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From paint pots to carpeting, cookware to furniture, an interiors brand creates a product that must walk the fine line between fitting into your consumer’s actual lifestyle, and being aspirational and desirable. But people won’t just spot your product and decide on a whim to get a brand new bathroom or carpet in their home; an interior purchase is often an investment, rather than an impulse buy. Your marketing should position your brand and your product as covetable, functional, durable and worth the time and money spent on it, whatever your price point.
At RONIN, we handle PR and marketing activity for numerous lifestyle and interiors brands, and have picked up some tricks along the way, so we’re going to share some tips for marketing your brand! Create mood boards of colours, textures, decoration ideas and tasty recipes on Pinterest, and share them on Facebook and Twitter alongside tips and tricks from the experts at your company and relevant industry retweets. It’s always worth contacting bloggers, especially for something as lifestyle-orientated as interior design. Although customers will want to know that your interior products work, the aesthetic is equally important. For example, create a showroom online with a variety of close ups and lifestyle shots to demonstrate your product in different settings. We often add new and archived images to Pinterest, as it’s the perfect social media platform for interiors imagery, with users pinning pictures to boards about their dream homes. As aforementioned, shoppers looking to make an interiors purchase are hunting for information and advice about the home. Compose thoughtful, useful content to be shared in the press, on your website and across your social media accounts.
Generally speaking, people don’t tend to have a subscription to kitchen or bathroom magazines, or the like; they will instead buy every relevant magazine they can get their hands on for the months during the planning stages of their home improvement project.
Offering thought leadership pieces on new trends and producing great images that reflect the trends featured in interior design and home magazines shows that your brand is ahead of the curve, and an authoritative voice in the industry.
Don’t forget about trade magazines, too; the interiors industry has lots of specific trade magazines, such as kbb review and Jewellery Focus, who will be interested to hear about new product launches, technology and manufacturing processes. Make advice personal to the experiences of your actual customers, and the real life problems they face.
Storytelling is hugely important, and interior brands can get personal by sharing successfully completed projects in the form of case studies; happy customers would love to tell the story of their home.
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Aside from the most common brand marketing strategies, there are a few alternative tactics companies use to create an emotional connection.
Your brand associations may be tangible, explicit and intentional – that is, they may be communicated through your graphic identity and other overt tactical marketing means. Brand Promise: If you think about taking a bite into a piece of Ghirardelli chocolate or a sip of Dom Perignon you probably envisage a specific sensory expectation. Brand Relationship: Loyalty is the outcome of the strength, trust and depth of a relationship.
Every automobile brand has a particular personality … actors, singers and great speakers all have a distinct personality. Whether the brand is for an organization or for yourself – make it intentional and explicit – don’t let it be accidental and implicit! Marketing is not sales, although marketing supports sales by  generating qualified leads and effectively communicating who you are, what you do in the minds of customers, prospective customers  and other stakeholders.
Marketing is not advertising, although advertising is only one of the  100 weapons in the marketing arsenal. Marketing is EVERYTHING you do. Everything you do, (and don’t do), sends a message to the marketplace. A key essential of the marketing process is to build a brand in the mind of your target audience.
But what makes a brand powerful is the effectiveness of your branding strategy, your ability to create a mood, thought, feeling, and definition for that brand in the mind of your target audience.

