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Do you ever want to start an online campaign to promote your brand, product, or business, but not really sure how to get it done right and effectively, to reach your target customer who spend? We can be your brain and hand in formulating a marketing plan with winning strategy, that will help you promote your business to your target market and increase your market share.
Do you want your website to work for you by helping you to sell and gather enquiries? Are you unsure about online advertising and marketing? If you like us to be your hand on viral marketing campaign, do drop us an email using the form below.
Take a look at some of the leading marketing conferences Total Customer partners with around the world. Join us at Europe’s Customer Festival to get the ideas and make the connections that will help you tackle your challenges and more effectively shape the future of your customer’s journey.
This space is filled with useful information for bloggers, digital marketers& small business owners. The right video, presented in just the right way, will not only increase your YouTube views but will do wonders for any product, service or personal endeavor.

You will have plenty of opportunities to do so, in that you can visit other channels and vote for other peoplea€™s videos.
A Catchy Title Can Go a Long WayThe title of your video will serve a couple of different purposes and it is important that you understand each of them. Hiero by aThemes Send to Email Address Your Name Your Email Address Cancel Post was not sent - check your email addresses!
For this reason you should be as descriptive, and accurate, as possible with your video title. The second purpose will be to assist search engines with finding your YouTube video, for those looking for the content within. Make sure that you add very relevant keywords to your title, by thinking carefully about what keywords people would use when searching for your information. One of the most important things that you can do to help increase your YouTube views, is to keep your information as up-to-date as possible. If you can solve peoplea€™s problems with your videos, then you will see an increase in your YouTube views rather quickly.4.

A Little Tagging Can Go a Long WayTagging videos is something that many people completely overlook and that is such a terrible mistake to make. The right tags, attached to your video, can help the right people find your video when they need it the most. Once again, it is all about keywords and your tags should have very relevant keywords, consistently.5. A Great Description Will Do WondersMuch like the description attached to any other product or service that you might consider using, your video description should let everyone know exactly what they can expect to find in it. Start your description, from the very beginning, with the most important information and remember to use the most effective keywords that you can think of.
As an independent social media consultant and a certified marketer by Asia Marketing Federation (AMF) she works with small business owners, bloggers and start-ups to help them leverage on the power of social media for their business growth.

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