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The IMCD web design and development company built the helicopter website linked to the first and seasoned website to take advantage of its existing high Google rankings in the state of Colorado.  The client subscribes to the IMCD Monthly Optimization Program and the IMCD Blog. Consequently, this client has never used pay per click.  All leads come from organic search placement in the search engines. Our award-winning web designer brings a 25-year background in photography and design to our clients.  His resume includes work with Fortune 500 companies in Los Angeles and New York.
For more information about how our web design and development company can help your business, call IMCD at 303-688-1331. Businesses who are researching which web design company to hire may be learning about the benefits of SEO web design for the first time. The tools provide the clients with the capability to add website pages by adding information themselves.
IMCD stands out from competitive website design companies for our custom website design and an SEO management program that favors the organic climb in search engines. In addition, the website holds multiple top positions in other search engines such as MSN and Yahoo. After experiencing excellent results from this first website, this client subsequently contracted a second real estate website in another real estate market which he leases out.
Since 1996, IMCD has created successful, award-winning websites for professionals from many fields.
Programmed to assist the real estate website placement across the search engines, the IMCD custom website design for a top Realtor incorporates outstanding professional web design with customer-friendly real estate shopping features. A successfully managed SEO web site design such as hers can migrate to the top of the search engines without necessitating the costs associated with pay-per-click marketing. This client pays attention to her website, regularly adding listings and articles about relevant topics and You Tube property videos.  She incorporates a variety of popular keywords and links to pages within her own website. IMCD web design company readily assists clients to gain footage in the race to the top of search engine marketing. For more information about how our web design and development company can help your business, call IMCD at 1-877-999-4623. The real estate website created by the IMCD professional web designer for this resort real estate agent reaped immediate rewards. The website that IMCD created boasts Page One Google ranking for multiple highly competitive keywords. The IMCD website design and SEO readily assists clients to gain footage in the race to the top of search engine marketing. For more information about how our web design and development company can help your business expand, call IMCD at 303-688-1331 or email us at IMCD Support. With recent economic shifts and historical bankruptcies, personal real estate websites are realizing decided benefits as buyers move more from brand-driven consumers to relationship-driven consumers.
Recently, well-branded banks and august financial institutions getting serious bailouts or buyouts have caused consumers to not put as much store in national brand names. With a shorter chain of command to give a marketing go-ahead, personal real estate websites with real estate blogs or web-based article manager software can more quickly adapt to market news. Adding to both of these benefits is Google utilizing local business addresses to connect local news, blog entries and business websites to search results based on the geographic locations of Internet searchers.
IMCD Web Design has been at the forefront of providing real estate agents with their personalized websites for over ten years. Contact IMCD Web Design and view our gallery of sales generating real estate websites and see how quickly and affordably you can improve your online marketing presence – with our graphic design, search engine optimization (SEO), ease of use for adding timely content and updating property information, as well as contact collection features.
IMCD Web Design is a company that works with small businesses, like real estate agencies, to provide complete website designs that fulfill the company’s different online marketing needs.