Since a brand exists within the mind of the customer, it can be affected positively or negatively by intentional and unintentional messages from you. Highly effective branding can be so impactful that consumer sees the brand synonymously with the product … tissues have “become” Kleenex, antiseptic first aid bandages “are” Band-Aids, Coke “is” cola. So if the perception of your brand is the assimilation of any received message that you send (or are not sending), wouldn’t it be wise to first plan what is the message you want to send and then ensure everything you communicate supports the key messaging? All too often companies relegate the importance of branding and thereby lose the opportunity to give clients and customers a frame of reference when making purchasing decisions. How powerful can a brand be? The most powerful brands of all are those that create a need in the mind of a purchaser that was not there before.
Since you cannot be all things to all people, effectively addressing customers’ needs, which are then re p resented by your brand, will require differentiating yourself from your competitors and identifying your target market segment.
Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation.
Brandharvest is a Branding Agency based in Mumbai, India that provides total Branding Strategies to its clients. Get a brand Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest page, and work on creating and sharing useful advice, inspirational ideas and updates on your new, exciting product launches.
Don’t be scared to deviate a little – the idea is to find content that is off-brand but on message. These pictures can then be shared on social media, and sent to journalists for copy calls about interior design trends. We also love a fun graphic; for example, this year is our client Stoneham Kitchens’ 150th anniversary, so we’ve been celebrating the anniversaries of other British companies with quirky happy birthday messages to be shared across social media. It can have a major impact, as one of our clients, KABT, realised when we refreshed its image with brand new ads, brochures, shop signage and van wraps. Providing an expert opinion will show that your brand is a thought leader in a crowded industry. Top tips pieces and short, shareable articles describing interior design or market trends are a great way of giving existing followers and newcomers who may be browsing #kitchen for ideas an introduction to your brand, whilst being genuinely helpful. Therefore, it’s important to get your brand in the press regularly, to stay present and at the forefront of the minds of customers, old and new. In the world of interiors, trends move fast, so keep an eye open all the time; one of our clients, an online crafts marketplace for buying and selling homemade products, launched during the crafts revival.
Attitude branding involves marketing a larger feeling that's associated in the minds of your customers about your business. Or, your brand association may be more implicit and intangible, but still within your control: how you answer the phone, the cleanliness of your facility, or your follow-up, are simple examples. They amply your value proposition and create a valuable asset that can potentially surpass the value of your individual offering. As you purchase an Apple iPhone, check into the Hyatt Regency or shop at Macy’s you probably have an expectation about the experience. For example, companies in the automotive, insurance and beverage industries have all very effectively crafted distinct personalities around their offerings.
Your marketing strategy will dictate whether or not it is an appropriate for your business. Although these messages vary in their communications impact, your brand is the assimilation of these varied messages in the mind of the audience.
Wouldn’t it be wise to decide what the message should be and ensure that all communications reflect this message? Ask any competitor, and they will tell you that customer bias, or loyalty to an established brand, is one of the biggest obstacles they face in increasing their share of market.
Also, it cannot be arbitrarily changed, improved or “managed” without the participation of the customer. Branding can be so effective that the name itself is unnecessary, Nike’s swoosh logo is often unaccompanied by the company name.

People will buy brands they recognize, regardless of whether or not they know or believe the claims, simply because there is comfort in that which is known.
This in turn results in a number of tactical branding communications vehicles, addressing both your target audience needs and enable you to achieve your objectives.
Learn how to invest your money wisely to get the best ROI for your online content brand marketing efforts. This means you’ll be targeting consumers who are planning on making a big decision, and are consequently interested in researching any and every possibility before making a final choice. For example, when we helped a client arrange a series of demonstrations to promote their appliance and homeware brand, we invited some bloggers along to try out the products first hand and it went down a real treat.
So make sure your content is highly visual, showing off your brand and products in the best possible way. We tapped into this trend in messaging and ad campaign, with the slogan “create your mark”. Share it on your website, social media accounts and look for press opportunities, as real homes and case studies are often featured in national home and interior magazines. Sometimes they may be out of your control, for example a thumbs-down website review, a harmful press article, or negative rumors about you.
This expectation, is essentially the promise of the brand whether based on your past experience, their marketing or someone else’s encounter.
It can be applied to an offering or brand that’s bold, holds strong values and is emotionally evocative. It is the combination of values, promises and guarantees that frames the relationship between you and your (prospective) customers. Strategically controlling your branding messaging and vehicles can raise your offering beyond the mundane, to give your brand ‘wings’ and an enduring ability to stand out from the competition. Thus dialogue will often be with a savvy shopper with strong ideas as to what they want, as well as what they need. This helps you make a connection, and, as they say, the proof is in the pudding, so hands-on experiences are a great idea. Of course, taste and style is subjective, so try to choose images that demonstrate all the different aesthetics your brand offers, from contemporary to classic. A 1.5 liter bottle of Evian sells for 20% more per liter than Budweiser, 40% more than Borden’s milk, and 80% more than Coca-Cola.
In addition, your brand must be sustained through consistent communication to internal and external audiences and stakeholders and allowed to evolve as your target audience needs develop. This added even more excitement and interest to the Stoneham stand, and also encouraged local students to get involved with the story of the brand, and with a career in design and British manufacturing.  The competitions combined an exploration of the rich heritage of Stoneham, whilst also showing that the company is looking forward to the future of design, and the kitchen industry. At the Spanish Steps in Rome, stands a world-renowned restaurant that constantly draws patrons.
It will strengthen your brand story, which is important to today’s consumers, especially in an industry as personal as homeware and interior design. To Americans, Europeans and Asians, McDonalds delivers on a simple brand promise: a cheap, dependable, fast delivered meal in a clean establishment. What feeling would you like your customers to experience by thinking about and using your product? No-Brand Marketing Another alternative strategy many companies use recently is the branding of no-brand. An example where this worked particularly well was the company Yellow Cap of Venezuela, which made itself a popular brand through nothing but, as the name suggests, yellow caps. Japanese brand Muji does the same thing.

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