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With over three decades of experience in marketing and PR, in the last few years I have been awed and excited by the new opportunities afforded by the Internet.
But, don’t expect the traditional media—newspapers, radio and TV—to disappear any time soon. Traditional media should still be the backbone of your efforts, but MUST be combined with online marketing and PR for maximum exposure. The most desirable demographic – 18- to -35-year-olds simply do not read printed material like other generations.
I want to see some hard numbers for your statement that traditional is a viable medium for marketing. I think it’s important to differentiate between newspapers and print publications ability to mak e a profit, and being a good venue for PR. If You’re Not Focusing on Women Buyers…Then You’re Probably Overlooking Your Largest Market!
Subscribe To Marsha's PR Insider!Join our mailing list to receive the weekly PR Insider and you'll receive our ebooks, The Power or Publicity for Your Business and The Power of Publicity for Your Book, instantly! You will be able to reach your particular audience, no matter the demographics, with maximum impact. Through our intelligently-scheduled media plan and with the help of our marketing team, your advertising units can be customized to meet the specific needs of your company in order to target the Iranian Community (of which 90% of the 85% who own a satellite have access to Hotbird). GEM Music features original content including exclusive music premieres,Music video behind the scenes, Videos and songs of the earliest Persian singers, celebrity news and much more. GEM Classic airs the latest international TV series and movies along with the most popular reality shows. Disponible en alta resolucion y en varios tamanos para adaptarse a las necesidades de su proyecto. Acepto los Termino del sitio web de Shutterstock, la Politica de privacidad, los Terminos de la licencia y recibir correos electronicos que puedo cancelar en cualquier momento. Todos los planes comienzan como una Licencia Estandar y pueden actualizarse a una Licencia Mejorada en cualquier momento.

Just when you thought the Shamwow was gone, Walgreens (NYSE:WAG) is bringing it straight to your Inbox. The explosion of Internet applications, such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, to name a few, has shifted and expanded the world of marketing and PR, and it will never be the same.
In fact, the death of radio has been predicted on numerous occasions with the advent of 8-track cartridges, MTV, satellite broadcasting and the Internet…experts have claimed each would make radio obsolete or irrelevant. Then came television, and it was predicted by “well-informed people” that not only would radio die, but so would the movies!
When the Seattle Post-Intelligencer scrapped its print edition in favor of an online-only version, people began predicting the same death of the print medium. As marketing gurus talk up the importance of social media marketing, search engine optimization, strong Web sites, blogging and other Internet-centered activities, we can’t omit traditional media from our marketing and PR strategy. If you don’t cover all the bases, you will have missed the terrific cross-marketing opportunities enjoyed by savvy marketers who’ve embraced the synergy of a campaign that combines offline and online strategies!
Watch GEM Music to experience the widest variety of music and see how it influences your lifestyle. Todo el que se registra consigue acceso completo a toda nuestra biblioteca, incluyendo nuestras colecciones seleccionadas. Nuestra Licencia Estandar le permite usar imagenes para cualquier cosa, excepto grandes corridas de impresion de mas de 500.000+ o para promocion. Una vez que haya descargado su imagen, tiene derechos de por vida para usarla segun los terminos de la licencia adquirida. In truth, the only really successful marketing campaigns must now embrace ALL media avenues, both offline (traditional) and online. It would never again be the center of our living rooms, where families would gather to be entertained and informed, but it would survive as a music medium. What most people outside the business don’t realize that classified advertising provided about half the net revenue for newspapers.
On the surface, your argument is logical, because if there are fewer print publications, then there are fewer outlets for PR.

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Today, radio is as strong as ever— and even with a huge growth in the talk radio landscape! Just as radio reinvented itself after the dawn of television, so has print in the age of the Internet. As a Harvard Business School study indicated, newspapers as a product have diminished to the point where consumers don’t see a reason to buy them. Evidently, the tables have turned, and retailers are now plugging the products that were pitched as alternatives to major brands. The print medium’s primary strength—beat reporters—still exists and their articles are printed in traditional publications AND are also posted on the Internet! Perhaps this is just a desperate by Walgreens to stem CVS' momentum in recent months.If any of you have a funny story regarding buyer's remorse about an infomercial product, I'd love to hear it. A new study by the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism uncovered what I had already suspected.
And about the last quarter will like the commercial, but wouldn’t buy the product based on that commercial.
Specifically, the study stated that most of the articles people read online contain no real reporting. The study tracked news in Baltimore, Maryland for a week, and examined both print newspapers and online outlets, and discovered that 8 out of the 10 articles published online about a topic in the news were simply repackaged from the newspaper’s story.

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