Certainly various marketing areas are the same, such as content writing and graphic design. Web designs for small businesses utilize search engine optimization techniques (SEO) to carry your message, not to your potential clients and customers, but to the search engines that are screening your website for your potential visitors.
Professional web designs by IMCD Web Design incorporate SEO principles in both the presentation of your marketing message (web content) and in the encoding of the images the make up your graphic design.
Search engine optimization actually begins before any other step – the research for keywords and key phrases is a critical step in finding out how your potential clients are searching for you online.
For your custom or semi-custom web design that utilizes all the many facets of a successful SEO campaign as part of your complete website design, contact our professional web design specialists to see how quickly you can get your business’ online marketing campaign going with a top-notch graphic design matched with cutting edge SEO techniques.
Great websites must remain dynamic whether by adding a constant stream of great content or with user generated comment vis-a-vis threads and conversations. Blogging, or content marketing, remains the most important marketing strategy for your medical practice or small business. Value is the key to any website, but by continued and consistant writing, your dedication and commitment turns you into an industry expert. Your content also remains the key factor to obtaining great SEO…unmatched and immesurable with any social media campaign.
Write articles consistently on topics related to your long range initiative (SEO best practice). With time, your articles will begin to reach out to your patients, compelling them to write and leave comments.
Both content marketing and engaging your patients online present time challenges and require consistent and continued publications and responses. Let Medical Marketing Enterprises exceed your expectations and help you grow your medical practice.
Full service advertising and design agency focusing on the outdoor, hunting and fishing markets.
Minimal web design is not only looks clean but it also load faster and we all know that fast loading websites are good for better search engine ranking. Those who follow the advice of our web design development company have especially positive results obtaining visibility and leads.
These clients ranked #1 and #3 for one keyword phrase, #9 and #10 for another, and #7 for another.
A Colorado real estate agent, the successful client has closed over $145 million in home sales from his IMCD website.
In the case of this website, the real estate agents are busy servicing 10-15 guest book leads a day. In 2011, an SEO report run by IMCD shows the following listings: 2 in the first position, 11 in the top 5 positions, 22 in the top 10 positions, 38 in the top 20 positions, and 53 in the top 30 positions.
His national company featured him as guest speaker during several national mega conventions with thousands of real estate agents in attendance. Utilizing an existing website domain name, the client added the Article Manager Tool, our Blog, Broker IDX and mapping, plus Social Media buttons. Since 1996, standing out in the crowd of web site design firms, IMCD has created successful, award-winning websites for professionals from many fields. The Realtor landed a client the very first day that his new custom design website went online. Our website design company provides a continually accessible very comprehensive statistics package. Since 1996, IMCD has been creating award-winning, successful websites for professionals from many fields.

Several reasons have been given, the rise of social media and the shift to women taking the lead in marketing decisions. In 2009, only 7% of Realtors had a blog, meaning 93% of Realtors were not using one of the easiest to use content management and marketing tools to emerge in recent years.
With good search engine optimization for local marketing, your blog entries are better situated to bring your real estate website visibility in your local market. With an array of customizable real estate website templates, Realtors can quickly find the web design that reflects their business. Make sure your real estate website is benefiting from our award-winning graphic design talents, proven effective SEO techniques, web coding to the latest standards and agent-friendly content management solutions. With many web design clients, a recurring marketing theme is the business tries to replicate its brochure or newspaper advertising methods online, not taking into account the different medium. However, in the online marketing world, the way content is presented and graphic design is encoded rests, to a large degree, unseen elements that can make or break a website’s visibility in the search engine results.
To market online as one would in a print ad is to miss the marketing to the gatekeepers of the Internet – and the biggest gatekeeper or search engine is Google. When Google searches a business website created by our web designers, it knows what your marketing message is and what product or service your business is selling online. It should be a red flag to any business owner if their web designer treats SEO as an additional option or an element that can be taken lightly in the web design budget. Similar to the tree falling in the forest with no one around, does it make a sound, if a website is launched on the Internet with no SEO to focus the search engines on its main marketing message, will the marketing message get heard? In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Engineered to provide maximum ranges of searchability, our website pages, monthly optimization programs, measurement tools, follow up, and up-to-date consultation make it possible for clients to achieve high search-engine rankings. Each month, the site averages approximately 2 million hits and 90,000 unique visitors.  It generates over 11 million hits a year. Each of these features over time enhances the organic search capability of the real estate website design.
Even with buyers looking for that personal touch, as of 2009, only 60% of Realtors had their own real estate website – 11% planning on it, but almost one-third of the Realtors were not looking to invest in their own online marketing. Real estate websites selling the services an agent or small company versus marketing on the coat-tails of a major brand are benefiting from this market shift. Of course, increases in daily traffic also help websites rank in searches outside their local area. With options for integrating real estate blogs, listing integration, property and agent listing modules, these real estate websites are scaleable to meet single agent or large real estate brokerage website needs.
Having owned four prior websites, this Realtor® client quickly discovered the benefits of going with our IMCD web design company. The web designer’s resume includes work with Fortune 500 companies in Los Angeles and New York.
The realtor responded and met with the individual looking for a home once and then our client closed the deal.
This client is incredibly grateful for his IMCD website and the livelihood it helps generate.

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