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Studies show that email is the best channel for driving conversions and that offering coupons or discounts can help increase traffic to your website. Persistent Cart is a free app that allows consumers to keep items in a shopping cart in case they were distracted from completing a purchase. Online contests are effective ways to increase your traffic and capture leads for your email list.
Ecommerce businesses depend on well written product descriptions to gain search engine visibility and help sell products. Sangeeta Kumar is the Vice President of Web Marketing for GMR Web Team, a global online marketing, strategy, development and maintenance agency. We are committed to build quality eCommerce websites that have intuitive website design, high performance, high security levels and mobile responsiveness. In order to fulfil your short-term and long-term online growth strategy, we provide our customers with 3 different platform options.
Optimised catalog performance to create an improved loading time and a more fluent shopping experience. With years of experience on China and International eCommerce markets we offer you rock-solid payment gateways covering web & mobile payments.
Non-blocking & asynchronous design allow your application to process more than 600k requests per minute with a single commodity server. No matter what you need now or later – we can connect our web services to any (user) interface you like. Cloud based hosting providing application users automatically with the nearest instance for their current location. Magento 2 uses several new approaches and technologies that give businesses an unmatched ability to create innovative shopping experiences and scale to new levels. The fundamental changes in overall architecture as well as the new testing framework empower developers to produce better-quality and more testable code which is easy to maintain and extend in the long run.
With the page caching and indexing functionalities, Magento 2 delivers speed with incredibly fast page load times for home, category and product pages, and fast check out process. The increase in performance will decrease the resources utilized on the server to serve pages. With a revamped API service, Magento 2 will open a whole new world of possibilities for integrations (external services). The end result is a high-performing and stable platform that has streamlined approaches to speed up customizations, yet robust enough to provide a framework for scaling your business.
Mobile optimisation of your website is important, but that is just one part of the user journey.
Think about every touch point your customers have with you from the moment they hear about you to the purchase, and then the communication following purchase.
Social Media: More and more of us are accessing social media on mobile, so there is a good chance that many of your social media followers view your posts on their smartphones. Direct Marketing: This can be used both before a sale and after a sale and digitally, email is the most common method is through email marketing. Email Marketing: Make sure your emails are responsive and display well on a mobile handset. SMS: If you have mobile numbers for your customers, you can provide useful and brief information on SMS.
Payment Method: These days there are plenty of options for quick payment, so make sure you test out your payment process on mobile.
Optimising full marketing campaigns for mobile can be a daunting task, but here at b:web we offer digital marketing services to help you. Virtually all ecommerce sites rely on a blend of online marketing and advertising to capture more customers. In essence, ecommerce marketers must be creative and strategic to earn an edge over big competitors.

Offer incentives: Most online shoppers are thrifty in that they often seek the products with the best prices. 2) Take advantage of social media: Social networking sites, video sharing sites and other social media platforms have taken the Internet by storm. Optimize marketing for mobile: More and more people are using the Internet on mobile devices. This article written by Tyler Tafelsky, one of our Ecommerce SEO Specialists here at ClickCentric SEO. The most basic strategies involve setting up eCommerce correctly in the first place so that it’s easy for customers to buy and you have integrated email marketing software and social media with your site to capture leads, send out reminders and engage with followers. An app called Pop-Up Window allows you to collect new email subscribers without negative impact. Hello Bar is an app that lets you easily update the CTA with a notification bar about your latest deals and products at the top of your store. Gleam is an app that helps you run contests, sign up new contestants and share contests through social media.
The app Forewards allows you to easily establish an automated referral campaign that encourages sharing of your messages. Copywriter is an app that connects with a talent pool of professional writers, translators and proofreaders. Sangeeta is a jack-of-all-trades kinda person in the world of Internet marketing, excelling in market research to come up with a strategy based on the latest trends to get a website on page 1.
Either our clients can choose a standard eCommerce Website Development package on Magento or choose a market-ready Enterprise solution. With the rise of IoT and Omnichannel the connectivity and extendability in eCommerce is playing an ever bigger role.
A turn-key software solution for your eCommerce platform compared to standard eCommerce Website Development packages on Magento. Features cover real-time multi-attribute filtering and Ajax product loading for fast & direct results. We let you benefit using our recipe for success on high performance & availability in the Cloud. Easily extend to Mobile, Tablet and in-store POS by using SoC as the heart of your eCommerce Large enterprises choose our Service Oriented Architecture solutions as this paves the way for the future in terms of connectivity, scalability & extendibility to different devices. The newer versions of all these technologies mean that you can take advantage of the new features, bug fixes, performance increases, etc. To get the best results from your efforts, it is key that you optimise your full marketing campaigns for mobile, if your customers are using mobile.
Each time they hear from your or interact with you needs to be optimised for mobile if they are using mobile at that point. It can also be the first point of contact before a sales funnel that eventually leads to a sale.
Don’t push them to unnecessarily click through to websites if you can give them the same information and experience in an image or a line of text.
Text messages are best used for customer retention, rather than customer acquisition and generally work well for things like reminders and notifications. Enthusiastic about tech and digital trends, he is always up to date on the latest digital news around the likes of social, Google and mobile.
Nowadays it's becoming even more challenging, for the competition has become very intense and simply establishing a good ecommerce website will not guarantee its success. There are several strategies that will help to ensure your ecommerce website attracts quality traffic that is more prone to convert. There is immense value in using social media to leverage and manage customer loyalty for increased brand awareness and website promotion. Not only is it difficult to pursue ecommerce SEO and other forms of search engine marketing, but simply establishing a web presence and solid customer bases is a challenge in itself.

