third of CEOs have any presence on social media sites, meaning that we have a long way to go before social reaches its saturation point within the business executive community. There are 22 trends I see based on companies I have worked with, examples I have reviewed and our own marketing activity on Smart Insights. With the increased competition, working through the best way to adjust bids for mobile will be a source of attention for many consumer brands and their agencies.
I recommend this deck by Chris Coward introducing a structured approach to mobile CRO and this by Craig Sullivan covering technical aspects of mobile CRO. Perhaps some of the social media and content marketing budgets should be allocated to more sophisticated testing like the examples that we look at in our email marketing course and 7 Steps Guide to Email marketing. They have over one hundred marketing experts and before they start doing work for you, they make you a great marketing strategy and one out of 100 marketers works with you closely until the end of your project for maximum satisfaction. Numerous marketing techniques are present today, but try to focus on the ones that will define marketing in 2014.
This includes relevant information about products or services usually uploaded on social medias, company’s website, and other websites. These allow businesses to create quality content across more channels and thus gain more customers.
In fact, majority of consumers prefer mailing services due to increased number of spam emails. Many businesses are looking into content marketing to expand their brand’s services and credibility.
With the implementation of DMP or Data Management Platforms, advertisers can now target specific audience groups and individuals to ensure their ads will show only to them. To top it off, many websites are opting for for a mobile compatible design, according to Google’s Responsive Web Design.
Many theories buzzed through SEO communities about its impacts but nobody could truly identify what hummingbird really did. Search queries although not exclusively keyword based, were showing results related to the search query regardless if it had the exact match keywords or not. Businesses would be advised to invest in content marketing for the prospects look promising. Furthermore, studies are demonstrating that companies using a blog regularly get 67 percent more leads than those who don’t.
Using images, videos, slideshows and more are much more likely to be shared all over the place. What’s more, you can do this at a fraction of the cost it’d take you to advertise widely and inefficiently.
In 2014, they’d better. Also, more and more business is being done remotely and virtually requiring more and better mobile devices. There are multiple reasons for this, The continuing serge in video-friendly mobile devises, the fact the Google has made video much more search friendly, and the simple fact that video is the most engaging of all media. I think with so many more people set to own one in 2014, I wonder if it’ll drive down prices and therefore make it more affordable for more people, resulting in even more people owning one. Businesses should be using Social media for public relations, but companies don’t understand the type of people who hang out on social sites. The results reveal strong support for a variety of digital marketing channels, while traditional media budgets look like they’ll suffer. Close behind was social media (46% increasing versus 2% decreasing), with organic and paid search (41% increasing versus 4% decreasing) and online display (36% increasing versus 5% decreasing) also likely to see gains. What are the top marketing tools or techniques you’re using now, or expect to use in the year ahead which weren’t so important previously? Quality content brings more traffic to company’s website which leads to higher sale numbers. Few people open and read emails from unknown sources, which is why direct mail marketing services still continue to be one of more preferred marketing techniques. This technique is the new marketing trend because it continually exposes customers to certain brand and makes them aware of certain products and services which will eventually lead to purchase.
In result, they often reach their target audience (via social media) and fulfill expected KPI (Key Performance Indicators) goals. The more responsive web design a website has, the more probability people will return to your website and continue doing business with you. I am curious to see what types of videos work best for gaining a new audience or credibility in a field like mine? Curiously, fewer (32%) are planning to hike their mobile marketing spend, despite recent projections suggesting healthy increases over the next few years. Still, it's better than a simple vision on Inbound Marketing which doesn't emphasise the need for integration. With content marketing, your company will be able to build better reputation on the market. Designing and mailing eye-catching catalogs, flyers or brochures will get the attention of targeted audience faster.
Comparatively, this is a huge improvement than last year where there was only 71% of CMTOs available. It’s also the reason web designers are experiencing their biggest spike in business since 1997. Due to this, new 3PL companies are emerging which offer direct mail marketing services and work closely with the postal offices, all to provide you with reliable mailing lists and speedy mailing services. It is predicted in 2014, there will be another 8% adding to this particular role in the next 24 months!

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