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New Mexico Business First ranked XtraMark among the top 25 web design firms for 2013…in fact, we ranked #14!
We elevate your brand, integrate all your marketing components, and design clutter-busting creative. More InfoNew Mexico Business First ranked XtraMark among the top 25 web design firms in New Mexico. Refreshing new website for Coca-Cola Santa Fe tells the history of the company and the brand. XtraMark integrates branding, advertising, web site, social media and marketing communications to get results for clients of any size!
Ask about¬†XtraMark’s growing list of Xtra Stuff we do for clients to add value and help businesses succeed. XtraMark creates brands the cut through clutter, create momentum, deliver on a promise, and encourage loyalty.

XtraMark  designs websites you can update, makes Google happy, and broadens your social circles for results. Writing effective copy for the web synthesizes persuasive benefits and features that solve problems in a format that makes easy for your prospect to take action. Pricing services to cover overhead expenses is one of the most difficult tasks of a service provider. The following tips will help keep your laptop presentations in tune with even your toughest clients. Potential buyers have to weave their way through a daunting maze of marketing communications and product specifications when deciding to make a purchase.
Lori Shaw excels at developing marketing strategies, engaging communications and sales tactics for business-to-business and business-to-consumer organizations in a wide variety of industry sectors. As a leader and a collaborator, Lori is adept at implementing creative, integrated, results-driven marketing communications programs on schedule and within budget with attentive, solution-based customer service.

Your marketing results improve when you deliver more relevant messages to your prospects based on what you know about them….
If you undercharge for your time, you will have a difficult time meeting all your expenses and having a livable wage. Interactieve marketing maakt helder hoe de verschillende nieuwe media optimaal kunnen bijdragen aan het behalen van de marketingdoelstellingen en het realiseren van een goed bedrijfsresultaat. Daarnaast is de hoofdstukstructuur aangepast zodat een nog duidelijker overzicht ontstaat van de online instrumenten en middelen. In dit boek komen onder meer direct marketing, maar ook mobiele communicatie, games en digitale televisie aan bod.

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