According to Nielsen research, 77 percent of consumers are influenced by the recommendations of friends and family.
SoC™ focuses on this growing need and enables medium and large Enterprises to build scalable and extendible systems supporting mobile, tablet, ePOS, in-store devices, warehouse systems & Enterprise Resource Planning systems.
Here we will look at a selection of marketing tools and how to use them for mobile consumers. Through such advertising platforms as Google Adwords, you can target your advertisements to mobile users by increasing or decreasing those bids. If you do require someone to click a link, don’t bombard them with adverts once they get there. There are various services that provide SMS messaging and you can generally choose between a plug-and-play option that works in a similar way to MailChimp or an API service that you add to your CRM.
Sometimes entering credit card details can be annoying, so many mobile shoppers prefer using PayPal. It is thus important to employ such marketing efforts creatively without investing a great deal of ad dollars.
Social media brings you greater conversion potential since you will be getting targeted web traffic for minimal investment. Before you unleash you ecommerce site or web marketing campaign, be sure to have a sound ecommerce strategy in place.
Click Centric SEO is an ecommerce SEO company with resources and capabilities to advance your brand’s web presence in the search results.
If you are using graphic adverts, you need to make sure they display on the smaller screen.When planning your advertising campaigns and targeting mobile users, it is important to think about the experience. If you want to offer incentives without breaking your bank, consider leveraging second tier products as promotional pieces. This is mostly because only those individuals who know what you are offering will end up on your website. There is also a significant number of people who are using other mobile devices like PDAs and tablets for shopping. Typically offering incentives and promotions of Incentives not only encourage customers to buy, but they also ensure that your customers return as well as recommend you to others. Social media is also advantageous in that it allows you to get valuable feedback from customers as well as engage and interact with customers on a personal level. Take advantage of this by ensuring key pages of your ecommerce websites are mobile-friendly.
Email and social media marketing for ecommerce sites is a great way to promote incentives to both new and existing customers, depending on the nature of the campaign. In some cases a custom mobile application could be the best investment for ecommerce marketing. If you find that your adverts don’t generate clicks on mobile, then maybe think about using mobile adverts for data capture, with wishlists, send to a friend, email signup and competitions. The content of your social posts should be engaging and interesting, and more times often than not, encourage users to take action. It is also important to ensure that the checkout process from mobile devices is secure and straightforward. When making a mobile-friendly ecommerce store, ensure that the platform has such exclusive mobile features like mobile store promotions via emails, check-ins, SMS offers, and GPS localization. Mobile website optimization is a critical consideration for ecommerce sites, and it's becoming even more important as mobile becomes even more popular. Be proactive and engaging and this will motivate your fans, followers, and subscribers to spread your brand image through sharing and the likes.

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